Saturday, 20 February 2016

Devo - Unknown Venue, Akron, OH, USA - xx.xx.1974 (Flac)

Very good sounding early recording od Devo. Thanks to EVOLVIST and ARCORMAN for sharing.

Original Info File:

LINEAGE: CD-R -> dMC Audio CD Input -> dBPowerAMP Music Converter -> FLAC
RIPPED BY: Alex Brunelle

75.5MB (FLAC)

1. Intro to song
2. Fraulein
3. Intro to song
4. The Death of Lt Casanova
5. Intro to song
6. Midget

MD5 sums included in download

It's a really cool show. It is the earliest known DEVO show in circulation. The versions of "Fraulein" and "Midget" are drastically different from those you may be familiar with.

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-Alex Brunelle

Reseed by ARCORMAN

Many, many thanks to EVOLVIST !!!!  The great man from the HUB !!!


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