Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bauhaus - Larry’s Hideaway, Toronto, Canada - 04.12.1982 (Flac)

Very good audience recording. Thanks to firusan for sharing it on dime-

Original Info File:

It’s a bit redundant to post this particular Bauhaus show, as there is a very nice radio broadcast available. But when I gave this a listen, I think it is possibly the best recording I did back then with my trusty Aiwa deck. Whenever I post a show from Larry’s Hideaway, I always recall what a dive that place was, and in a nasty part of town to boot, but they must have had one great sound system – I always got good recordings there and this one is possibly the best. So if you want a nice up front audience recording of this show off a master tape, then this will be a good download. I grabbed the setlist from info about the broadcast boot. Again, I don’t recall trading this, but I might be wrong.

01. Third Uncle
02. Silent Hedges
03. In Fear of Fear
04. Spy In the Cab
05. Terror Couple Kill Colonel 06. She’s In Parties
07. Rose Garden Funeral of Sores
08. Antonin Artaud
09. Passion of Flowers
10. The Three Shadows Pic. II
11. Night Time
12. Hair of the Dog
13. Kick in The Eye
14. In the Night
TT: 54 min

Aiwa TP-S30 and stereo mic > XLIIS Master > Sony TC-WE435 cassette deck > Tascam CD-RW950SL recorder > CD(1) > EAC > Audacity/Ozone 5 (editing/mastering) > TLH (flac)


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