Monday, 25 January 2021

RE-UPLOAD: The Gun Club - Demos 1981/1983 (Flac)


Thanks to  Creatured for sharing these demos on Dime.

Õriginal Info File:

1-4 April 1981 Demos Program Studio, L.A.

5-11 Jan & Feb 1983 Blank Tapes Studio, N.Y.C. Death Party Demos

Obtained these in different trades.

cdr trades > EAC > Audacity > TLH > Flac8

The 1981 demos are also on "Sexbeat81" LP bootleg,could be the source here, but these are not on the "Early Warning" box set.

The Death Party demos sound like they are vinyl sourced as I heard skippage and some pops here and there. I cant believe they weren't included with the new Death Party CD release, they included the March 20,1983 Zurich FM broadcast, which was a great recording before they did what they did and released it,sounds really good now. Go buy it and the other new CD releases as they all have extras,mostly live recordings that have made the rounds, but the Mother Juno release has alternate versions(The Berlin Tapes) of that LP, which are good too. I liek hearing alt takes on songs, the making of. Maybe the JLP family that are releasing these CD's dont have the Death Party demos, who knows, I guess they have them now.

-Las Vegas Story has the Nov.20,1984 Straussburg recording on it.
-Miami- 1982 Buffalo, I believe this is the same as the "Early Warning" Buffalo recording. Video may exist of this show too
-Mother Juno- 2cd release has "The Berlin Tapes" different versions of the songs that make up the LP.
-Larger Than Live!- not sure where or when this recording is from,but sounds like 1990's era
-Death Party- March 20,1983 Zurich (which also was on Dime at one time)

April 1981 Demos, Program Studio,L.A.
01. Devil In The Woods
02. Goodbye Johnny
03. Preaching The Blues
04. Watermelon man

Jan/Feb.1983 Blank Tapes Studio,NYC Death Party Demos:
05. So Why (aka The Lie)
06. Death Party
07. Light of the World
08. Come Back Jim (no vocals)
09. House on Highland Ave
10. Bad Indian
11. John Hardy(cut)


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