Monday 28 February 2011

The Sisters of Mercy - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels - 22.02.2011 (Flac)

The second night in Brussels, a better concert than the day before (or so say the one's that attended both), but surely with a more interesting setlist. Now this one is a pleasure for your ears, it sounds excellent, the band's performance it's brilliant and the setlist is flawless. Highlights (for me) are Kiss the Carpet, Logic, Floorshow, More, Rain From Heaven and Pipeline. And you get to listen for the first (and probably last) time a medley of Train/Dr Jeep/Detonation Blvd. A huge thank you to sisterstekland AKA Pascal for recording and sharing his recording and artwork.

01. Intro
02. Kiss the Carpet
03. Flood 1
04. Marian
05. Crash and Burn
06. Ribbons
07. Logic
08. Gift that Shines
09. Alice
10. Dominion/Mother Russia
11. Summer
12. Floorshow
13. Flood 2
14. Train (Dr Jeep Lyric)/Det Blvd
15. More
16. Lucretia
17. First And Last And Always
18. Rain from Heaven
19. Temple Of Love
20. Something Fast
21. Pipeline
22. Vision thing

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Fields of the Nephilim - Gagarin205, Athens - 21 and 22.03.2008

Two very good sounding bootlegs, gently shared by Kostas, a big thank you to him! the RAR file contains both of them, for your convenience.

21st March 2008

01. Shroud
02. Straight to the Light
03. Moonchild
04. Penetration
05. Dawnrazor
06. Requiem
07. Xiberia
08. Last Exit for the Lost
09. Psychonaut
10. Wail of Sumer/And There Will Your Heart Be Also

22nd March 2008

01. Shroud
02. Straight to the light
03. Zoon III
04. Penetration
05. Watchman
06. Requiem
07. Xiberia
08. Dawnrazor
09. Psychonaut
10. Last Exit for the Lost
11. Moonchild
12. Mourning sun

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Skinny Puppy - Amsterdam, Holland - 17.04.1988 (DVD)

AKA Head Trauma in Amsterdam 1988

Here is another good DVD from Skinny Puppy, this time a strange thing happened, Iwas send almost simultaniously the links for the same DVD by two collaboratros:) So Thanks t cEnda and to sisteruli for the links.

01. God's Gift Maggot
02. Assimilate
03. One Time One Place
04. Addiction
05. Smothered Hope
06. Deadlines
07. The Choke
08. Deep Down Trauma Hounds
09. Glass Houses
10. Draining Faces

Running Time 55 minutes

All music by Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy is
cEvin Key
Dwayne R. Goettel

Designed by J. Soraparu

Not for sale, made by a fan for fans!


Warpaint - FYF Fest, Los Angeles State Historic Park, LA - 04.09.2010 (Flac)

I've hearing this band a lot, thanks to Mikey Whitey who gave me their CD, so I thought you'll might like them also. Excellent sound. Thanks to the original uploader.

source : AT853 > AT8531 > Edirol R-09
taper : markp

01. Warpaint
02. Composure...
03. Composure...
04. Composure/Undertow...
05. Undertow
06. Bees
07. Burgundy
08. Elephants

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Karen Cooper Complex - Shinjuku Birdwalk - 1981 (Free Download)

Very Good lost album, wich is about to have a proper reissue this year, until then here's a free download from the band.

Double-LP vinyl release (with extra material) later this year on Academy LPs (NYC);
Available now as a FREE DOWNLOAD at WFMU's Free Music Archive --

New Karen Cooper Complex video made by a fan in LA:

"Shinjuku Birdwalk reveals a group of musicians that were ahead of their time. The tracks show traces of Zappa, The Residents and Furious Pig in a cross between 60s Beat generation poetry and 80s No-Wave. Karen Cooper practically chants over jazz and rock riffs.. The music is eerily magnetic and should appeal to those who like to stray off the safe path. This is a must-download." --

"...distorted echoes of prophets, and Border Breakers..." -- I Wanna Rock You Baby Blog (Hungary)

"What makes this band so fascinating is that you think of a hundred different bands when you listen to them, but at the same time KAREN COOPER COMPLEX sound like no one else...Great band!" --

"Hopefully, some enterprising reissue label will snatch this one up, as it's too good to exist only in the ephemeral form of a download." -- Mutant Sounds

Jason Sigal, Managing Director at WFMU said:
"This is amazing stuff and we would be honored to feature it in wfmu's curated portal on the free music archive...we have a lot of stuff to wade through to find gems like these."

Friday 25 February 2011

The Sisters of Mercy - Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany - 14.07.1996 (Flac)

AKA 1996

I already posted this one in MP3, it's time for an upgrade of this classic bootleg. The last 5 tracks are demos that the bootleggers used to fill the CD length.

01. Kiss The Carpet
02. Ribbons
03. Logic
04. Alice
05. On The Wire / Teachers
06. Come Together
07. First And Last And Always
08. Train/Detonation BLVD.
09. Giving Ground
10. Flood II
11. Temple Of Love
12. Vision Thing
13. This Corrosion
14. Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover)

15. Unknown (Demo. Untitled)
16. Driver (Demo)
17. Good Things (Demo)
18. Dominion/Mother Russia (Demo)
19. Red Sky Disappears (Demo "First And Last And Always" With "Mariam Lyrics")

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The Young Gods - Paléo Festival, Nyon, France - 26.07.2001 (DVD)

Excellent ProShot, one that every TYG fan should have. Huge Thanks to cEnda for sharing this one with us.

01. Attends
02. Lucidogene
03. Supersonic
04. Sound In Your Eyes
05. Skinflowers
06. In The Otherland
07. Toi Du Monde
08. Astronomik
09. Kissing The Sun
10. Envoyé
11. Laisser Couler (Le Son)
12. L'amourir



The Young Gods
Nulle Part Ailleurs, Canal Plus, France
October 16. 1995

01. Kissing The Sun


Gang of Four - Sessions 2011 (Flac)

Two excellent sounding sessions from the Gang of Four promotint their new album "Content" wich is excellent and all of you should buy. If you're not certain surely this sessions will change your mind. Thanks to the original uploaders.

Live In-Studio On KEXP, Seattle, WA - 16.02.2011

Source - KEXP's 1411 kbps lossless uncompressed webstream > Total Recorder 7.0 Professional
Transfer - wave > Audacity 1.2.6 (fades, +6) > CD Wave 1.82 > TLH > FLAC [w/ sector alignment]

captured, transferred and tracked by O'B



01 [intro]
02 A Fruit Fly In The Beehive
03 You'll Never Pay For The Farm
04 [interview with Stevie Zoom]
05 Not Great Men
06 Do As I Say
07 [outro]

KCRW Radio FM Broadcast, Santa Monica, California
AIRED: Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Lineage: FM > Onkyo HT-R520 > Analog Out (2 - RCA Mono Out) > 2 - 1/4 Inch
Mono Phone Jacks In > Zoom H4n @ 24bit/96KHz > USB2 > r8Brain (dithering) >
CD WAVE Tracking > TLH .ffp-8-MD5 and Flac.8)->

hey defined the early English post-punk era and have inspired countless bands to this day. After fifteen long years, Gang of Four have recorded a brand new album which they will perform, along with some of their classics, for Morning Becomes Eclectic listeners at 11:15am.

01.You'll Never Pay For The Farm
02.I Party All The Time
03.I Love A Man In Uniform
04.To Hell With Poverty
06.It Was Never Gonna Turn Out Too Good
07.A Fruitfly In The Beehive
08.We Live As We Dream, Alone
09.Do As I Say
11.Why Theory


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Thursday 24 February 2011

The Birthday Party With Lydia Lunch - Stollwerck, Koln, Germany - 02.06.1982 (DVD)

Excellent historic document of the tour of Birthday Party with Lydia Lunch. Filmed inside the stage. Huge thanks to cEnda for sharing this one with us.

Codec: MPEG-1 Layer 2
Bitrate: 10080 kb/s
Code: MPEG 2
Format: PAL
Aspect: 4:3
Resolution: 720 X 576
Bitrate: 4349 kbps
Framerate: 25 frames/s



1. The Agony is the Ecstasy (15 minutes long!)


1. Hamlet(Pow!Pow!Pow!)
2. The Friend Catcher
3. Release The Bats
4. Junkyard
5. Kiss Me Black
6. 6" Gold Blade
7. Dead Joe
8. Pleasure Heads Must Burn
9. She's Hit
10. Big Jesus Trash Can
11. Funhouse (with Lydia Lunch)


Wednesday 23 February 2011

Skinny Puppy - Bronco Bowl, Dallas, TX - 26.06.1992 (DVD)

Another Skinny Puppy DVD, this time from the "Last Rights" tour. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

audience shot> low gen > dvd trade

The stage show of Last Rights tour (North America, 1992) was built around a detailed narrative that involved Ogre interacting with a backing film, a "virtual reality" machine, a bleeding crucifix, and a large, rotating device called "The Tree of No Cares" from which dangled severed heads and pornographic magazines

video info :
MPEG-2 Program Stream
Sys Bitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR
Frame 720 x 480

audio : AC3 48000Hz 192 kb/s total (2 chnls)

mostly great video a few short digital blips and minor vhs waves
very dark andlots of weird lights.
BAnd is Killer

b to b- quality
filmed from right in front of stage behind crowd barrier.
lots of close ups of ogre .
sounds ok, vocals were a little loud


Love In Vein
The Choke
Harsh Stone White
Tin Omen
VX Gas Attack
Second Tooth
Killing Game
Left Hand Shake
Dirty Tricks
Janitor's Nightmare

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Monday 21 February 2011

The Sisters of Mercy - 30th Anniversary - The Stage, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds UK - 16.02.2011 (Flac)

Excellent audio document of the first gig of the 30th anniversary celebration. The band premiered two new cover versions, Gift That Shines (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry) and Pipeline (Dick Dale) and played More for the first time since 1993, the slow version of Body Electric was also played, like in Leamington last year, but the audience didn't seemed to enjoy it as much as the rest of the songs. Andrew was in a particulary good mood (as expected)and talked a little bit more than usual. The best line is after the Doktor crashes at the end od Suszanne as you'll be able to hear inthe recording. Extra special Thanks to rbose1 for sharing his recording. Artwork by me. Special thanks to everybody who shared their photos on Heartland and FB, they were so many that I lost track of who the photographers were, my apologies for that and if you're the photographer and want to receive credit just send me a messageand I'll update the post.

Original Info file:

Band Line-up

Andrew Eldritch - vocals
Ben Christo - guitar, vocals
Chris Catalyst - guitar, vocals

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 Microphones
Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-11 Mini Battery Module with Bass Roll-Off (95Hz)
Edirol R-09HR 44.1kHz / 16 bit
USB>PC>CD Wave Editor>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC level 8>Dime

There was a real party atmosphere for this special show. We were entertained by fire
breathers outside while we queuing up, given a present of a pack of postcards and had abirthday cupcake. Andrew seemed to be enjoying the spontaneous renditions of "Happy Birthday". The emotion got to Dr Avalanche who had a brief pause from duties at the end of Susanne.

Set list

Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Lucretia
03 Ribbons
04 Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
05 No Time To Cry
06 Crash And Burn
07 Marian
08 Body Electric
09 Giving Ground
10 Arms
11 Dominion / Mother Russia

Disc 2
01 Summer
02 Alice
03 Gift That Shines (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry cover)
04 (We Are The Same) Susanne
05 Neverland
06 Flood II
07 More
08 Vision Thing
09 First and Last and Always
10 Pipeline
11 Temple Of Love

Please do not sell this recording but share freely and enjoy it!

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Cocteau Twins - Royal Oak Theatre, Detroit, 24.11.1990 (Flac)

Very good soundboard, including the soundcheck. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

The data in my tape says: Royal Oak Theatre, Detroit, 24 November 1990

This has been edited to fix a couple of problems in the original tape (a flaw in track 1 -that doesn't exist in borzage's version- and the skip in track 15). I know that some work has been done with the overall sound as well, but don't ask me what as it wasn't me who made all the hard work but a friend of mine. As a bonus I've thrown in the soundcheck that came in the same tape I got. Quality of these extra tracks are much lower than that of the gig itself, but I think it's a nice add-on to the recording.

The linage is the usual: analogue tape (3-4 gen from the soundboard recording), wave files, flac files. Quality is AWSOME!! Enjoy!

1. Blue Bell Knoll
2. From the flagstones
3. My love paramour
4. Cico Buff
5. Pitch the baby
6. Crushed
7. Iceblink luck
8. Orange appled
9. Wolf in the breast
10. Mizake the mizan
11. Aikea-Guinea
12. Cherry-coloured funk
13. Road, river and rail
14. A kissed-out red float boat
15. Pink orange red
16. Whales tails
17. Heaven or Las Vegas

Extra tracks:
18. Aikea-Guinea (soundcheck)
19. Fifty-fifty clown (soundcheck)
20. Liz Frazer rehearsing
21. Iceblink luck (soundcheck)

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Interpol - Falls Festival, Lorne, VIC, AU - 30.12.2010 (Flac)

Excellent FM broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader.

Photos: Cameron Stewart

Original Info file:

Source: External Antenna > Cambridge Audio Azur 650R > Edirol R-09 @ 16bit/44.1kHz
Transfer: Master WAV > dEdit > CD Wave Editor V1.97.0 > FLAC v1.2.1 (Level 8) with TLH v2.4.1 (build 160)
Editing: Fade out, gain boost in Wavelab 5.0.1b

01. Say Hello to the Angels
02. C'mere
03. Summer Well
04. PDA
05. Narc
06. Rest My Chemistry
07. Slow Hands
08. Barricade
09. Not Even Jail

Broadcast on 2011-02-07
The broadcast was not the complete set
There are station announcements here and there that i left in
A couple of tracks were a little difficult to track, as the announcements overlapped slightly with the start of the next track

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Skinny Puppy - Love Planet Festival, Tábor, Czech Republic - 12.08.2005 (Flac/DVD)

Another excellent DVD shared by cEnda. This coupled with the audio recording in FLAC. A huge thank you to him.

Performed by Nivek Ogre, cEvin Key, Justin Bennett, William Morrison

Video Recorded by Jan & Dedek
Audio Recorded by A Forest
Audio Mastered by Rodent from
DVD Realized by Peter Szekulesz, cEnda & silver
Cover Painting by Maya Peterpaul
Thanks to Filip Machacek, Ron
Torrent reconstructed by cEnda

MENU: available

Fanmade Bootleg - Not For Sale!

01 Tormentor
02 I'mmortal
03 Pro-Test
04 Curcible
05 God's Gift Maggot
06 VX Gas Attack
07 Worlock
08 Deep Down Trauma Hounds
09 Hexonxonx
10 Tin Omen
11 Spasmolytic
12 Hardset Head
13 Smothered Hope





Nitzer Ebb - Body of Work, Prague, Czech Republic - 05.11.2006 (DVD)

Good audience shot DVD. Sound is a little muddy, but overall an enjoyable view. Thanks to cEnda for sharing his links here.

no tracklist

record: Filip and Jan
videos: Jan
edit: cEnda
cover: Davina

DVD links


Saturday 19 February 2011

The Young Gods - Fleda, Brno, Czech Republic - 15.2.2011

A very recent recordong of TYG live. The band is on fire on this one. The sound is good but has some distortion on the louder parts. A huge thank you to Thomas for sharing his recording and sending me the link.

Recording on Edirol R09-HR (one mp3 in 320kb/s)

01. Sirius Business
02. Blooming
03. Tenter le Grillage
04. No Land's Man
05. Supersonic
06. About Time
07. Hey Mr. Sunshine
08. Miles Away
09. Introducing
10. Everythere
11. I'm Drug
12. Envoyé
13. Skinflowers
14. Kissing the Sun
15. C'est quoi c'est ça
Encore 2:
16. Gasoline Man
17. Freeze
18. Once Again

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Skinny Puppy - Sziget Fesztivál, Budapest, Hungary - 15.08. 2005 (DVD)

AKA The Freedom To Choose Is In Your Mind...

Another excellent DVD shared here in the room by cEnda. A huge thank you to him for sending me the links of this fan made MultiCam video.


01. Intro
02. Tormentor
03. I'mmortal
04. Pro-Test
05. Curcible
06. God's Gift [Maggot]
07. VX Gas Attack
08. Worlock
09. Deep Down Trauma Hounds
10. Hexonxonx
11. Tin Omen
12. Spasmolytic
13. Hardset Head
14. Smothered Hope

Interview with SP from Love Planet Festival 2005, Tábor, Czech Republic (czech tv programme Paskvil)
Photo Galleries

Live recording by Devin, Evelyn, Josh, Judit and Tricky
Slideshow photos by Davina, Disp (, Kleronomos, Liquid, and Worlock
Fan video by Devin and eGr, Kleronomos and Liquid (live) - Photos by Alex
and Liquid

All music by Skinny Puppy, DVD intro by Interzone Inc.

Edited and cover by eGr · iZONE industries 2005

Skinny Puppy: Nivek Ogre, cEvin Key, William Morrison, Justin Bennett
Sziget Fesztivál 2005
Alex, Davina, Devin, Disp, Evelyn, Kleronomos, Liquid,,
Josh, Judit, Shir Khan, Tricky and Worlock

Made by fans for fans, not for sale!
Support Skinny Puppy and buy their albums!


Diamanda Galas - Brixton Academy - 26.02.1989 (DVD)

Pro-Shot of Diamanda Galás solo at the piano. Very powerful performance. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

PAL 720x576 MPEG2
256kb/s AC3 BITRATE 9216 FRAMERATE 25000

2 songs

01. Let My People Go
02. Artemis

Diamanda solo at piano.

Big World Cafe was a Channel 4 Alternative/world music show recorded at the Brixton Academy in London.
Here diamanda prefigures her 'the singer' lp by a couple of years by performing solo at the piano. ther tv appearances include a performance on the Tube where she seemed hellishly possessed if that's not too much of a cliche.I know that she had been living somewhere in London somewhere around this time since Kid Congo Powers told me he was painting her new flat a couple of years earlier.
Not sure if that was still true at this point. I would assume so.
There is a brilliant interview/article about her in a copy of Forced Exposure. The recent article in Terrorizer was interesting too.

some pieces of info I gathered over the years
1) she was married to John french, Drumbo of Magic Band fame
2) she had a brother who died of AIDs
3) she's of Greek descent & Greek Orthodox church> I don't know how well that went with Drumbo's Xian beliefs which I would think more prosaic.

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The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man - Conan O'Brien Show - 11.06.2009 (DVD)

Short but sweet. The Pixies performing Here Comes Your Man live. Thanks to the original uploader.

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Muse - Uprising - Grammy's - 13.02.2011 (Video)

The visuals are so good in this video that I had to post it. If you like to see technology well used in live performance, go no further. The band is in top form also. Amazing image quality.Thanks to DeeSeven for sharing his capture of the video.

Source: TV > VideoReDo > 1080i .TS

Captured and Edited by: DeeSeven


01. Uprising

Uploader Notes:

ta da :D

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Monday 14 February 2011

Mortiis - Perfectly Defect (Free Download)

It's not recent news, but I just got it yesterday, and it's quite good and you can download it in any format you can wish for, so try it.

Sunday 13 February 2011

The Sisters of Mercy - Private Interview with Andrew Eldritch, Backstage at Kingston Polytechnic - 30.05.1983

The earliest recorded interview with the band, mainly with Andrew Eldritch but Gary Marx drops in the middle. 22 minutes long, discussing the Reptile House, John Peel, March Violets, playing live, Leeds, etc. Another one of the Sleepchamber tapes.

Dead Voices On Air - A4, Bratislava, Slovakia - 23.01.2010 (DVD)

Another excellent DVD kindly shared by cEnda, here in the room. A huge Thank You to him!

Bootleg DVD recorded on 'Music Laboratory meets Ears Chewing on Tour' with the permission of the band.

DVOA Biography
Dead Voices on Air was formed in 1992 by Scott Harker, Clancy Dennehey and Mark Spybey in Vancouver, Canada. Subsequently it became a vehicle for the work of Mark Spybey with numerous collaborators in both North America and Europe. Mark Spybey worked with Zoviet France and Download. His collaborators include Eric Pounder, Jean-Yves Theriault, Jarboe, Mick Harris, James Plotkin, Mark Nugent, Orphx, Genesis.P.Orridge, David Wright, Zev Asher, Darryl Neudorf, Ryan Moore, Niels Van Hoorn, Kinder Atom, Evolution Control Committee, Chris Connelly and others. He has appeared as a guest on releases by Martin Atkins, cEvin Key, Teargarden and Pigface.

Mark Spybey was a member of Can’s guitarist, Michael Karoli’s band, called Sofortkontakt! until Michael’s sad death in 2001. He played with Can as part of their 30th anniversary shows. He also toured with Michael and Damo Suzuki. Mark Spybey did a remix for Faust and toured with Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius, of Neu!, Kraftwerk, Cluster and Harmonia fame. Together with Robin Storey he has produced an album with Jared Louche of Chemlab, under the band name Altered Statesmen. His other projects include Spasm for Invisible Records and Propeller for Scratch Records who have now released three albums.

Most recently Mark Spybey has started to work with two ex members of Zoviet France, Robin Storey and Andy Eardley under the name Reformed Faction. Their debut cd, Vota was released in the summer of 2006, shortly therafter, Andy Eardley left the band. Their second cd, “The War Against” was released on Soleilmoon in the summer of 2007. A triple cd will be released by Soleilmoon in 2008, provisonally entitled, “I am the Souce of Light, I am Not a Mirror.” Dead Voices on Air are signed to Chicago’s Invisible Records and have been since 1994.

No tracklist

Medium: DVD5
Menu: Yes, without chapters
Quality: Video A- Audio A
Cover: Yes

Recorded on Sony DCR-SR190 by Maros Bednar, Lucia Drahosova
Edited by cEnda
Photos by Maros Bednar


PJ Harvey - At The Beeb - 2011 (Audio / DVD)

PJ Harvey's new album "Let England Shake" it's released tomorrow, be sure to get it. In the meantime here are some audiovisuals of her promoting it on radio and TV. Thanks to the original uploaders

Original Info Files:


Radcliffe and Maconie Show
BBC Radio 2
Maida Vale
8th February 2011

1. Chat
2. Chat
3. The Words That Maketh Murder
4. Chat
5. Chat
6. Bitter Branches
7. Chat
8. Chat
9. The Last Living Rose
13.Written On The Forehead

DVB-T>Topfield TF5800 PVR>.rec file (Transport Stream)>USB>PC>ProjectX>mp2 file (192kbps)>
mp3directcut (Trim start and end, track splits)>mp2 files

BBC Radio 2 broadcasts on FM, Digital Terrestrial, Digital Satellite and DAB.

This is a direct capture of the Digital Terrestrial Broadcast.
There is a slight click at about 10-11 seconds into Written On The Forehead - there were no dropped
frames during this song and it also present on the BBC iPlayer version, so it appears it was on the broadcast.


The Culture Show
First broadcast 10th February 2011

16:9 PAL DVD

Interview intercut with live performance of The Last Living Rose.

Lineage: DVB-T>Topfield TF5800 PVR>.rec file (Transport Stream)>USB>PC>ProjectX>demux>
Womble Mpeg editor (Edit and author basic DVD)

No menu.

This is from a repeat broadcast on BBC 2 early morning 11th February 2011.

Dead Link

Project Pitchfork - Rock Am Ring Festival - 21.05.1999

Very good sound.

01. Carnival
02. 2069 AD
03. Pan
04. Sin
05. I Live Your Dream
06. Teardrop
07. Orange Moon
08. Angels
09. Steelrose
10. Human Crossing
11. En Garde
12. Rescue

Morrissey - Festival Paredes de Coura, Paredes de Coura, Portugal - 15.08.2006

Excellent sound.

01. You'll Never Walk Alone
02. What A Pretty [Intro]
03. How Soon Is Now
04. First Of The Gang To Die
05. You Have Killed Me
06. The Youngest Was The Most Loved
07. Let Me Kiss You
08. Girlfriend In A Coma
09. In The Future When All's Well
10. Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
11. I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
12. Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
13. Life Is A Pigsty
14. We'll Let You Know
15. I Will See You In Far Off Places
16. If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me
17. Irish Blood, English Heart
18. At Last I Am Born
19. I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
20. Panic

Dead Link

Saturday 12 February 2011

Skinny Puppy - uglive (DVD)

Now this one is out of this world! A Brilliant Fan Made Multicam, edited in a suberb form. Don't be fooled by the advertising of bad quality on the cover, I dare to say that this is as good (if not better) than the official DVD from the band. Huge Thanks to cEnda for this extraordinary work and for sending me the links!


02. UGLI
10. DIG IT
14. HAZE





Echo & The Bunnymen - Campo do Gozo, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, España - 05.09.2010 (DVD)

A good, even if short, Pro-Shot DVD of recent Bunnymen footage, with a killer choice of songs. Huge Thanks to zigyswoon for capturing this one and sharing it.

Original ziggy's Info file:

Source:MTV Rocks (Cable TV) > Conceptronic Home
Video Creator (HQ capture)>Nero Vision>DVD

Video compression mode: MPEG-2(PAL)
Sys Bitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Source picture resolution: 720x576
Audio: 0xc0:48000Hz 224 kb/s tot , Stereo

01 - Bring on the Dancing Horses
02 - The Killing Moon
03 - The Cutter
04 - Lips Like Sugar

There is a recording on dime that includes 2 songs from this show, "The Killing Moon" and "lips like sugar". Uploaded by kigonjiro and can be found as an extra on the Arcade Fire concert from 2010-09-05.

Torrent can be found here

You can also find a small interview there that is not included here.
This recording offers 2 new songs that i haven't seen around here on Dime (or anywhere to be true). So besides the different recording source this is an "upgrade" to that previous good recording on kigonjiro's dvd.

Another Master of mine.

Enjoy, share, ABOVE ALL...DON'T SELL!!

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - US TV Appearances 2005-2010 (DVD)

Excellent Pro-Shot DVD. With BRMC in "plugged" version. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

This is a compilation of whatever footage I have. Quality is very good for analog TV.
A simple menu and chapters are included for your convenience.
I know there are BRMC fans all over the globe - in just about every country. Anyway, I figure some of you have never seen this stuff in decent quality. So here you are.

720 x 480
4:3 NTSC
29.97 fps
7-8 Mbps average

Audio: (1-5): LPCM, Stereo, 1.5 Mbps, 48 kHz (6): AC3, Stereo, 384 kbps, 48 kHz
Source: (1-5): Analog TV > VHS (6): ATSC Broadcast

1. Ain't No Easy Way - The Late Show, NYC, October 12, 2005
2. Ain't No Easy Way - Last Call, LA, April 6, 2006
3. Shuffle Your Feet - Last Call, LA, April 6, 2006
4. Weapon Of Choice - Jimmy Kimmel, Hollywood, May 2, 2007
5. Berlin - Jimmy Kimmel, Hollywood, May 2, 2007 (incomplete - cut by the broadcaster)
6. Beat The Devil's Tattoo - Late Night, NYC, April 9, 2010

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Friday 11 February 2011

The Waterboys - Butterworth Hall, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry - 02.02.2011. (Flac)

Good quality audience recording.

Sony ECM > HIMD SP > Sonic Stage convert to WAV > Audio Cleaning Lab > volume adjust, eq, track marking and identification > WAV
> TLH > Flac 8

01 The Hosting of the Sidhe
02 Love and Death
03 News for the Delphic Oracle
04 The Song of Wandering Aengus
05 A Fool Moon in March
06 Down By the Salley Gardens
07 Sweet Dancer
08 White Birds
09 Lake Isle of Innisfree
10 The Mountain Tomb
11 Mad as the Mist and Snow
12 The Four Ages of Man
13 Before the World Was Made

14 September 1913
15 An Irish airman Foresees His Death
16 Politics
17 Let the Earth Bear witness
18 The Faery's Last song
19 A Song of the Rosey-Cross
20 The Stolen Child
21 Don't Bang the Drum
22 The Whole of the Moon

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The The - Vic Theater, Chicago - 23.09.2000 (Flac)

I was missing some The The lately, so here it is. Excellent FM Broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader.

Lineage: fm (Onkyo TX8511)>SoundBlaster (Live! 24 bit External)>wav(CD Wave Editor)>flac

01. Dogs of war
02. Helpline operator
03. Soul catcher
04. Heartland
05. This is the day
06. Global eyes
07. Icing Up
08. Swine fever
09. Love is stronger than death
10. Armageddon days are here again
11. Infected
12. Phantom Walls

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Thursday 10 February 2011

65 Days of Static - 2 Radio Sessions - 2004/2005 (Flac)

Two excellent sessions, the first one was comissioned by John Peel, but with his passing was featured in Rob Da Bank's program. Thanks to the original uploader.

Session 1

BBC Maida Vale studios (MV4)LondonUK

Recording date - 18th November 2004
Broadcast date - 9th December 2004
Broadcast on BBC Radio 1's One Music show with Rob Da Bank.
Session booked by the John Peel show in the weeks before his untimely death.

2004: FM > hard drive > wav > trade audio
CD burned from master wav files
2011: 2005 trade CD > EAC extract > TLH (FLAC, checksum)

01. DJ intro
02. A.O.D.
03. I Swallowed Hard Like I Understood
04. Massive Star At The End Of Its Burning Cycle
05. Fix The Sky A Little

Paul Wolinski - guitar, programming
Robb Jonze - drums
Simon Wright - bass
Joe Shrewsbury - guitar

Session 2

BBC Maida Vale studiosLondonUK
2nd March 2005
Broadcast live on BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe show
2005: FM > hard drive > wav > trade audio CD burned from master wav files
2011: 2005 trade CD > EAC extract > TLH (FLAC, checksum)

01 interview
02 Retreat! Retreat!
03 DJ chat
04 interview
05 Hole
06 interview
07 The Major Cities Of The World Are Being Destroyed One By One By The Monsters
08 DJ chat

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Swans - Koko, Camden, London, UK - 28.10.2010 (Flac)

Another excellent recording from The Swans reunion tour. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info file:

01.No Words/No Thoughts (31:31)
02.Your Property (07:59)
03.Sex God Sex (07:53)
04.Jim (08:44)
05.Unknown (15:54)
06.I Crawled (09:58)
07.intros (00:47)
08.Beautiful Child (08:22)

cut in recording (no music missing)

09.Eden Prison (08:52)
10.Encore Break (02:47)
11.Little Mouth (03:29)

Zoom H2 audience recording
24 bit, 48 khz

Tracksplits with CDWAV 1.94.5
Fading last track with Adobe Audition 3.0
Flac encoding and testing, ffp checksum with TLH
Tagging with Tag & Rename 3.5.6

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Surachai - Plague Diagram (Free Download)

Free Downloads from this extreme industrial metal band!

Finally!! The album is free to download, has a $3 Hi-Def download option, is available on 180 gram, clear vinyl (limited edition of 500) and there is a sick shirt - all physical orders come with stickers. I'm partial to the vinyl release as it was the reason the album was held up for a few months and it sounds sick - lots of clear highs, sub bass and transients that punch at your chest! Not to mention, the vinyl edition is beautiful in its minimalistic design. Also with the vinyl purchase, I'll pass over the vinyl digital masters if you request it in your order.

This is a 100% independent release, having no help from labels or outside funding. Any promotion, interviews or help would be appreciated as I'm only one person. Contact for inquiries.

Visit to download the album for free.

More Free Downloads at

The Cramps - Janice Long Show - XX.XX.1986 (Flac)

Thanks to tsanph for sharing this recording.

1. How Far Can Too Far Go
2. Hot Pearl Snatch
3. Aloah From Hell
4. Hot Pool Of Woman Need

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Monday 7 February 2011

The Sisters of Mercy - Astoria, London - 02.05.2006

Good sound, sourced on the audience DVD.

01. Crash & Burn
02. Ribbons
03. Dr. Jeep - Detonation Boulevard
04. When You Don’t See Me
05. Flood I
06. We Are The Same, Susanne
07. Giving Ground
08. Summer
09. Dominion
10. Slept
11. Alice
12. Anaconda
13. Romeo Down
14. Neverland
15. This Corrosion
16. Something Fast
17. Lucretia
18. Top Nite Out
19. Temple Of Love

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The Young Gods - Santiago Alquimista, Lisboa, Portugal - 30.01.2011 (Flac)

The first concert from TYG last week in Lisbon, since it sold out quickliy, a second date was added on the 31st. Thanks to ziggy for taping and sharing. Excellent sound in 24bit.

Lineage: Zoom H2 (WAV - 44,10 kHz / 24 bit) Rear Mic
Recorded by: ziggyswoon


01. Sirius Business/Blooming
02. Tenter Le Grillage
03. No Land's Man
04. Supersonic
05. About Time
06. Mr Sunshine
07. Miles Away
08. Introducing
09. Everythere
10. I'm The Drug
11. Envoyé
12. Skinflowers
13. Kissing the sun
14. Freeze
15. C'est Quoi C'est Ça?
16. Once Again

Second show of the new tour promoting "Everybody Knows". A concert well based on the present state of the Gods because only 2 songs from the new album were not performed. "Two To Tango" et "Aux Anges".A show that was able to guide us through the evolution of the band. A great supersonic night filled with emotion and awe. Envoyé is here in a new version. More ethereal but still from the guts. It was a sold out show in a small venue welcoming The Young Gods to their electric form after the stripped era with Knock on Wood. Great to have them back great to be enchanted by the Gods one more time.I believe the recording turned out quite well and the only changes was normalizing the file and cutting tracks.

Enjoy, feel free to trade and share but please use mp3 just for personal use and ABOVE ALL DON'T SELL!!!

Cheers Ziggy :-)

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Tool - Big Day Out, Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand - 21.01.2011 (Flac)

Good sound. Thanks to the taper for sharing his recording.

Taper: gazzabr
Source: Sony ECM-717 > Sony PCM-M10 @ 48k/24bit
Resample + Dithered to 44k/16bit
Location: 30m Right Sack

Was a bit of wind around due to outdoor festival, some phasing from people moving in and out of seats.
Started to rain during Third Eye and was pouring down by the end, not really noticeable in the recording.
The Pot was on the setlist after Stinkfist, but not played


01. Aenema
02. Jambi
03. Vicarious
04. The Patient
05. Intolerance
06. Schism
07. Lateralus
08. Third Eye
09. Stinkfist

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Saturday 5 February 2011

The Sisters of Mercy - Spirit of Burgas Festival, Burgas, Bulgaria - 15.08.2008 (Video)

Found this floating on the web, don't have the slightest idea who filmed it or editede together (it contains footage from 2 different sources) but judging by the quality I assume that someone went youtubing... The sound is terrible, as most of the recordings of this specific concert, with the low frequencies totally overblown...

01. Flood I
02. Top Nite Out
03. Temple of Love
04. Will I Dream
05. Summer
06. Alice
07. Crash And Burn
08. First And Last And Always

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Stereolab - Black Session - 30.03.1993 (Flac)

Excellent FM broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader.

01. Song With No Name (aka Jenny Ondioline)
02. Avant Garde M.O.R.
03. Space Age Batchelor Pad Music (Mellow)
04. Ruby (Silver Apples cover)
05. Super-Electric
06. John Cage Bubblegum

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Phillip Boa And The Voodoo Club - Leipzig - 28 and 29.12.2004

Two concerts in a row from the Voodoo Club in Leipzig at the end of 2004, with very similar setlists. Thanks to mopple for sharing these ones. Very good sound.


01. Down
02. I Dedicate My Soul To You
03. Skull
04. The Punch and Judy Club
05. Der Himmel
06. It's Not Punk Anymore, It's Now New Wave
07. Annie Flies The Love Bomber
08. Laughing Moon
09. Room In The Rain
10. Bells of Sweetness
11. Kiss My Soul
12. Stutter Shop
13. Love On Sale
14. I'm An Ex-1/2 Popstar
15. Fine Art In Silver
16. This Is Michael
17. I Can't Stand It
18. International Moskito
19. Container Love
20. Atlantic Claire
21. So What
22. Diana
23. Albert Is An Headbanger
24. Albert Is An Headbanger
25. Femme Fatale
26. And Then She Kissed Her
27. Kill Your Ideals


01. Down
02. I Dedicate My Soul To You
03. Skull
04. The Punch and Judy Club
05. Der Himmel
06. It's Not Punk Anymore, It's Now New Wave
07. Annie Flies The Love Bomber
08. Room In The Rain
09. Bells of Sweetness
10. Kiss My Soul
11. Stutter Shop
12. Love On Sale
13. I'm An Ex-1/2 Popstar
14. Fine Art In Silver
15. This Is Michael
16. I Can't Stand It
17. Life After Being A Zombie
18. International Moskito
19. Container Love
20. Atlantic Claire
21. I'm Waiting For My Man
22. So What
23. Albert Is An Headbanger
24. Femme Fatale
25. And Then She Kissed Her
26. (audience)
27. Kill Your Ideals

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Tuesday 1 February 2011

The Sister of Mercy - We Are The Same, Suzanne (Video)

The last "official" release from the Sisters of Mercy, given freely on their website a long time ago... It didn't stay there a long time, since the flood of downloads was blocking the server... For those that didn't got it then. This is supposed to be a live recording, but the exact date isn't confirmed, some expeculate that this is indeed a "masked" studio recording. You can still download the mp3 version from the official TSOM webpage.

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The Chameleons Vox - Die Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen, Netherlands - 29.01.2011 (Flac)

Another excellent concert from The Chameleons, this one is dedicated to JEmber who was there, enjoy it, Mate!

Thanks to trebor for sharing his recording.

Some HD videos here:

Original Info File:

The Band:

Mark Burgess (from The Chameleons) : vox
Steve Foxcroft (from Bushart) : guitars
Chris Oliver (from Bushart) : guitars
Ray Bowles (from Bushart) : bass
John Lever (from The Chameleons) : drums

Master audience recording
Concert Hall Capacity : +/- 350 persons
Attendance : +/- 300 persons
Taper: trebor
Gear: Church-Audio Mics CA-14 Cardioids -- Church Audio Preamp CA-9100 v.4.4 -- Hydra-Audio Cable (1m) -- Roland Edirol R09HR v.1.04
Taper location: on the balcony near from left loudspeakers
CA14 Mics on shoulders

Recording at 24bit/48kHz, CA9100 at +/- 60% (1h), R09HR input level at 38
Post production: 24/48 to 16/44, volume adjusted for all the tracks: + 4,58 & + 0,83 dB, tracks edited and created with SoundForgePro
Tracks in wav -- Flac 8 and .ffp with Trader's Little Helper


01. Intro

02. A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days
03. Paper Tigers
04. Monkeyland
05. Pleasure And Pain
06. Nostalgia
07. Less Than Human
08. Perfume Garden
09. Tears
10. Seriocity
11. In Answer
12. Soul In Isolation
13. Singing Rule Britannia (While The Walls Close In)
14. Second Skin

15. Encore

16. Swamp Thing (With Band Presentation At The Beginning)
17. Up The Down Escalator
18. Don't Fall

19. Outro

Total Time: 1:32:39

Do not sell this recording.
Don't convert it to mp3 or other lossy formats except for your own personal use.
Please support The Chameleons (Vox) / Mark Burgess by buying their / his albums, merch, and by going to see them / him live.

Recorded, transferred, mastered and uploaded by trebor

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The Cult - Academy, Manchester - 30.01.2011 (Flac)

A request from Z. Very good sound. This is the complete concert. Thanks to the taper for sharing his recording.

Original Info File:

Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Everyman and Woman Is A Star
03 Rain
04 Horse Nation
05 Sweet Soul Sister
06 White
07 Saints Are Down
08 Dirty Little Rockstar
09 Nirvana
10 Ghost Dance
11 Ian's South Dakota film

Disc 2
01 Embers
02 War
03 Go West
04 Wild Flower
05 Until The Light Takes Us
06 She Sells Sanctuary
07 Love Removal Machine
08 Rise
09 Spiritwalker
10 Break on Through (To The Other Side)

Band Line-up

Ian Astbury - vocals
Billy Duffy - guitar, vocals
Chris Wyse - bass, vocals
John Tempesta - drums
Mike Dimkich - guitar

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 Microphones
Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-11 Mini Battery Module with Bass Roll-Off (95Hz)
Edirol R-09HR 44.1kHz / 16 bit
USB>PC>CD Wave Editor>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC level 8>Dime

Homecoming show for Billy Duffy

Please do not sell this recording but share freely and enjoy it!

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The Horrors - Paredes de Coura Festival, Paredes de Coura, Portugal - 30.07.2009 (Video/Audio)

I still hadn't post anything from this band, so let's start by a concert here in Portugal. Video a ProShot in MP4 (very good quality), audio in MP3 320kbps.

01. Mirror's Image
02. Three Decades
03. Do You Remember
04. I Can't Control Myself
05. New Ice Age
06. Scarlet Fields
07. I Only Think of You
08. Who Can Say
09. Sea Within a Sea

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Sounds of the 70's - Episode 8 - Smash It Up! (Vob)

Excellent quality for some vintage performances!

Episode 8: SMASH IT UP - 28 Minutes

01. Intro
02. The Clash - Tommy Gun (Something Else `78)
03. The Buzzcocks - Sixteen Again (ogwt `78)
04. The Damned - Smash It Up (ogwt `79)
05. The Stranglers - Hangin` Around (Rock Goes To College `78)
06. The Jam - Eton Rifles (Something Else `79)
07. Siouxie & The Banshees - Love In A Void (Something Else `79)
08. The Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy (ogwt `79)
09. Joy Division - Transmission (Something Else `79)
10. Outro

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