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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Seaport Blues Festival, Haifa, Israel - 23.06.1993 + Glastonbury Festival, UK - 25.06.1994 + Mark Radcliffe Show - 14.03.1994 (Flac)


Very good collection of FM broadcasts. thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

June 23, 1993

SOURCE: FM Radio broadcasts (no detail on lineage)

To continue with Nick’s tapes from the 90ies: The original idea was to release perhaps 1 show/tour; and those tape shouldn’t have been on dime in the last 2-3 years, should sound nice, and have some decent source/lineage info (there are many shows that I have with no source information on whatsoever!). Requests welcome :)

1993 is a difficult one! There were only 23 shows to begin with; and among 8 that I have, most lack source info or came from here :) there are just a couple exceptions and ONLY ONE is complete which made this Haifa Seaport Blues festival in Israel an obvious choice! This is an FM broadcast, and it sounds quite nice although I think someone edited out DJ host together with the music he was talking over. So in many places there are virtually no breaks between songs. Then again - would you prefer a DJ yakking? It’s a tough one!! There was some interesting technical difficulty during The Weeping Song - they stopped singing, but the rhythm section continues - seems like Blixa was switching his guitar or something. Than audience resumed singing and then Nick got everyone (one-two-three!) on the same page again :) Kind of fun to hear!
Now, to keep this going: my coverage of 1994 is limited to dime-sourced or unsourced shows, HOWEVER - this 1993 Israeli FM came with some very nice 1994 FM add-ons - from Glastonbury and Mark Radcliffe show - so I figured this particular 2xCD set really fits the bill!!

Enjoy! And anything Nick Cave you are willing to seed will be much appreciated as well!


Seeded to dime Christmas 2015

01. The Mercy Seat
02. The Good Son
03. John Finn's Wife
04. I'm Gonna Kill That Woman
05. The Ship Song
06. Brother My Cup Is Empty
07. Plain Gold Ring
08. Papa Won't Leave You, Henry
09. Tupelo
01. The Weeping Song
02. Deanna
03. From Her To Eternity
04. Jack The Ripper
05. Long Time Man
06. New Morning
07. The Carny

Glastonbury Festival, UK, June 25, 1994
08. I Let Love In
09. City Of Refuge
10. The Ship Song

Mark Radcliffe Show, BBC Radio 1, March 14, 1994
11. Do You Love Me?
12. Nobody's Baby Now
13. Interview
14. Loverman
15. I Let Love In

"MTV Most Wanted" with Kylie Minogue, October 13, 1995
16. Where The Wild Roses Grow

TIME: 46:38 / 75:58


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