Saturday, 16 January 2021

RE-UPLOAD: Concrete Blonde - Nachtwerk Club, Munich, Germany - xx.06.1992 (Flac)


Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File.

'Live aus dem Nachtwerk' - BR 3 (Bavarian Radio)
Satellite TV 1992-xx-xx (June-xx?)

Astra Satellite (BR 3 TV station) > Sony M-XR Tape > Magix Cleaning Lab > wav > Audacity (tracking) > TLH > flac (8)
(maybe I first recorded it to VHS - can't remember)

01   Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man
02   Why don't You See Me?
03   ... Long Time ago
04   Joey
05   Days and Days
06   Walking in London
07   Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen)
08   Castles Made of Sand (Jimi Hendrix)
09   God is a Bullet
10   Run Run Run

Total time: 42:49

Raw transfer. Noise floor is rather high.

Posted this back in 2009. Looks I changed files again after creating a MD5
(SBE correction?). Created a working MD5 for this re-seed.  

About the date (taken from albi's re-seed of the video version of this show in 2009):

For the date of the concert on that torrent robmar provided the following

The date May 3rd has been given for this show. However May 3rd is not correct
date. Because:
1) In May Concrete Blonde played concerts in US. For example: May 5th, The
Academy, New York (with Jesus Jones).
2) In May 3rd DAD (Disneyland After Dark) played show at Nachtwerk Club
(correct name of venue)
3) Concrete Blonde played some shows in Germany in July. See here:

So most probably info about this show is:
Nachtwerk Club, Munich, 1992-06-xx


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