Monday, 5 October 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Wall of Voodoo - Andy Prieboy Era Demos - 1984-1987 (Flac)



As requested some more Andy Prieboy era Wall of Voodoo. This demos sound very good.

Original info File:

Andy Prieboy-era demos
1984/1985 "Seven Days in Sammystown" demos
1986/1987 "Happy Planet" demos

source for all: studio recordings to soundboard > ? > CDs received in trade > extracted using iTunes > Cool Edit
to increase volume on selected tracks and to reduce blank space between tracks > FLAC > you!

confirmed lossless using Audacity
Sound quality: A / A-
Track list:

1984/1985 "Seven Days in Sammystown" demos

1. Museums (demo - Marc Moreland vocal)
2. Deep in the Jungle (demo)
3. Bonnie O'Callon (demo)
4. In My Night (demo)
5. Far Side of Crazy (demo)
6. Frantanize (demo)
7. The Missionary (demo - Marc Moreland vocal)
8. Dance You Fuckers (demo)
9. Blue Light (demo)
10. Sammystown Instrumental (demo)
11. Faith (demo)

1986/1987 "Happy Planet" demos

12. Country of Man (demo)
13. Wrong Way to Hollywood (demo)
14. Do It Again (demo)
15. The Grass is Greener (demo)
16. When the Lights Go Out (demo)
17. Empty Room (demo)
18. Chains of Luck (demo)
19. Elvis Bought Dora a Cadillac (demo)
20. Jackel (demo)
21. Joanne (demo)
22. Hollywood the Second Time (demo)


These are two sets of Andy Prieboy-era Wall of Voodoo demos, one set for each of their two studio albums.

The first group probably shouldn't be considered demos for "Seven Days in Sammystown", because aside from "Museums" and "Far Side of Crazy" none of these songs made it onto the album.  A different version of "Deep in the Jungle" was released on the "Weird Science" soundtrack, and a version of "Dance You Fuckers" was later used as a b-side, but the remainder of the "Sammystown" demos remain unreleased.

The second set of demos closely approximates the actual "Happy Planet" album, with the exception of "Jackel" which remains unreleased and "Wrong Way to Hollywood" which was used as a b-side.


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