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Recoil + Joe Richardson - Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY, USA - 18.05.2010 (Flac)


Very good audiece recording. Thanks to Ryan for sharing it on Dime.

Original Indo File:

Selected Tour - A Strange Hour

Equipment: Sony TCD-D8 + Sony ECM-717 [line-in, 44.1]
Location: 10 Ft. from the left stack.
Taper: Ryan J. (
Transfer: Sony D8 -> 7-Pin-> M-Audio CO2 Converter-> Optical In-> Macbook Pro->Soundbooth (Inc Treb./Small reduce in bass) -> WAV -> CD-WAVE (Track)-> FLAC [encode 8]-> You


Joe Richardson-

01. Intro W/ Alan Wilder
02. Joe Richardson speaking on how he got involved w/ Subhuman
03. Backslider
04. 5000 Years
05. The Killing Ground
06. Song from Joe's Album

Recoil [Alan Wilder + Paul Kendall]-

01. Intro
02. Prey (Shotgun Mix)
03. Want (w/ Nicole Blackman on vocals)
04. ???
05. Drifting (Poison Dub)
06. Strange Hours '10
07. Allelujah (Noisy Church Mix)
08. Killing Ground (Solid State Mix) (w/ Joe Richardson on Vocals)
09. Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro mix)
10. Warm Leatherette
11. Black Box (Excerpt)
12. Stalker (Punished Mix)
13. The Faith Healer (LFO Disbeliever Mix)
14. Shunt (Panasonic Mix) - End Credits

Notes: Flew in from Detroit to see this show the day of. Pretty cool little club. It was very very hot in there. The show also started very late (9:30) and recoil did not go on until 10:45. Alan Wilder came out and introduced Joe Richardson, which if you do not know, is the blues singer that does most of the vocals on Subhuman which is absolutely incredible. Joe did a whole acoustic set with how the Subhuman album originally sounded (or what joe recorded) and he did one song from one of his albums. During the Recoil set, Joe Richardson came out and sang some vocals along with Nicole Blackman doing a few songs. Douglas McCarthy from Nitzer Ebb was also supposed to be in attendance this night to presumably to sing on "Faith Healer". But because of the volcanic ashes near the UK he could not make it. The recording came out very good. The sound was really good and with only about 500 people in attendance for the show, as it was a very small club, it was a rather quiet show. Enjoy the recording!




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