Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Dead Lovers - Supernormal Superstar (Free Download)

"Take a little Wanda Jackson, mix in some Nick Cave, sprinkle some Americana on top of it and you will get Berlin’s The Dead Lovers. Drenched in gothic noir, they create something brooding, yet seductive..." My Old Kentucky Blog

The Dead Lovers are cooler than a Siberian camping holiday and their sound is retro, sexy and utterly provocative. Their songs swagger and radiate like elegantly wasted Hollywood stars from the 50s. Their guitar riffs are fuzzy and irresistible, their grooves are vintage and deeply infectious and their vocal melodies soar and make you swoon like the price of petrol. If Morricone, Amy Winehouse and Jack White were forced to write songs in a small tent, this is how it might sound. Download their debut LP, Supernormal Superstar today.

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