Saturday, 24 April 2021

Spleen - Discography (Flac)


Obscure industrial band from the early 90's. They seem to have only self-released these two tapes. They were quite good, a pity they didn't continued. Thanks to Scott for ripping is tapes and send them to me to share here. If you like Godflesh and Killing Joke this is definitively for you.


 Spleen ‎– It

Format:Cassette, Album 


A1 Re-Fuse    
A2 Timeserver I    
A3 Avuncular Supine    
A4 Timeserver II    
A5 Spineless    
B1 Prominent (Recorded Live 15/09/92)    

Spleen ‎– ....The Past

Format:Cassette, Mini-Album

A1 Burning Skin    
A2 Lost    
A3 Break Weak Back    
A4 Thread To Weave    
B1 Feverpitch    
B2 Gurd    
B3 Mourning




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