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Sonic Youth - CBGBs, NYC, USA - 23.06.1988 (Flac)

Very good soundboard recording. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

Very early versions of songs + some much later finished editions.

- CBGB blast first & last seen on DIME in 2005.

- Known Lineage: Transfers
"Reportedly from the master soundboard. I got the CDR recently in a trade." - DIME's own, loughney

- Files: in same form as I found @
[Snatched before the malware was known to have hatched & the door was then latched by the ghouls @ Google so they oughta know.]


L: "There you have proof that these are the new songs."
T: "I'll count, and you change."
L: "I remember the end! I'll trade you the middle for the end."
T: "This song is called 'Public Rehearsal Is a Good Idea'. How's it start?"
L: "This time I'm gonna play the next one, after this one."
T: "I'm gonna play the encore, which we're probably not gonna get."
K: "And you all have to sing along!"
- 'Cross the Breeze

Date: Thursday, June 23rd, 1988
City: New York City, New York, USA
Venue: CBGB's
Capacity: 300
Other Performers: Lunachicks
Complete: No [likely missing encore]

Setlist / Tracklist

01 Candle
02 Kissability
03 Hey Joni
04 Teenage Riot
05 'Cross Breeze
06 Rain King
07 The Wonder -> Hyperstation
xx Eliminator Jr. / *

* Cuts out near end /
removed anyway for reason of treason listed below

Sonic Youth - CBGB's, NYC Thurs 6/23/88  52 EX SBD-M
NOTE: Very early versions of songs.
#  Working titles on set list included: "Dinosaur (Wombats!)" for 'Cross the Breeze, "UBU/Mellencamp" for Rain King, "Huskeriffic" for The Wonder, "Dream" for Hyperstation, and "ZZ" for
Eliminator Jr. Most songs have early, alternate lyrics. Thurston sings "Cross the Breeze".
# "Eliminator Jr" from this show appears on the Forced Exposure 7" [Silver Rocket, FE-012, OOP] as "Non-Metal Dude Wearing Metal Tee" [thus removed par moi - ed. md]
# "Silver Rocket" was probably an encore, and isn't present on the copy of the show I have.

L: "Alright, get out the graph paper!"
- Rain King


Sonic Youth – Nobody Better Lay A Finger On My Buttafuoco
Label: Amy Fisher Price Playset Co. – AFPPC
Format: Vinyl, 7", Unofficial Release
Country: Belgium
Released: 1993
2 tracks recorded at CBGB's 06-23-1988. Pressed on marbled purple vinyl.

side A: "16 will get you 20"
side B: "Yeah I got your socket wrench right here!"

[Art c/o discogs incl.]

{Factual songs: 1. Kissability 2. Hey Joni}
('Hey Joni' renamed 'Hey Amy' on label)

T: "! Please boo us. What song is this? No titles...No titles, no lyrics, no ends."
L: "Are you riding on a bummer?"
T: "Whoa, haha! Ahahaha... [untelligible crowd scream].. Haha, man...How'd you know?"
K: "Yeah that last song was a cover of uh, our favorite Pere Ubu song!"
T: "This is for Lyle because it's the worst song in the set, believe it or not. Can I, um, change with you? This song's about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. You want me to start it or you want me to count it? Does it matter? You count it! The drummer always counts."
- The Wonder

Bummers count but not as much as drummers in living large amounts.


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