Monday, 5 October 2020

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Finsbury Park, London, UK - 25.07.1987 (Flac)



A request from Jeny. HUGE thanks to Johnnyboy,TravisBickle1963 and Dimitroy for making this recording available on Dime. 

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Original info File:

source : audience recording
Generation: very low gen
Quality: very good

************* constrast clause **************
Two different audience recordings had been already shared on Dime. This a THIRD different audience recording (different chatting near the mic between song)

Lineage: analog tape 90 min (tape from Johnnyboy collection) > TravisBickle1963 transfer to .wav file (tapedeck Denon 790R + Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 (external sound card) + Ableton 10 Lite (software) > cd wave (for splitting and renaming the tracks) > trader's little helper (for encoding to flac 6) > Dime

01 Dazzle
02 Overground
03 The Hall Of Mirrors  (Kraftwerk cover)
04 Christine
05 Melt
06 Swimming Horses
07 92 Degrees
08 Take Me Back
09 This Wheel's On Fire  (Bob Dylan cover)
10 Suburban Relapse
11 I Promise
12 Red Light
13 Cities in Dust
14 Song From the Edge of the World
15 Spellbound
16 Israel
17 Hong Kong Garden  (then cut, edited)
18 Playground Twist
19 Slowdive
20 Trust in Me
Total length : 91 min 06

File size : 919 Mo (.wav) / 482 Mo (.flac)

Dimitroy edit 2020

Please note there are here & there some tiny cuts (due to mic probems?) for example at the start of track 11.