Sunday, 31 January 2021

Nico - Nuns Education Centre, Pécs, Hungary - xx.09.1985 (Flac)



Good FM broadcast. The folder is labeled Budapest, but the concert was in Pécs, other hungarian city. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

This was recorded from an FM broadcast in 1985, which apparently presented one hour of the show rather than the full performance. This was the tour that resulted in the double live LP "Behind the Iron Curtain," though, strangely enough, that release was recorded in Rotterdam (ie, not behind the Iron Curtain). Same band and tour as the great Nico/Berlin recording.

I have always loved this recording. I started working with artists who lived "behind the Iron Curtain" in the early 1980s, and this music always seemed to capture the mood of the places I visited and the melancholy that accompanied the knowledge that I could come and go as I pleased, but my friends there could not.

This tape was one of many by Western artists circulated in the Eastern European underground. The sound quality is very good, but not perfect; appropriate, somehow, to the circumstances.

Track List:
Track 01 intro (announcer)
Track 02 fearfully in danger
Track 03 my heart is empty
Track 04 procession
Track 05 one more chance
Track 06 janitor of lunacy
Track 07 konig
Track 08 you forget to answer
Track 09 win a few
Track 10 all tomorrows parties
Track 11 purple lips
Track 12 outro (announcer)

According to this site ( the full concert also included the following:

My Funny Valentine
The End
Femme Fatale

If anyone has the complete set I would be most grateful if you would upload it or the missing songs. If not, please enjoy this very nice recording.

Nico: vocals, indian pump organ
James Young (James Edward): piano, keyboards
Eric Random: tabla, percussion, synthesiser
Eric Graham Dowdall: Electronic percussion
Nico: vocals, Indian pump organ

There is a cut in track 6 for a tape flip. This is in the source.

FM > tape (2nd generation) > TotalRecorder 24/192,000 > SoundForge bit depth conversion to 16/44,100 > dbAmp flac encoder (level 6)

Sound quality: B+

NB: Most of my recordings were received as tape or cd-r trades. I can't vouch for the source or generation of any recording not made by me and marked as being copied from the  "Master" (this is not one). Sound quality is a qualitative judgement.