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The Birthday Party - Storey Hall, Melbourne. Australia - 20.05.1983 (Flac)

Excellent FM capture. Thanks to jimcooke for sharing it on Dime.  

Original Info File:

3RRR FM broadcast - re broadcast on 14th February 2004. Digital FM radio (?) > Apple G3 iBook > Amadeus II > CDR > Toast Digital Export > Amadeus Pro > Adjust track mark > Align on Sector Boundaries > Split to Flac Files level 5

This was the first of The Birthday Party's final series of concerts in Melbourne, the second being at The Venue, St. Kilda, ( May 21st) and their last ever at The Ballroom in St. Kilda ( 9th June).

The recording we have here was re broadcast, by 3RRR, on 14th February 2004. It is not the complete performance, and I've left it pretty much as recorded, complete with sloppy edit between 'She's Hit' and the encore 'Wild World'. The complete performance was as follows: (And NOTE, this is NOT what you are getting)
Tune Up
Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)
Fears of Gun
Deep In The Woods
Break (broken string)
Dead Joe
Jennifer's Veil
The Six Strings That Drew Blood
Sonny's Burning
She's Hit
Wild World

I attended this gig and also recorded it with my Sony Walkman WM D6, might have been my first outing with it. That recording is not brilliant. I also recorded the other shows and may upload later on in January. In the meantime this will have to suffice.

Obviously I am prompted to do this by the sad loss of Rowland Howard. What can I say that hasn't already been said?
I saw The Boys Next Door and The Birthday Party quite a few times in the late 70s and then after they left for England, every time they returned. I managed to catch Rowland with Crime and the City Solution only once, but it was a great show. I have uploaded the Crime and the City Solution show on Dime, but is no longer on the tracker. (If anyone is interested in a reseed pm me).
And, thanks to one of our community I was encouraged to go and see him more recently. Vale Rowland.

In a separate folder, there are a bunch of pictures from what was supposedly the last Boys Next Door gig at the Crystal Ballroom on February 16th 1980. I have been told that they played 2 more shows at Hearts in Carlton, one of which I attended, their farewell party, where they were encouraged to play, informally and performed all of their singles, barring 'Masturbation Generation'. They used the equipment of Melbourne band Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.
I realise that these pictures are from an earlier show/era, however considering the circumstances, I thought it's be nice to get some pix of Rowland and his pals out there. If you use them please remember - credit where credit is due.

The details re the photos are-
Black and White were taken using Ilford HP5 and push processed to 1600 ASA.
The colour was Kodak High Speed Ektachrome (slide film).
These were all taken on a Zenith E (RIP) hand held and shot at speeds of a 30th of a second and slower. As a result there is blurring and out of focus, and some over exposure. That said it should not spoil your enjoyment.

Put 'em on as slide show and listen to some of the live shows while it's on, it'll be just like being there!

Below is the Main Course.
Nick Cave - vocals;
Tracy Pew - bass;
Rowland Howard - guitar;
Des Hefner - drums:

1  Deep In The Woods 06:10
2  Jennifer's Veil 05:17
3  Junkyard 06:51
4  The Six Strings That Drew Blood 04:33
5  Sonny's Burning 03:08
6  She's Hit 08:05
7  Wild World 03:42       


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