Sunday, 18 October 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - The Palace, Hollywood - 23.04.1986 (Flac)



Another Lorries concert shared by nashspacerocket, this one has very good sound and it's in Flac. Use HJsplit to join the files. This month we will be doing a small flood od RLYL here on DCR, if you want to join just send your links.


01, Intro Tape
02. Blitz
03. Shout At The Sky
04. Last Train
05. Jipp
06. Wich Side
07. Hold Yourself Down
08. Talk About The Weather
09. Walking on Your Hands
10. Hand On Geart
11. Mescal Dance
12. Save My Soul
13. Hollow Eyes
14. Strange Dream
15. Chance





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