Friday, 30 October 2020

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters of Mercy - The Boxing Club, Drogheda, Ireland - 20.10.1990 (Flac)


The first concert of TSOM after the demise in 1985, under the name "Speed Kings". This concert was already on the blog, in MP3, probably with the same source. time for an upgrade to FLAC. Very good sound. I actually own these two bootlegs on Vinyl, but it's not my rip. Thanks to uuughh for his upload on DIME.

Two single LP's, titled 'Speed Kings Live 90' and 'Speed Kings 90'

LP -> Cool Edit -> wav -> Flac Frontend -> flac

Sounds like audience recording, quality maybe B+.
Artwork included.

Disc 1 (Speed Kings Live 90):

First and last and always
Lucretia my reflection
Body and soul
Temple of love
Vision thing
Detonation boulevard

Disc 2 (Speed Kings 90)

When you don't see me
Gimme shelter
This corrosion
Doctor Jeep
Something fast

Total time: 88:24




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