Saturday, 9 January 2021

RE-UPLOAD: The Cult - Vredenburg, Utrecht, Holland - 24.01.1986 (Flac)


Compilation of various sources to make the concert as complete as possible. All the sources have an excellent sound.

Billy Duffy is playing like there is no tomorrow, this has to be my favourite "Love" era recording :)

First 2 sources shared by tisnix on DIMEADOZEN, from very good FM bradcast.
Compiled from tisnix's own (2) tapes.

Third source from the Limited Edition "Singles Collection 1984-1990" released in 1991 including
all the singles and B-Sides. All B-sides have been re-released in the Rare Cult Box set minus
the live tracks, including theses ones, a pity I must say. Ripped by circle

Source 1 and 2 combined:

01. Love
02. Nirvana
03. Revolution
04. Rain
05. Ressurrection Joe
06. Hollow Man
07. Dreamtime
08. She Sells Sanctuary
09. Spiritwalker

41 min.

Source 3:

01. She Sells Sanctuary
02. Bone Bag
03. The Phoenix
04. Wild Thing / Louie Louie

25 min.



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