Monday, 5 October 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Heavenly Bodies (featuring Lisa Gerrard) - Demos 1985 (Flac)


A curiosity related to the DCD. This band supported Dead Can Dance in the 1986 tour and Lisa sang in one of the songs, wich aparently was demo-ed. Thanks to whiskybob for sharing it first and to cEnda for the links.

Original Info File:

Received in tape trade back in the 80's. Heavely Bodies played support to Dead Can Dance and featured Lisa Gerrard although I belive this was on an ad hoc basis rather than a permenant member.Track 2 could easily be a Dead Can Dance song.
Details surrounding their two sets of demos are scetchty at best and I'll be amazed if anyone comes up with the correct title track or details of studios involved & specific dates.

Cassette > Magix ACLAB 16 > Normalise/Fade/Track > THL > FLAC(8)

Studio Demos - 1985

Track Listing:

02.feat Lisa Gerrard

White Ash & Coal Dust Demos - 1985

Cassette > Magix ACLAB16 > Normalise/fades/Track > TLH > Flac (8)

Track Listing:

01.Feathers of Ash
02.Quartett & Two Flutes
03.Mirror Men
04.Water of Doubt
05.A Ringed Solis
06.Tryptic the Embrace ~ The Passion ~ A Reflection
07.Arbor Mondis
08.Uncouciolis Sea 


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