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RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters Of Mercy - Suffer In Vain (Flac)

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Bootleg with songs from 2 concerts of 1991. Tracks 1 to 9, 11 to 13 are from Citi Club, Boston, USA - 29 March 1991, tracks 10 and 14 are from Popular Creek Music Theater, Chicago, USA - 12 July 1991.

For a long time this silver bootleg has been labeled as Popular Creek Music Theater, Chicago, USA - 12 July 1991, probably because of the inclusion of Stop Draggin' my Heart around, wich was only played in this concert during 1991, a cappella.

The reason of this improvisational moment from Andrew Eldritch is the crash of Doktor Avalanche during Body and Soul (wich was cut halfway). A lot of fans of the band had already noted that Body and Soul is complete in this bootleg, so at least that song wasn't from the Chicago concert.

Since I'm not an expert on the post 1985 TSOM, I asked the assistance of Heartland Forum Meth to try to figure out wich songs where from wich concert. He managed to solve the puzzle and also noted that the songs from the Chicago concert don't seem to be from the same source as the complete recording of that concert that is in ciculation. So maybe a second complete source of this concert exist.

Huge THANK YOU to Meth for helping figuring out the venues of the songs.


01. First and Last and Always - (Boston 29-3-91)
02. Lucretia my Reflection - (Boston 29-3-91)
03. Body and Soul - (Boston 29-3-91)
04. Ribbons - (Boston 29-3-91)
05. Alice - (Boston 29-3-91)
06. Dominion/Mother Russia - (Boston 29-3-91)
07. Amphetamine Logic - (Boston 29-3-91)
08. Detonation Boulevard - (Boston 29-3-91)
09. Marian - (Boston 29-3-91)
10. Stop draggin' my heart around - (Chicago 12-7-91)
11. Gimme Shelter - (Boston 29-3-91)
12. Flood II - (Boston 29-3-91)
13. Temple of Love - (Boston 29-3-91)
14. This Corrosion - (Chicago 12-7-91)

Do Not Sell.
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Suffer In Vain

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