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RE-UPLOAD: Marillion - Sessions, Demo's and Outtakes - 1980-1982 (Flac)

Thanks to appick for sending me this compilation to share here, and to the original uploader that assembled it.

Original Info File:

Lineage:Various c90 cassettes>cdrw>steinberg clean version 3>cdr>flac (level 8 encode)

Found various Marillion demo tapes lying around and thought i would transfer them to cd.
The first 3 tracks are from a session with the original vocalist Doug Irvine. Sound quality
was quite poor due to the age of the tape and with quite a lot of tape hiss.
Track 4 was the first time Fish sang on a recording by the band. Legend has it that he saw an
advert for a vocalist which he answered and they sent him an instrumental version of The Web.
Onto this tape he overdubbed the lyrics he had just written and the sent it back to the band.
The rest is history (as they say)
Tracks 5-7 are demos by the band and are all different versions of the songs.
Tracks 8-9 are rehersal songs with I Know What I Like developing into an argument within the band.
Tracks 10-11 are BBC Friday Rock Show sessions, another track was broadcasted (3 Boats Down From The Candy)
but sound quality was very poor so i left it off this collection.
Track 12 was an EMI studio session and i have checked with the versions officially released on the Script
double album and this isn't there so i have included it here (this version has a different intro).
I was hoping to include Grendel (EMI studio session) but it sounds very similar to the one on the
Script album so i left it off.
All tracks have been cleaned using the Steinberg Clean Vers.3 computer programme and it has improved the quality no end.
Some tape hiss is still present but no where near as bad as before i cleaned them. Hopefully it won't spoil
your enjoyment as some of the tracks are quite historical.
as always don't encode to mp3 and do not sell.

Studio sessions and rehersals SB recordings

01 Close (which later became The Web)
02 Lady Fantasy
03 Alice (which later became the last part of Forgotton Sons)
04 The Web
05 He Knows You Know
06 Garden Party
07 Charting The Single
08 Institution Waltz
09 I Know What I Like
10 The Web
11 Forgotton Sons
12 Market Square Heroes

Tracks 1-3 demo's 1980
Track 4 Fish vocal overdub 1981
Tracks 5-7 demo's 1981
Tracks 8 & 9 rehersals 12/81
Tracks 10 & 11 BBC Friday Rock Show session 01/82
Track 12 EMI studio session 06/09/82

The Players
Doug Irvine (Vocals, Keyboards 1980-81)
Diz Minnett (Bass guitar 1980-82)
Steve Rothery (Guitars 1980-present)
Mark Kelly (Keyboards 1891-present)
Mick Pointer (Drums 1980-82)
Pete Trewavas (Bass guitar 1982-present)
Fish (Vocals 1981-88)
Artwork (by myself) included.


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