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RE-UPLOAD: The Comsat Angels - 3 Netherlands FM Broadcasts- 1981/1982 (Flac)

Very good sound. Thanks to freadheadset for sharing these recordings on Dime.

Original Info File:

Source : Cassette > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > FLAC 8

Digging through my box of old tapes I ran into another song, lost on a tape !
It concerns Track 01 Total War live at the Parkpop festival.
So I decided to add it to my old upload and ressed it in total again.

Brilliant FM recordings of eighties group Comsat Angels.

Comsat Angels were immensely popular in The Netherlands.
They toured through Holland at least twice a year.
From these tours, from the seventees through the eighties I have already seeded some gigs or parts of gigs.

They made a lot of great albums but , to my opinion, the best were the first two,
"Waiting For A Miracle" and "Sleep No More" and their 12 inch "Eye Of The Lense".

They have been and still are one of my favourite bands from the eighties.

Kro radio recorded and broadcasted them for their program "Rocktempel".

line up :

Stephen Fellows vocals , guitar
Kevin Bacon bass
Mik Glaisher drums
Andy Peak keyboards, vocals

To start of with :

Zuiderparkpop Den Haag The Netherlands 4. July 1982

Setlist :

01 Total War
02 What Else
03 Not A Word
04 Waiting For A Miracle

Then we go on with :

Paradiso Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 22. 1981

This is one composed of recordings I already seeded and new found recordings, plus recordings that have been seeded in the past on DIME.

Setlist :

01 At Sea
02 Real Story
03 Total War
04 Dark Parade
05 Eye Dance
06 Postcard
07 Independance Day

And last , but not least :

Paradiso Amsterdam September 4 1981

Setlist :

1 Ju Ju Money
02 Be Brave
03 Eye Of The Lense
04 Waiting For A Miracle

Another one from the box of old tapes !




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