Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Fields of the Nephilim - Die Röhre, Stuttgart, Germany - 21.09.1987 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader:

Original Info File:

BIbER master-series #029

Master - Audience recording from an old TDK SA C90

Recorder: Sony WM D3
Micro: AIWA CM 30

Here we have another one in a row of many upcoming masters from a friend of mine who taped hundreds ofconcerts in the Stuttgart-area, the Schwabenländle, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Europe and maybethe whole Universe at all. They might show up here one after another. Don't ever ask me what might come next,but be surprised by all the music that now will see the light of DIME.

Anyway here is the master as it is on the original cassette. No corrections were made.
The sound-quality is -for its age- very good +, maybe better. Very good listenable. Well done, BIbER!

Another concert from some gothic-heroes from far back in the gothic-high-times.

Cover and Label Artwork for this show is included.

Setlist: (thanks to darkcell for both: setlist and line-up!)

01. Harmonica Man, Slowkill
02. Power
03. Volcane
04. Reanimator
05. Dust
06. Vet for the Insane
07. Preacher Man
08. Trees Come Down
09. Dawnrazor
10. Phobia (Early Version)
11. Blue Water
12. Laura II
13. Laura II (continues)
14. audience
15. In Every Dreamhome a Heartache


Carl McCoy - Vocals
Paul Wright - Guitar
Peter Yates - Guitar
Tony Pettitt - Bass
Nod Wright - Drums
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Buy their records on vinyl - if you still can

Do not sell. Just listen and enjoy!!

And -of course- a big thanks to the original-taper: thank you, BIbER!!!!!


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  1. Thank you so much for this!!! Missed the FothN 1987 shows the first few times around when you posted them. Definitely looking forward to hearing this.