Sunday, 31 May 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Sonic Youth - Walls Have Ears (Flac)

SY most iconic "bootleg", ripped from the CD version. Track list is not totally correct.


02.Green Love
03.Brother James
04.Kill Your Idols
05.I Love Her All The time
06.Expressway To Your Skull
07.Spahn Ranch Dance
08."Blood On Brighton Beach"
09.Burning Spear
10.Death Valley '69
11.Speed Jam
12.Ghost Bitch
13.World Looks Red
14.The Word
15.Brother Jam-z

Tracks 01 to 07 recorded live at U.L.U (the University of London Union), Wed 30th October 1985
Track 08 recorded live at Brighton Beach, Fri 8th November 1985
Tracks 09 to 15 recorded live at The Palais De Dance, Hammersmyth, Sun 28th 1985