Sunday, 11 October 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Fire - Bootleg (Flac)


A rip of the classic Vinyl Bootleg from the Lorries, this version excludes the last two tracks that were from a Peel Session and were already shared here. Huge Thanks to Ledl33 for sharing this one.

Source: audience (very good)
Lineage: CD-R (trade)>EAC>FLAC(5)>Dime

Tracks 01-06 live at UK 11-84
Tracks 07-09 live at US 3-85 Original

Info TXT:

I got this CD by trade but I have no info about the date and location. That's why I waited so long to post it here. It sounds like early 84 shows, very clear. It must be an audience cleaned recording. I don't know how to find those infos. If someone can help... Also, it would be highly appreciated if someone could upload some Lorries material, anything, even a re-seed. I'll upload other gigs in the weeks to come.


01- Push
02- Feel a piece
03- Hollow eyes
04- Talk about the weather
05- Monkeys on juice
06- See the fire
07- Take it all
08- This today
09- Chance


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