Thursday, 11 June 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Bjork - Riverside Church, New York, NY, USA - 05.09.2001 (ProShot DVD)

Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

"Live at the Riverside Church"
partial HBO broadcast (cable TV)

NTSC 4x3 (704x480)
(Dolby Digital) AC3 Stereo
Region Code 0
Running time: approx. 35 mins.


01. Pagan Poetry
02. Possibly Maybe
03. Interview
04. Generous Palmstroke
05. All Is Full Of Love
06. Interview
07. Unravel
08. Hidden Place
09. Credits/Anchor Song


[Video 01-08 Recorded & transferred to pc by ?:]
HBO broadcast > VHS (unknown gen) > DVD compilation > DVD Decrypter

[Audio 01-08 captured by "brunolly" (?):]
? > 8 mpegs (224 kbs) > DVD2AVI > 8 Wav's (DELAY 0ms) > NERO6 Soundtrax (Wav's
put together & synchronized with original audio) & NERO6 Wave Editor (fade in
& out, 'pasting' pauses cut) > 1 wav > TMPGEnc SoundPlayer > Dolby Digital AC3

[Menu & Credits created with Sony DVD Architect 2.0 > VOB's]

> TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 (Audio and video joined, combined with menu & credits
VOB's & authoring) > DVD


Special thanks to:
Serge for the DVD Compilation with the video;
"brunolly" (?) for the high quality mpegs used for the audio;
Anyone else involved in editing, upgrading & sharing who's name wasn't in any
txt-file that came with used material.

Authoring & coverart: goudwater
Riverside Church pictures taken from
Swan painting by Karen Latham taken from


There are various audio & video sources of this concert, partially broadcast
by HBO (together with a Sigur Ros Set, not included on this dvd).
The video quality of Serge's compilation dvd was the best I had seen yet, but
the audio was very disappointing. The nearly excellent shn set that I first
wanted to use for the audio (also provided by Serge from a German source, and
much better than some flac versions that are circulating as well), unfortunately
turned out to have fade-ins & outs on several tracks (it also
had some noise/hiss throughout, but that could have been fixed). Because of
those fades I had to decide to use the non-faded and clearer audio from the
"brunolly" mpegs instead (even though the specs of those didn't look that
fantastic to me).
The Anchor Song that's featured at the end of the dvd, didn't come with the
compilation dvd. In fact, it's missing from most circulating audio & video
recordings. I used an mpeg from an unknown source, that I downloaded through
the bjorkhub. The quality wasn't good enough to stretch it to full screen, so
I added it in it's original size to the credits. - goudwater



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