Wednesday, 17 June 2020

RE-UPLOAD: The Lords Of The New Church - The Marquee, London, UK - 27.01.1984 (Flac)

Thanks to Steve for sharing this capture on the now extincted CCC forum.


Originally broadcast on a UK TV program called Cue The Music (forget which channel, but I suspect 4).

VHS>HDD as WAV>conversion to FLAC level 5 with Xact>You

Another I recorded from the telly one night.
I did blackle for the program, as the presenter was a total dick, but turned up no results.
I cut out all his inane, patronising drivel & commercial breaks & competition spots.
Being a TV broadcast, the set's not complete &, unfortunately, Partner In Crime cuts in quite sharply & the very End of Holy War is lost. Otherwise it's a SBD show.

1. New church
2. Eat your heart out
3. Livin on lovin
4. Dance with me
5. Johnny too bad
6. Russian roulette
7. Bad timing
8. Live for today
9. Partner in crime (cuts in)
10.Goin' Downtown
11.You really got me
12.Little boys play with dolls
13.Holy war (slight cut at end)

Please don't share it in lossy formats, but feel free to share as is & with this txt file included, Thanks.





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