Friday, 2 April 2021

Cranes - Barbue, Copenhague, Denmark - 10.03.1992 - FM Version (Flac)


HUGE thanks to Meth for sending me this recording. Very good FM recordig and a good complement to the complete audience recording posted a couple of weeks ago.

Original Info File:

Lineage: FM-Unknown generation tape-WAV-FLAC Level 8
Ripped from: JVC TD-W309 Double Cassette Deck to PC with Creative Labs Audigy 2 Sound Card.
Source Tape: Maxell XLII
AR3 Wizard to capture audio in WAV. Wavepad to split tracks and removes beginnings and ends of the tape.
No EQ, nothing touched in the sound. I leave that for you if you want to improve sound. Feel free to do the improvements you want to do with the sound of this gig.


Living And Breathing

Got this tape from a friend from Belgium called Vincent, one of the traders with largest collections of recording I have seen, in a trade back in 1996-1998.
Very good/excellent sound quality, from a FM broadcast.

Free to share this bootleg and to convert it to the format you like! Just doesn't distribute it in LOSSY formats.
DON'T SALE THIS BOOTLEG!!! It is just for trading/sharing/enjoying/tripping!!! Don't be stupid and make money with a bootleg. Respect the artists!!!
Support the band buying their official albums!

Ripped and shared by putuco at DC++/DIME (08/Jan/2008)




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