Saturday, 23 May 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Skeletal Family - Funhouse, Keighley, UK - 21.05.1985 (Flac)

Again Thanks to Egg_Crisis for another rarity.

Cassette(Audience,unknown gen,TDK D60) > wav > Soundforge(normalise uneven L&R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)
Bonus track was quiet and needed dehissing with Adobe Audition-Hiss reduction-Light setting.
Tape flip after Trees, the end of the song is very slightly cut (the song was coming to an end, there's only a few seconds missing.)

She Cries Alone also cuts out at the end.  The song was coming to an end but the ending is different to earlier versions - the drums continue.. as if they're going into another song.

I only have that one song from Croydon Underground so added it as a bonus track.

Anne-Marie's final show with Skeletal Family was around 2 months after this gig, in July.  I'm told at least one show from July exists as audio, but I don't have it.

01 Intro
02 Mixed Feelings
03 Hands On The Clock
04 Move
05 Don't Be Denied
06 So Sure
07 Waltz
08 Trees
09 Far & Near
10 Promised Land
11 Cool Hand Luke
12 The Wind Blows
13 Batman
14 She Cries Alone

Length - 60:37

Bonus Track:

Underground, Croydon, UK, 1985.05.16

15 Batman (4:52)

Uploaded by Egg_Crisis for Dark Circle Room
Convert to mp3 for personal use only. Do not circulate in FLAC or WAV format without this info file.


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  1. Thanks so much for Re-Up it!!!
    Any chance for the other Dead Link Skeletal Family shows?
    Thanks again