Monday, 5 October 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Curve - The Satyricon, Portland, OR, USA - 28.11.1993 (Flac)


This one sounds very good. Thanks to the taper and original uploader.

Taper : SZ
Equip : TCD7 DAT/ Sonic Studio DSM6 mics
Lineage : Master DAT at 32KHZ > wt2496 > CDWAV > CDMASTER > EAC > FLAC

Original Notes : Sometimes things fall into place as a taper and you make a tape that comes out great, this was one of those nights. This was probably the loudest show I have ever attended. The satyricon room was about the size of kitchen at the back of the bar. I remember Curves speakers took up more than half the room and I put myself dead in front of one of them so the combo of loud volume and nobody near me worked out well. My friend who taped the next night also said it was the loudest show he had ever seen, and he hit about 100 shows a year. Bottom line, Curve played at massive volume levels which suited there sound on the 93 tour.


original .torrent > dime: all thanks go to SZ! track one is not included in case it contains officially released material.

01. Pre Show Music
02. Intro Tape
03. On The Wheel
04. Die Like A Dog
05. Clipped
06. Men are From Mars Women Are From Venus
07. Crystal
08. Left of Mother
09. Unreadable Communication
10. Superblaster
11. Turkey Crossing
12. Faît Accompli
13. Coast is Clear
14. Missing Link



  1. yay! more curve please! thx <3

  2. Nice! This is one of the first Curve live shows I can recall having found online, which is one of the many reasons I love this site! Thank you, Circle!