Sunday, 6 September 2015

Ultravox - Marquee Club, London, UK - 26.12.1978 (Flac)

Very good soundboard. Thaks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Billed as a Special Boxing Day concert. This is the last show of 1978. The 1979 U.S. tour started in February.

This is an incomplete show. It's only Side one of the tape I have. There are a few cds out there of this show but this is NOT cd sourced. It's from a cassette tape I bought in Portabello Road, London in 1985 ish. I can't find or locate the tape. Mods just let me know if you would like this show removed
and I will remove it forthwith.

Soundboard Recording
Original transfer from board to cassette:unknown
Transfer from cassette to cd:me

Lineage:gig>mixing desk>cassette tape>Phillips stand alone>EAC>Audacity to split tracks> TLH>DIME>you

01. The Man Who Dies Everyday
02. Slipaway
03. Some of Them
04. Slow Motion
05. Hiroshima Mon Amour
06. Artificial Life
07. Just For A Moment
08. Quiet Man
09. I Can't Stay Long
010. He's a Liquid
Side one of tape ends here

Side two, which I can't find or don't have
and does not appear in this torrent.

11. Walk Away
12. Young Savage
13. Someone Else's Clothes
14. Blue Light
15. Rockwrok

Line Up:

John Foxx: vocals
Warren Cann: drums,rhythmn machines,backing vocals
Chris Cross: bass,synthesizers,backing vocals
Billy Currie: keyboards, violin
Robin Simon: guitar, backing vocals 

Also, the song Young Savage on the Retro EP is taken from an earlier Marquee gig. The Metamatic site states Ultravox played the Marquee

February 11-12-13, 1978; hence this Young Savage is not from the December 26, 1978 gig. They also played the Marquee on August 19-20-21-22-23, 1978.

The above info from the John Foxx Metamatic site.

Quality is very nice, perhaps an  8 or 9 or even a low 10.

I used to Audacity to split tracks and I am just not any good at it.

Also, I have no idea where the cassette tape is. Half an Ultravox John Foxx gig is better than no gig at all.

With all the moves etc one wonders I still have this.



  1. For those who'd like the full show, it was bootlegged (together with an Odeon 1980 gig) on the triple vinyl bootleg Echoes of Pleasure which, fortunately, is available over here with thanks to min-min of Sapporo:

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. All 15 tracks were available on a 3LP bootleg called Echoes of Pleasure which also contained the concert at Hammersmith Odeon (13-12-1980). Some years ago I found a rip somewhere on the net.I bet you are interested in the missing tracks...

  3. Track 10 (He's a Liquid) is 43 minutes long so that's probably where Side 2 has been hiding. ;-)