Saturday, 20 June 2020

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Rarities (Flac)

Another bootleg of b-sides courtesy of Lee. Our THANK YOU to him for his generosity.


01.  More (Power Mix)                              
02.  Under The Gun (DJ Edit)                       
03.  Vision Thing (Canadian Club Remix)           
04.  Blood Money                                  
05.  Dominion (Short Version)                     
06.  I Was Wrong (Short Version)                    
07.  Some Kind Of Stranger (Remastered)             
08.  This Corrosion (7'' Version)                   
09.  Lucretia My Reflection (Ext. Single Version)   
10.  Detonation Boulevard (Remix)                 
11.  Ozymandis (7'' Version)                       
12.  More (Groove Mix)    


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