Monday, 14 September 2015

The The - Festival Paredes de Coura, Paredes de Coura, Portugal - 13.08.2000 (Flac)

HUGE Thanks to ziggy for sending me this recording to share here, maybe someone has a true lossless version and wants to share it?

Original Info File:

The The in Portugal for the second time and with a great album and a great concert but i believe people were off of them. It was a pitty because it was really great.
I got a recording of the show on cd but can't remember by whom but i know that this did not come from the guy who recorded it. I traded it with somebody else. The recording is quite good but my cd was recorded from mp3 files and that is the reason i never traded this one before. But i believe it is time for this historic recording find its way into other The The fans and for that here it is for your own pleasure.

Source: Unknown


01. Intro/ Boiling Point
02. Dogs of Lust
03. Voidy Numbness
04. Soul Catcher
05. Global Eyes
06. Heartland
07. This is the Day
08. December Sunlight
09. Shrunken Man
10. Swine Fever
11. The Beaten Generation
12. True Hapiness This Way Lies
13. Love is Stronger Than Death
14. Armageddon Days Are Here Again

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