Thursday, 4 June 2020

RE-UPLOAD: The Lords of The New Church - Method To Our Madness Demos (Flac)

Thanks to th original uploader.

Original Info File:

I received this in a trade years ago labelled as "stiv bators 1985 demos" but in fact these are demos for the album "method to our madness" far as I know nothing has been officially released in these versions...some songs are unreleased ,some are demos who sound nearly like the final versions and have been removed according to Dime rules  ,some are totally different.....sound quality is studio sound but do not expect a HIFI stereo...there's some tape hiss...anyway ,it's rare so enjoy !

1: Lords Prayer Demo....removed to fit to Dime rules....very similar to official release
2: Hey Tonight demo...removed to fit to Dime rules....very similar to official release
3: Unreleased track...may be an early version of Blood Runs Cold
4: Like a Virgin demo
5: Unreleased demo
6: Unreleased demo
7 :Unreleased demo
8 :Unreleased demo
9: Method to my Madness early version
10 : Runnin' Hard Enough demo
11 : Gun Called Justice demo
12: Pretty Baby Scream early version
13 : Do You Believe in Magic demo....removed to fit to Dime rules........very similar to official release
14 : Gun Called justice speed / punk version

line age : trade>cdr>mediamonkey>flac


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