Saturday 15 August 2009

The Sisters Of Mercy - Camden Palace, London - 11.08.1983

There seems to be a certain confusion if the Sisters played two gigs in the same day in two venues very near one another or made two concerts in two days, since there are records of them playing Camden Palace in the 11th and Electric Ballroom in the 12th...

Original TXT file:

"Maybe somebody has adverts from this time to clear out, if the Sisters really played two seperate gigs, or, what also can be believed, that they came back after midnight to play a couple of songs on the 12th?"

- Kiss The Carpet
- Anaconda
- Alice
- Burn
- Emma
- Valentine
- Heartland
- Adrenochrome
- Floorshow
- Body ELectric


Nouvelle Vague - KCRW Radio Session - 2007

You can't get much cooler than this band. Bossa Nova / Lounge versions of punk/new wave songs!. Brilliant idea and the best soundtrack for the Summer.

01. Intro
02. A Forest (The Cure)
03. Just Can't Get Enough (Depeche Mode)
04. Bizzare Love Triangle (New Order)
05. This Is Not a Love Song (P.I.L.)
06. Making Plans for Nigel (XTC)
07. Interview
08. Ever Fallen in Love (Buzzcocks)
09. Guns of Brixton (The Clash)
10. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)
11. In a Manner of Speaking (Tuxedomoon)
12. Outro

Friday 14 August 2009

Suicide - Elysée Montmartre, Paris - 29.10.1986

Good audience recording of this influential band. The grandfathers of Doctor Avalanche...

01 intro
02 Dance
03 Rocket USA
04 Cheree
05 C'est Difficile
06 Fast Money Music
07 Jukebox Baby 2 (cut intro)
08 Surrender
09 Harlem

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Sonic Youth - Campo Pequeno, Lisboa - 14.07.1993

Finally avaiable on SY Bandcamp page, go there to buy it.

AKA Blastic Scene

It took a long time for me to post a Sonic Youth bootleg, wich is kind of stupid because they're one of my favorite bands... So here is their first concert in Portugal. I was in this one, everybody was really excited to finally see them, and they did something unexpected, they played a big part of their upcoming album "Jet Set..." that was only released 6 months later, it was extra cool. The creators of this bootleg contacted SY about it and SY agreed to release it, taking 25% of the production run (375 copies) and offering it thru Sonic Death Fanclub. Only 1250 discs were pressed. It has excellent sound, since it was recorded professionally by the promoters and mixed by members of the opening acts.

1. SY Next (Introduction)
2. Cotton Crown
3. Bull In The Heather
4. In The Mind Of The Bourgeois Reader
5. Pacific Coast Highway
6. 100%
7. Skink
8. Starfield Road
9. Candle
10. Stereo Sanctity
11. Self-Obsessed & Sexxee
12. Secret Girl
13. Flower
14. Drunken Butterfly
15. Theresa's Sound-World
16. Sugar Kane
17. Tokyo Eye

Tuesday 11 August 2009

Trisomie 21 - Lille - 25.03.1988

I liked this band a lot back in the 80's, they still sound good these days.

01 - Intro + Magnified Section Of Dreams
02 - Shift Away
03 - Twenty One Miles From The Coast
04 - The Cave And The Light
05 - Waiting For
06 - NightFly
07 - La Fête Triste
08 - Il Se Noie
09 - Sunken Lives
10 - Djakarta
11 - Shadow Of Time
12 - The Missing Piece
13 - The Last Song
14 - Moving By You
15 - Crowd
16 - Joh' Burg

Saturday 8 August 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Palau Olimpic Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona - 09.09.2000

The last concert from the "Trip the Light Fantastic" tour. Excellent sound.

Intro / First and Last and Always
Train/Detonation Boulevard
Crash and Burn
Giving Ground
Will I Dream?
On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
We are the Same, Susanne
Dominion/Mother Russia
Romeo Down
War on Drugs
Temple of Love
Something Fast
Flood II
Snub Nose
Vision Thing

PJ Harvey and John Parish - KCRW session - 2009

Excellent FM broadcast.

1. (intro)
2. Black Hearted Love
3. (talk)
4. 16,15,14
5. (pause)
6. The Soldier
7. (interview)
8. (talk)
9. California Leaving
10. (pause)
11. Pig Will Not
12. (station ID)
13. April
14. (outro)
15. Civil War Correspondent

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Test Dept - Castelo, Montemor-o-Velho - 22.08.1992

So, the Citemor 2009 festival already started, again with a program of innovative performances. These days the festival it's more focused on dance and theater, but in the beggining of the 90's, music was a big concern of the programers, bands like The Cassandra Complex, Von Magnet and Test Dept, all did concerts in the Montemor-o-Velho castle. To celebrate this year issue, here's the Test Dept concert in 1992. Unfortunately I don't have the setlist, if someone can help and send it...