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The Sex Pistols - Finsbury Park, London, UK - 23.06.1996 (Flac)


Very Good FM broadcast. Rhanks to elegymart for sharing on Dime.

Original setlist:

FLAC master, 23 July 2020, by elegymart:
Analog radio broadcast (stereo): BBC Radio 1 FM broadcast > analog audio cassette master > 1995-97 European TDK SA-X "EA" (Type II CrO2) 90-minute analog audio cassette {from the Stonecutter Archives} > Sony TC-WE435 (azimuth adjustment) > Roland R05 (24/96) > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (audio cleanup, convert to 16/44) > SHNtool (fixed SBE) > CD Wave (track splits) > TLH (WAV > FLAC8).
Created this text file.

Total running time  [63:22]
01  introduction [0:27]
02  Bodies [3:20]
03  Seventeen [2:35]
04  New York [3:33]
05  No Feelings [3:59]
06  Did You No Wrong [3:27]
07  God Save the Queen [3:31]
08  Liar! [2:56]
09  Satellite [4:05] >
10  (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone [3:12]
11  Holidays in the Sun [3:53]
12  Submission [4:51]
13  Pretty Vacant [3:55]
14  E.M.I. [3:58]
-- encores --
15  Anarchy in the U.K. [3:21]
16  Problems [4:54]
17  No Fun [7:15]

Band line-up:
Johnny Rotten – lead vocals
Steve Jones – guitar, bass, backing vocals
Glen Matlock – bass, backing vocals
Paul Cook – drums



Now we're coming to the point where there's unfinished busy-ness on top of inflows and outflows of a wealth of material, while we run into NAB and other questionable forks in the road, and the blurring of TGPC and the Stonecutter Archives along with one's own. After hitting the Vol. 150 mark of TGPC, it's time to rummage through the old storage and get some unshared older and newer transfers out there in a parallel race to the finish line, so we can accelerate this and move on to the elegymart archives before that turns to dust. The previous shares of the Stonecutter Archives weren't named or numbered, because there was no foresight that the bot would one day disappear into thin air. Thankfully we now have that database salvaged, but since the numbered series functioned so well to keep track of TGPC, we're applying the same approach here.
So here's the next major drop courtesy of the Stonecutter Archives. There was a thought about calling it Ticket to Ride, but that seemed to connote some exchange of currency, while Free Ride would mistakenly lead others to believe this series focuses on Foghat or Edgar Winter uploads (apologies to those of you who just had your hopes squashed there). For the rest of you, buckle yourself in, because you want to do this safely -- let's see if you can all handle having TGPC and the R.O.Y.A.L. series running neck-in-neck. That's if we don't crash over here first. For now we won't divulge who has the inner or outer track, but brace yourself for the ride.
Never mind the Buzzcocks (their set already's been shared), here's the Sex Pistols from Finsbury Park.
This set was three shows into the Pistols' Filthy Lucre tour and it was a day-long concert which featured a bevy of support bands including the aforementioned Buzzcocks before the band took to the stage .
As the name of the tour unabashedly advertised, it was filty lucre indeed. A little over a month later, Virgin released "Filthy Lucre Live" which covered the entirety of this set with the exception of "No Fun." However, it was given a major facelift, with overdubs throughout on the lead and backing vocals.
What you get here is the raw BBC broadcast, sounding just perfect with no artificial sweeteners or additives, "E.M.I." getting clipped short being its only flaw.




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