Wednesday 30 December 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Heartland (7'' Bootleg Single)

This bootleg is the one with the coolest cover, it's really well done, it could pass by the real deal anytime. The tracks are recorded live at the Melkweg in 1984. Vinyl rip done by me, not with the best equipment, but it turned out OK.

1. Heartland (Melkweg, Amsterdam, 02.06.1984)
2. Anaconda (Melkweg, Amsterdam, 02.06.1984)

Link Dead.

The Cult - Pink Pop Festival, Geleen, Holland - 19.05.1986

Another concert from the Cult where they play songs that ended up in "Electric" but in the form that was to be abandoned. Excellent sound.

01. Love
02. Nirvana
03. Big Neon Glitter
04. Love Removal Machine
05. Electric Ocean
06. Revolution
07. Rain
08. Hollow Man
09. Spirit Walker
10. She Sells Sanctuary

Lacuna Coil - Loud Park Festival, Saitama, Japan - 21.10.2007

Excellent Soundboard. Thanks to Yurei for sharing this first.

01. Intro/To the Edge
02. Swamped
03. Closer
04. Within Me
05. Daylight Dancer
06. Our Truth

Link Dead.

Fields of the Nephilim - Sheffield University, Sheffield - 05.09.1988

I've been asked lately for some FOTN in Flac, so here it is and the sound can't get better than this. Also in MP3.Thanks to Tufty for sharing this first. This serves also as a taster for the upcoming concert in Portugal next year. Best news I could have heard.

(Digital?)Broadcast on BBC Radio 6 on 26th September 2009

01. Endemoniada
02. Love Under Will
03. Moonchild
o4. Blue Water
05. Chords Of Souls

In Mp3


Nitzer Ebb - The Venue, Edinburgh - 01.02.1987

Very good concert with very good sound. Nitzer Ebb is about to release a new album, be sure not to miss it.

01. Intro
02. Fitness to Purpose
03. Warsaw Ghetto
04. Violent Playground
05. Blood Money
06. Hearts and Minds
07. Join in the Chant
08. For Fun
09. Murderous
10. Let Your Body Learn
11. Control, I'm Here

The Velvet Underground - The Gymnasium, New York - 07.04.1967

This band was a major influence in more than half of the bands that came after them, the Sisters included. This was the first time Sister Ray was played live in concert.

01. I'm Not A Young Man Anymore
02. Guess I'm Falling iIn Love
03. I'm Waiting Tor The Man
04. Run Run Run
05. Sister Ray

Tuesday 22 December 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Victims of Circunstance (7'' Bootleg Single)

My post of "The Last Magician...", was very popular so I decided to post post another Palazzograssi single. IN FLAC.

Catalog#:VOC 7
Format:Vinyl, 7", 33 ? RPM, Unofficial Release, Limited Edition


A1 Marian (First and Last and Always music, AKA Red Skies Disappear)
Vocals - Marx
A2 Dance On Glass (Black Planet music
Vocals - Hussey
B1 A Rock And A Hard Place
Vocals - Eldritch
B2 Garden Of Delight
Vocals - Eldritch

Bass [Uncredited] - Craig Adams
Drum Programming [Uncredited] - Andrew Eldritch
Drums [Uncredited] - Doktor Avalanche
Guitar [Uncredited] - Gary Marx , Wayne Hussey

First pressing limited to 1000 numbered copies on black vinyl.
Repressed in 500 copies on black vinyl (numbered up to 1500/1000). My copy is 136.
Also repressed unnumbered on white vinyl.
A limited edition of 26 copies in gatefold sleeve exists as well.

All tracks are demo versions.

This is the second Palazzograssi Production in a series of four. 1. Silence Is Platinum, 2 x 7" in a box. 3. Reverberation Across The Nation, LP and discography (never published). 4 The Last Magician Of Rational Thought, 7".

"For the last time Rise & Reverberate"

Alien Sex Fiend - Sala Heineken, Madrid - 09.05.2008

I don't have the se setlist for this one, if someone has it and would be kind enought to post it on the comments, it would be nice. Thanks to dtsom for letting me share his recording.

A request from Resurrection Mom.

The Fallacy - The Fallacy (Free Download)

Someone pointed my attention to this band from Chile, their sound is very in tune with the bands that I usually post. They have the first album available as a free download on their site, just follow the link, and if you like their music please drop them a comment on the site or MySpace.

Friday 18 December 2009

Ministry - Sacramento - 27.02.1990

AKA Welcome to the Secret World of Ministry

Excellent concert with excellent sound. They play a lot of tracks from other side projects and 2 covers.

01. Breathe
02. Smothered Hope (Skinny Puppy cover)
03. Stigmata
04. The Missing
05. No Bunny (original from Pailhead side project)
06. Deity
07. Man Should Surrender (original from Pailhead side project)
08. Burning Inside
09. Stainless Steel Providers (original from RevCo side project)
10. So What
11. Public Image (PIL cover)
12. Thieves
13. Land Of Rape And Honey

Front 242 - Paris - 13.06.1991

Very good concert with good sound, from my favorite era of the 242. I got this on a Forum a long time ago, can't remember the nickname of the original uploader, if by any chance you're reading this, drop me a message and I'll give you the proper credit.

01. Intro
02. Rhythm of Time
03. Masterhit
04. Soul Manager
05. the Untold
06. Until death
07. Moldavia
08. Neurobashing
09. Im Rythmus Bleiden
10. No Shuffle
11. Gripped by Fear
12. Slo-mo
13. Never Stop
14. Headhunter
15. Tragedy for You
16. Welcome to Paradise
17. Punish your Machine

Wednesday 16 December 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Clutch Cargo's, Detroit, Michigan - 16.04.1984 (Flac)

Another Master from Foxtrotter and his box-o-tapes
Clutch Cargo's held shows at St. Andrews Hall for awhile.


01. Burn
02. Heartland
03. Walk Away
04. Anaconda
05. Body & Soul
06. Floorshow
07. Emma
08. Adrenachrome
09. Alice
10. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
11. Body Electric
12. Sister Ray

Massive Attack - Campo Pequeno, Lisboa, Portugal - 22.11.2009

I included also the set from Martina Topley Bird that opened the night. I was trying to post this in FLAC but still didn't found any better version that this, anyway it sounds good. This one is for my friend DrG. Enjoy it.

Equipment: iRiver iHP-120 + MM-MCSM-8 Microphones
Lineage: MASTER > Goldwave > FLAC - Command-line FLAC encoder/decoder version 1.2.1 (Best) > MP3

Taped by dsanchez


Robert Del Naja (3D) - Vocals
Grantley Marshall (Daddy G) - Vocals
Martina Topley Bird - Vocals (Babel, Red Light, Teardrop, Psyche), Keyboards
Horace Andy - Vocals (16 Seeter, Angel, Splitting The Atom)
Deborah Miller - Vocals (Safe From Harm / Unfinished Sympathy)
Angelo Bruschini - Guitar
Winston Blisset - Bass
John Baggott - Keyboards
Damon Reece - Drums, Percussion
Julien Brown - Drums, Percussion

00. Intro
01. Bullet proof Love
02. Heart cliff Star
03. Babel
04. 16 Seeter
05. Risingson
06. Red Light
07. Future Proof
08. Teardrop
09. Psyche
10. Mezzanine
11. Angel
12. Safe From Harm
13. Inertia Creeps
14. {Audience}
15. Splitting The Atom
16. Unfinished Sympathy
17. Marrakesh
18. Karmacoma

Monday 14 December 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - The Academy, Bournemouth - 29.04.1983 (Flac)

In FLAC. From original TXT file:

"Recorded by a friend whose recordings were usually a bit disappointing quality wise, this one thankfully is the exception. Probably a good 8/10. Also, this was a spectacularly good gig.

At the time The Academy was my local venue being only a couple of 100 yards from my bedsit. I wish I had the promotional poster for this gig as they were listed as the Sisters of Mersey. Eldritch mentions this in a rare spoken moment on the tape.

This is the complete recording, I have edited nothing other than taking a spike off the beginning when the recorder was turned on and adding a fade at the end. I'm not sure if they played a short set because they came on early, the main band being an appalling local New Romantic crowd. Their early showtime certainly surprised the taper as the tape starts over the drum intro to Alice."

01. Alice
02. Anaconda
03. Heartland
04. Jolene
05. Burn
06. Valentine
07. Adrenochrome
08. Floorshow
09. Body Electric

The Cure - Uno Lakefront Arena, New Orleans - 17.09.1989

A request from Paul.

01. Plainsong
02. Pictures of You
03. Closedown
04. Piggy in the Mirror
05. A Night Like This
06. Just Like Heaven
07. Last Dance
08. Fascination Street
09. Lovesong
10. Perfect Girl
11. The Walk
12. A Forest
13. Inbetween Days
14. The Same Deep Water as You
15. Prayers for Rain
16. Disintegration
17. Lullaby
18. Close to Me
19. Let's Go to Bed
20. Why Can't I Be You
21. Homesick
22. Untitled
23. A Strange Day
24. Hot Hot Hot
25. Three Imaginary Boys
26. Fire in Cairo
27. Boys Don't Cry
28. 10.15 Saturday Night
29. Killing an Arab

Fields of the Nephilim - Rheingoldhalle, Mainz - 08.11.1990

Another request from Paul.

01. Dead But Dreaming
02. For her Light
03. Moonchild
04. Sumerland
05. Submission
06. Psychonaut
07. Wail of Sumer - And there Will Your Heart Be Also
08. Preacher Man
09. Watchman
10. Last Exit for the Lost

Saturday 5 December 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Coliseu, Porto, Portugal - 27.02.1991 (Flac)

The second concert of the Sisters in Portugal, very similar to the one on the day before in Lisboa, but they played one more song, the Stooges cover "1969". Average sound.In Flac.

Lineage/Source: Cassette (3rd gen.) - Luxman HX-PRO K92 - inakustik Black&White NF 102 Chinchcable - M-Audiophile 24/96 - Audition 1.5 - CD Wave (1.97) (tracksplitting) - TLH (2.4.1 (Build 160)) [FALC level 8]

01. First And Alst Always
02. Lucretia My Reflection
03. Body And Soul
04. Ribbons
05. Alice
06. Dominion / ;other Russia
07. Amphetamine Logic
08- Detonation Boulevard
09. Marian
10. This Corrosion
11. Gimme Shelter
12. Flood II
13. Temple Of Love
14. Valentine
15. Vision Thing
16. Something Fast
17. Jolene
18. 1969

The Young Gods - Cinema Alvalade, Lisboa, Portugal - 16.05.1990 (Flac)

This is one of my more treasured memories, those first words from Franz never really disappeared from my mind, "Bon Soir. Mes Enfants". Thanks to ziggy for letting me hear them again. In Flac.

Original TXT file:

"First TYG concert in Portugal and a fuelled one. A recording made under really bad conditions due to a full house and not so good recording equipment. But this is what was possible at the time.
Recorded from the balcony of the theatre. It is a listenable recording. There is a cut on track 02 at the end due to tape change (i also recorded the opening band Mão Morta) and another cut on track 05 due to a stupid click on the pause button."

Recorded and edited by: ziggyswoon

Source: Sony Walkman>k7
Transfer: Amplifier Technics SU-V500>Minidisk Deck Sony MDS JE-510>optical cable>Soundblaster>wav>flac

01 - Fais La Mouette
02 - The Irrtum Boys
03 - Jimmy
04 - Envoyé
05 - La Fille De La Mort
06 - September Song
07 - Crier Les Chiens
08 - L'Eau Rouge
09 - Pas Mal
10 - Rue Des Tempêtes
11 - L'Amourir
12 - Longue Route
13 - audience
14 - Did You Miss Me
15 - Ville Nôtre
16 - Charlotte
17 - Feu
18 - Dame Chance
19 - ??

The Cure - Estádio José Alvalade, Lisboa, Portugal - 28.06.1989

Another concert that I saw. This was the first time The Cure came to Portugal, and everybody was really excited to see them. A night to remember... Even if the sound it's not so great.

01. Plainsong
02. Pictures of You
03. Closedown
04. Kyoto Song
05. A Night Like This
06. Just Like Heaven
07. Last Dance
08. Fascination Street
09. Cold
10. Charlotte Sometimes
11. The Walk
12. A Forest
13. The Same Deep Water as You
14. Prayers For Rain
15. Disintegration
16. Lullaby
17. Close to Me
18. Let's Go To Bed
19. Why Can't I Be You
20. Hot Hot Hot
21. Three Imaginary Boys
22. Boys Don't Cry
23. Homesick
24. Untitled
25. Faith

The Cramps - Campo Pequeno, Lisboa, Portugal - 02.05.1998

Thanks to Mehrlicht for sharing this first, I noticed on his blog that the link was dead, so decided to repost it. Next is my original comment on his blog:

"I was at this concert, and the end was amazing, you had to see to believe it, Lux started to beat on the stage floor with the mic stand, splinters going out in all directions. Then he knelled and tore more pieces of wood, and finally jumped head on into the hole, never to be seen again.

I'll never forget the sight, as I was leaving Campo Pequeno, of two roadies looking at the hole in the stage, if the audience was amazed, they were completly lost out of their minds..."

01. Cramp Stomp
02. Love Me
03. Garbageman
04. Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon
05. God Monster
06. It Thing Hard On
07. Goo Goo Muck
08. (I Was a)Teenage Werewolf
09. Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs
10. What's Inside A Girl?
11. Hot Pearl Snatch
12. TV Set
13. Psychotic Reaction
14. Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
15. Human Fly
16. Surfin' Bird

Wednesday 2 December 2009

A Perfect Circle - Astoria, London, England - 10.02.2003 (Flac)

Still hadn't post any concert from this band, so this one is perfect. Good Sound. In FLAC.

Taper: Rob
Location: Front of stack (right), ~10' back
Source: Sony ECM-717 > Sony MZ-R900 (mono)
Transfer: Sony MDS-JB980QS > TOSlink > SB DB III > wave (Wavelab)
Editing: dED/dEQ (Wavelab) > track indexes (CD Wave) > splits, Level 8 FLAC Compression & tagging (foobar2000)

Transfer and editing by Martin M.

Disc I:

01. Lullaby
02. Pet
03. The Hollow
04. Magdalena
05. Weak and Powerless
06. Orestes
07. Rose
08. Blue
09. Thinking of You
10. The Package
11. 3 Libras

Disc II:

01. The Nurse Who Loved Me
02. Champagne Supernova
03. The Outsider
04. Gravity
05. Judith
06. [Covers Medley]

"The Nurse Who Loved Me" was originally performed by Failure
"Champagne Supernova" was originally performed by Oasis

The covers medley includes but is not limited to: "Supersonic" (Oasis), "Barracuda" (Heart), "Master of Puppets" (Metallica), "Looks That Kill" (Mötley Crüe), "Seven Nation Army" (The White Stripes), "Heart-Shaped Box" (Nirvana), "The Beautiful People" (Marilyn Manson), "Today" and "Zero" (The Smashing Pumpkins).

Monday 30 November 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Roseland Ballroom, New York - 24.09.1999

This concert is for completists only, since it has a distorted sound. You can hear it, but there's better ones to enjoy.

01. Train/Detonation Boulevard
02. Ribbons
03. Come Together
04. Amphetamine Logic
05. Giving Ground
06. We are the Same, Susanne
07. On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
08. Flood I
09. Will I Dream
10. Dominion/Mother Russia
11. Summer
12. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
13. Body Electric
14. Romeo Down
15. Flood II
16. Temple of Love
17. Something Fast
18. First and Last and Always
19. This Corrosion

The Cure - Coachella Festival, Indio, CA - 19.04.2009

Brilliant The Cure concert with almost 3 hours. The Cure played about 40 min past curfew till the plug was pulled on “Jumping Someone Elses Train”.

“Just past 12:30 a.m. on Monday, the main lights were turned on, …. Then the big screens were shut off and then the lights on the stage were turned on ….
Right after they started “Boys Don’t Cry,” the main speaker was turned-off, but they kept the amps on, on stage. Once the group finished – Jumping Someone Elses Train – and started in on another – Grinding Halt – the stage amps were turned off at 12:40 a.m. Jason kept playing.”

You can hear everything of this in the recording. Good sound.

Main set:

Underneath The Stars
Prayers for Rain
A Strange Day
The End of the World
To Wish Impossible Things
Pictures of You
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
The Perfect Boy
Wrong Number
Inbetween Days
Just Like Heaven
Shake Dog Shake
The Hungry Ghost
One Hundred Years
It’s Over

Encore 1:
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
The Kiss

Encore 2:
At Night
Play for Today
A Forest

Encore 3:
Three Imaginary Boys
Fire in Cairo
Boys Don’t Cry
Jumping Someone Else’s Train
Grinding Halt (partial)

My Bloody Valentine - Coachella Festival, Indio, CA - 18.04.2009

My Bloody Valentine in a good concert from this year, that ends with a very looooong feedback. Good sound.

1.I Only Said
2.When You Sleep
3.You Never Should
4.Cigarette In Your Bed
5.Only Shallow
7.Nothing Much To Lose
8.To Here Knows When
11.Feed Me With Your Kiss

The Cult - Le Zenith, Paris - 19.11.1991

Excellent concert from the tour promoting "Ceremony". Good Sound.

01. Ceremony
02. Lil' Devil
03. New York City
04. Sun King / Rain
05. American Horse
06. Edie (Ciao Baby)
07. If
08. White
09. Peace Dog
10. She Sells Sanctuary
11. Wild Flower
12. Wild Hearted Son
13. Earth Mofo
14. Sweet Soul Sister
15. Fire Woman
16. Love Removal Machine

Sunday 29 November 2009

Teenage Jesus and The Jerks - Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York - 03.10.2009

A Reformation of Lydia Lunch's first band, playing almost their entire discography. This formation has ex-members of the Swans and The Cramps. Thanks to Pip for sharing this.

WFMU Radio Broadcast

Lydia Lunch - Vocals, Guitar
Algis Kizys - Bass
Jim Sclavunos - Drums

1.Red Alert
2.Less Of Me
3.The Closet
4.Crown Of Thorns
5.Burning Rubber
6.Eliminate By Night
7.Freud In Flop
8.I Woke Up Dreaming
9.Race Mixing
10.Baby Doll

Friday 27 November 2009

Fields of the Nephilim - Roskilde Festival, Denmark - 01.07.2000

The Nephs in an in between concert, just after the reformation. This edition of the festival is sadly known because it was the one where 9 people were crushed to death during Pearl Jam's concert. Excellent sound.

01. Intro
02. Preacher Man
03. Moonchild
04. Love Under Will
05. For Her Light
06. One More Nightmare
07. Shine
08. Zoon
09. Xodus
10. Dawnrazor
11. Psychonaut

Wednesday 25 November 2009

PJ Harvey - Big Day Out Festival, Bassendean Oval, Perth, WA, Australia - 04.02.2001

Excellent sound and Polly is at her best.

01 Intro
02 Rid Of Me
03 Big Exit
04 Send His Love To Me
05 Good Fortune
06 You Said Something
07 Man-size
08 This Wicked Tongue
09 A Place Called Home
10 The Whores Hustle & The Hustlers Whore
11 Sheela-Na-Gig
12 This Is Love
13 Kamikaze
14 Somebody’s Down Somebody’s Name

Monday 23 November 2009

Gary Numan - Manchester Academy, Manchester, UK - 29.04.2006

Good audience recording from the UK Jagged tour.

1. Intro
2. Pressure
3. Me! I Disconnect From You
4. Rip
5. Halo
6. My Shadow In Vain
7. Crazier
8. Blind
9. Noise Noise
10. Slave
11. Down In The Park
12. In A Dark Place
13. Pure
14. Haunted
15. A Prayer For The Unborn
16. Jagged
17. Are 'Friends' Electric ?
18. Metal

Thursday 19 November 2009

Skinny Puppy - Rockfabrik, Ubach-Palenberg, Germany - 11.11.1986

It's been a long time since I posted a Skinny Puppy concert, so here it is.

01 - Intro
02 - Film
03 - One Time One Place
04 - Dead Lines
05 - Smothered Hope
06 - Assimilate
07 - Dig It
08 - Last Call
09 - The Choke
10 - Glass Houses

Tuesday 17 November 2009

The Sisters Of Mercy - Battle Of Metal Festival, Geiselwind - 06.07.2007 (Flac)

Like in 2002, the Sisters only gave 3 concerts in 2007, this is one of them, in FLAC. One must wonder why a metal festival is headlined by the Sisters... Andrew Eldritch should be happy, since he claimed several times in the 80's that they were a Heavy Metal band. This was probably the first time someone took him seriously on that claim...

Good sound, but with some fluctuations.

01. Ribbons
02. First And Last And Always
03. Crash And Burn
04. Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
05. Will I Dream?
06. Flood I
07. Still
08. Giving Ground
09. We Are The Same, Susanne
10. Dominion / Mother Russia
11. Summer
12. On The Wire / Teachers / On The Wire / Alice
13. Anaconda
14. Flood II
15. This Corrosion
16. Lucretia My Reflection
17. Top Nite Out
18. Temple Of Love
19. Vision Thing

The Cult - Royal Albert Hall, London - 10.10.2009

A very special event. For the concert at the Royal Albert Hall, on the second encore the band that went up stage was the one that originally recorded the "Love" album, with the original bass player from The Cult, Jamie Stewart, that left the band after the Sonic Temple tour and session player Mark Brzezicki (Big Country, etc).

Excellent soundboard.

01. Nirvana
02. Big Neon Glitter
03. Love
04. Brother Wolf Sister Moon "The Killer Awoke Before Dawn"
05. Rain
06. The Phoenix
07. Hollow Man
08. Revolution
09. She Sells Sanctuary
10. Black Angel
11. Electric Ocean
12. Wild Flower
13. Sun King
14. Rise
15. Dirty Little Rock Star
16. Fire Woman
17. Love Removal Machine
18. The Phoenix / She Sells Sanctuary (with Jamie Stewart and Mark Brzezicki)

The Cult - House Of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio - 9.11.2009 (Flac)

And a concert from last week. In Flac, according to the wishes of the taper. Excellent sound.

From original TXT file:

"Hot performace, the band is hitting on all cylinders, probably fueled by the masses drunk on cheap draft beer. Shows like this suck to tape due to the people around you, its all about them and their bromances and cell phone pictures.
Recording came out better than Detroit, most certainly due to the acoustics and smaller more intimate venue. Very powderful, the best of the three gigs I saw/ taped.
Support the band by buying their cds, swag at the gigs and concert tickets."

01. Intro
02. Nirvana
03. Big Neon Glitter
04. Love
05. Brother Wolf Sister Moon "The Killer Awoke Before Dawn"
06. Rain
07. The Phoenix
08. Hollow Man
09. Revolution
10. She Sells Sanctuary
11. Black Angel
12. Intermission "Ghost in the Shell"
13. Electric Ocean
14. Wild Flower
15. Sun King
16. Rise
17. Dirty Little Rock Star
18. Fire Woman
19. Love Removal Machine

Suicide - All Tomorrow's Parties Festival, Kutshers Country Club, Monticello, New York - 11.09.2009

A very recent concert from Suicide, and as it's becoming usual this year for a lot of bands, they play their first album entirely. Good sound.

1. Ghostrider
2. Rocket USA
3. Cheree
4. Johnny
5. Girl
6. Frankie Teardrop
7. Che
8. Dream Baby Dream

Monday 16 November 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Via Funchal, São Paulo - 19.05.2006

Another concert from 2006, with some snippets of the checksound.


Intro / Crash And Burn
Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
When You Don't See Me
Flood I
Giving Ground
Dominion / Mother Russia
Romeo Down
We Are The Same, Susanne
Will I Dream?
This Corrosion
Something Fast
Lucretia My Reflection
Top Nite Out
Temple Of Love


Lucretia My Reflection
Giving Ground (cut)
First And Last And Always

MC5 (with Primal Scream) - Meltdown Festival, Royal Festival Hall, London - 24.06.2008

So, today's posts have a theme (wich is not usual here in the Room), and that is, bands with ex-members of the Sisters of Mercy playing live. To start here's the MC5 playing live with Adam Pearson on the rhythm guitar. Adam was the member of the Sisters that stayed more time in the band (excluding Von and the Doc, of course), from 1993 to 2005. He only recorded the "Under the Gun" single, but helped define the sound of the band (as we know it today) by co-composing most of the unreleased songs and giving new arrangements to the old songs.

This is the concert of the MC5 on the Meldown Festival 2008, where they played with the Primal Scream. There were three sets performed at this show:

Set 1: Primal Scream
Set 2: MC5
Set 3: MC5 & Primal Scream

The post only has sets 2 and 3, wich are the one's in wich Adam played.

Set 2: MC5

01. Ramblin' Rose
02. Kick Out The Jams
03. Come Together
04. Motor City Burning
05. Call Me Animal
06. Sister Anne
07. Future/Now
08. Over and Over
09. Looking At You
10. I Believe To My Soul
11. The Human Being Lwanmower
12. The American Ruse

Set 3: MC5 and Primal Scream

01. I can Only Give You Everything
02. Movin' On Up
03. SKull X
04. Rocket Reducer Nº62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa)
05. Black to Comm

Ghost Dance - Clarendon, London - 10.04.1987

And the band Gary Marx founded when he left the Sisters. I still hadn't post anything from them live, so here it is.

1. Cruel Light
2. Celebrate
3. Last Train
4. Spin the Wheel
5. Take My Hand
6. A Town Called Sympathy
7. Heaven and beyond
8. When I Call
9. Radar Love

Wednesday 11 November 2009

The Boys Next Door - Preston Institute of Technology, Melbourne - 28.04.1978

Another concert from the boys next door, with less cover versions but still a long way until becoming the Birthday Party...

01 Sex Crimes
02 Boy Hero
03 Big Future
04 The Nightwatchman
05 Spoilt Music
06 Success Story
07 Roman Roman
08 Conversations
09 Andy Warhol
10 Friends of My World
11 Secret Life
12 These Boots Are Made For Walking
13 Earthling in the Orient
14 Somebody's Watching

My Bloody Valentine - Peel Session - 25.09.1988

What better way of introducing My Bloody Valentine to the Blog, than with a Peel Session.

1. I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)
2. Lose My Breath
3. When You Wake (You're Still In A Dream)
4. Feed Me With Your Kiss

Monday 9 November 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Arvika Festival, Sweden - 11.07.1998

Nice Sound.

01. Intro: Afterhours
02. First and Last and Always
03. Ribbons
04. Come Together
05. Train/Detonation Boulevard
06. Amphetamine Logic
07. War on Drugs
08. Giving Ground
09. (We Are the Same) Suzanne
10. On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
11. Will I Dream
12. Dominion/Mother Russia
13. Summer
14. Anaconda
15. Romeo Down
16. Flood II
17. Temple of Love
18. Comfortably Numb/Some Kind Of Stranger
19. This Corrosion
20. Something Fast

Front Line Assembly - Amsterdam - 13.05.1989

AKA No Limit

Excellent sound.

01. Intro
02. Digital Tension Dementia
03. Big Money
04. Teardown
05. No Limit
06. Sedation
07. Lethal Compound
08. Bloodsport
09. Lurid Sensation
10. Foolsgame

Sunday 8 November 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy - 10.03.1991

AKA Rise and Reverberate

Another Classic Bootleg. Good Sound.

01. First and Last and Always
02. Lucretia (My Reflection)
03. Body and Soul
04. Ribbons
05. Alice
06. Dominion/Mother Russia
07. Amphetamine Logic
08. Detonation Boulevard
09. Marian
10. This Corrosion
11. Gimme Shelter
12. Temple of Love
13. Something Fast
14. Jolene
15. Valentine
16. Vision Thing

Friday 6 November 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Euro Rock Festival, Neerpelt, Belgium - 08.08.1998

This is a Double CD bootleg that missed the first the songs, included in the RAR file are Ribbons and Come Together, making the concert more complete, but it's still missing the first song of the concert "Comfortably Numb/Some Kind of Stranger".

Come Together
Train/Detonation Boulevard
Amphetamine Logic
War on Drugs
Giving Ground
(We Are the Same) Suzanne
On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
Will I Dream
Dominion/Mother Russia
Romeo Down
Flood II
Temple of Love
First and Last and Always
This Corrosion
Something Fast
Vision Thing
Sister Ray (with Capricorn, Walking the Dog, Louie Louie, Killed by Death and Lucretia)

Echo and The Bunnymen - Fox Theatre, Oakland, USA - 22.10.2009 (Flac)

Another recent concert and another band that is playing an entire album, this time the Bunnymen playing "Ocean Rain". In FLAC.

Notes from the original TXT:

Microtrack II 88.2 K/24 bit>minor volume adjustments>cd wave (splits and downsample)>
Sony Ecm 719 mic
Dead center 20 feet from the stage
Recorded by Share The Tape

The house sound starts off a bit muddled especially in the highs. The sound was probably better in the balconies. It got progressively better.

Set One
1. Silver
2. Nocturnal Me
3. Crystal Days
4. The Yo Yo Man
5. Thorn of Crowns
6. The Killing Moon
7. Seven Seas
8. My Kingdom
9. Ocean Rain

Set Two
10. Rescue
11. Show of Strength
12. Villiers Terrace / Roadhouse Blues (The Doors cover)
13. Stormy Weather
14. Forgotten Fields
15. Bring On the Dancing Horses
16. All My Colours
17. All That Jazz
18. I Think I Need It Too
19. The Back of Love
20. The Cutter

21. Nothing Lasts / Walk on the Wild Side / In The Midnight

Encore Two
22. Lips Like Sugar

Tuesday 3 November 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - The Forum, London - 06.09.2000

The Sisters gave two concerts in a row at the Forum. This bootleg has the entire concert from the 6th September and the three songs that differ from the setlist of the 5th September.


First and Last and Always
Train/Detonation Boulevard
Crash and Burn
Amphetamine Logic
Giving Ground
Will I Dream?
Temple of Love
On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
We are the Same, Susanne
Dominion/Mother Russia
Romeo Down
War on Drugs
This Corrosion
Something Fast
Flood II
Snub Nose
Vision Thing


Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen

Nine Inch Nails - BBC Studios - 20.04.2005 (Flac)

Notes from original post: Awesome recording. I have never heard The Hand That Feeds sound sooo clear. The interview is excellent. Trent talks about topics from with teeth to his inspiration for Nine Inch Nails. In FLAC.

Date: 04-20-2005
Venue: Maida Vale Studios, London, England
Source: FM Broadcast
Quality: A+

01. The Hand That Feeds
02. [with_teeth]
03. Hurt
04. Interviews (13:17)

Dead Link.

Monday 2 November 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Birmingham NEC - 22.12.1993 (Flac)

This is probably my favorite Sisters concert, excellent in every aspect possible. I already posted part of it in MP3, here it is complete in FLAC. The RAR files open each on it's own.

Lineage: Cassette (unknown gen) - ION Tape2PC - Audacity - CD Wave - Flac (level 6)

01. Intro
02. Comfortably Numb
03. Some Kind Of Stranger
04. Ribbons
05. Train
06. Detonation Boulevard
07. Alice
08. Giving Ground
09. Come Together
10. Anaconda
11. On The Wire
12. More
13. Under The Gun
14. Body Electric
15. Flood II
16. This Corrosion
17. Kiss The carpet
18. First and Last and Always
19. Temple of Love
20. Something Fast
21. Vision Thing

Wednesday 28 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Kingston Polytechnic, London - 30.06.1983 (Flac)

Very good concert with good sound, even if with some fluctuations. In FLAC. The RAR files open independently.

Source: Cassette - ION Tape2PC - Audacity - CD Wave - Flac (level 8) - You


01. Alice
02. Anaconda
03. Burn
04. Heartland
05. Adrenochrome
06. Floorshow
07. Gimme Shelter
08. Sister Ray

Sunday 25 October 2009

Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard - Ghent, Belgium - 26.11.1991

This and the Honeymoon in Red are my favorite phases of Lydia Lunch. Good concert with very good sound and a wild version of Alice Cooper's "Black Juju".

01. In My Time of Dying
02. Pigeon Town
03. Solar Hex
04. What is Memory
05. Cisco Sunset
06. Still Burning
07. Incubator
08. Burning Skulls
09. The Gospel Singer
10. Black Juju
11. Fields of Fire
12. Run Through the Jungle
13. Oh Jim

Tuesday 20 October 2009

The Cure - Ginásio Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brasil - 31.03.1987

It's my pleasure to present you the recording from Capitão Gancho of this concert. I checked around and this seems to be the first time this bootleg surfaces. The sound is average, as expected from a recording done more than 20 years ago with a walkman, but it's listenable, and a great concert it is, with the band absolutely perfect and the crowd going wild, as usual in Brasil.
A big THANK YOU to Capitão Gancho for sharing his recording with us.

o1. Shake Dog Shake
02. Piggy in the Mirror
03. Play for Today
04. A Strange Day
05. Primary
06. Kyoto Song
07. Charlotte Sometimes
08. In Between Days
09. The Walkj
10. A Night Like This
11. Push
12. One Hundred Years
13. A Forest
14. Sinking
15. Close To Me
16. Let's Go To Bed
17. Six Different Ways
18. Three Imaginary Boys
19. Boys Don't Cry
20. 10.15 saturday Night
21. Killing An Arab

Monday 19 October 2009

Jarboe - Fade In Festival, Teatro Miguel Franco, Leiria, Portugal - 01.11.2005 (Flac)

Jarboe was the female singer from the Swans, and this excellent Audience Master from Ziggy, captures her band in concert with an intensity that matches the early years of her former band. In FLAC.

Source: MD Sharp MD-MS702>Mic Sony ECM-717
Lineage: Minidisk Deck Sony MDS JE-510>Optical cable>Soundblaster Live Drive II>Wave>Cool Edit Pro (track split)>FLAC
Recorded by: Ziggy


01. Scorpio
02. Feral
03. Pure War
04. Song For Dead Time
05. Scarification
06. Seduce & Destroy
07. Dear 666
08. Sinner
09. I Will Swallow
10. Mother/Father

Nic Le Ban
PAZ Lenchantin
Mike Rollins
Phil Petrocelli

Fields of the Nephilim - Helldone Festival, Helsinki - 30.12.2007 (Videos)

Various videos from the Helldone Festival, all with great quality.

Straight Into The Light
For Her Light
Last Exit For The Lost

DepositFiles and UploadedTo links working;

Straight into the Light
Last Exit For The Lost

Link Dead

Saturday 17 October 2009

Tuesday 13 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Mechanised South America Tour - 2009 (Sketchbook)

OK, so let me tell you what this is.
I was really curious to listen to the recordings of the South American concerts by the Sisters, search a little bit, asked some traders, but nobody that I know has them. I'm pretty sure they exist, but for now they're not available. So, using a tool that DocSommer indicated me, I went searching YouTube for videos with decent sound to transfer them to MP3.
Let me tell you, that it's a bitch, searching all the clips (most of them without the name of the song) to try to get as much songs that are listenable and were complete, from each concert.

After completion, and only one concert has the complete setlist (because I broke the rule of the complete songs), I listened to it and actually enjoyed it!

Of course it looks like a Dadaistic text, such are the changes of sound quality and volume.

I call them sketchbook versions because they're a good teaser for when a proper recording surfaces.

Worth listening, if only to hear the overwelming joy of the crowd (imagine waiting 20 years or more for one Sisters concert, like in Argentina and Peru!!!), that goes mad almost on the entire time (in all the concerts), but also because the band is absolutely at it's Peek and Andrew is singing like I haven't hear for some time.
Thank to everybody that uploaded their videos on YouTube, you're too many to mention individually! But you know who you are.

Hope you enjoy it, I surely don't feel I wasted my time on this pet project.

Teatro Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 02.06.2009

Intro / Crash and Burn
Flood I
Dominion / Mother Russia
First and Last and Always
This Corrosion (2 sources)
Flood II
Something Fast
Vision Thing
Top Nite Out
Temple of Love

Bar Opinião, Porto Alegre, Brasil - 04.06.2009

Crash and Burn
Train / Detonation Blvd
Alice (cut)
Flood I
Anaconda (cut)
Suzanne (cut)
Arms (cut)
Giving Ground
Dominion / Mother Russia
First and Last and Always
This Corrosion
Flood II (cut)
Something Fast
Vision Thing
Lucretia / Top Nite Out
Temple of Love

Via Funchal, São Paulo, Brasil - 06.06.2009

Intro / Crash and Burn
Ribbons (2 sources)
Train Detonation Blvd
Alice (2 sources)
Suzanne (2 sources)
Giving Ground
Dominion / Mother Russia (2 sources)
First and Last and Always / This Corrosion
Flood II
Something Fast
Vision thing
Lucretia (2 sources)
Top Nite Out
Temple of Love

Discoteca Voçê, Lima, Peru - 07.06.2009

Giving Ground
Dominion / Mother Russia
First and last and Always
This Corrosion
Lucretia (2 sources)
Top Nite out (2 sources)
Temple of Love

Link Dead

Alien Sex Fiend - Peel Sessions - 1984

And some more Peel Sessions. This band is utterly mad, but I love them.

Peel Session - May 1984

1. Attack!!!
2. Dead and Buried
3. Ignore the Machine
4. Hee Haw

Peel Session - August 1984

5. In God We Trust
6. EST (Trip to the Moon)
7. Boneshaker Baby

Monday 12 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - X-Tra, Zurich, Switzerland - 29.04.2009 (Flac)

This excellent recording was made by Sisterstekland, who was kind enough to let me share it. It's actually a new mix, that sounds better than the previous one. The vocals are super clear and the band gives a very good performance, there are some small fluctuations in sound, because the taper was also video recording the concert (some of the images are in the 2009 tour video) and moved position. There are two songs missing from the setlist, Flood II and This Corrosion, that were not recorded. During Train/Detonation Blvd you can hear a security guy demanding that the taper erase the video recording, and getting tricked to accept the battery instead, as any good taper, Sisterstekland had another.:) In FLAC. Links open separately.

Also, here's a nice photo gallery of the concert:

1. Intro
2. Crash and Burn
3. Ribbons
4. Train / Detonation Blvd.
5. Alice
6. Flood I
7. Anaconda
8. Marian
9. Suzanne
10. Arms
11. Giving Ground
12. Dominion / Mother Russia
13. Summer
14. First and Last and Always
15. Romeo Down
16. Lucretia
17. Vision Thing
18. Top Nite Out
19. Temple of Love

Saturday 10 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Luxor, Cologne - 13.11.1984

And another classic Vinyl Bootleg.

01. Heartland
02. Marian
03. No Time To Cry
04. Anaconda
05. A Rock And A Hard Place
06. Train
07. Floorshow
08. Alice
09. Body Electric
10. Gimme Shelter
11. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
12. Adrenochrome

Borghesia - Rockfabrik, Ubach Palenberg - 19.09.1988

A bootleg recording of these EBM pioneers from Slovenia. The tracklist centers around their first three albuns, wich are my favorites. Good sound.

01. Lovci
02. Am I
03. Na Smrto Hazen
04. Kdo Je ugasmi Luc
05. On (Him)
06. Pasta Nudo
07. Tako Mladi
08. Ogotelo Mesto
09. Blato
10. Mi Upanja Ni Strahu
11. U Cmon
12. Nud
13. Mi Smo Povsod

Friday 9 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Halloween in Arkham - Brixton Ace, London - 17.03.1983

Old Vinyl Bootleg, hand numbered, limited edition of 500. It mixes tracks from the Brixton Ace concert with the 1984 Peel session. Some of these tracks are already on the "Carmina Burana" bootleg, but not all of them. I removed the Peel session because I've already posted them, with better sound. Really cool cover.

1. Alice
2. Valentine
3. Anaconda
4. Body Electric
5. 1969
6. Sister Ray

Fields of the Nephilim - The Gothic Festival, Waregem, Belgium - 26.06.2008

AKA From the Fire

This bootleg has surfaced recently, so most of you must already have it, but it makes total sense to post it in here, so here it stays.

Original TXT:

"There's a bit of distortion at the low end of this recording. This could not be helped as it was part of the source recording. Also, there's a small recording hiccup in 'Trees Come Down'."

Recording : Edirol R-09HR @ 160kbps/44.1 kHz mp3 > Decompressed to 16 bit/44.1 kHz WAV in Wavelab 5 > Edited and mixed in Wavelab 5 with Sonnox Oxford EQ and Dynamics plugins > Compressed to 320kbps/44.1 kHz mp3.

01. Intro - Exhordium
02. Straight To The Light
03. Penetration
04. Trees Come Down
05. Dawnrazor
06. The Sequel
07. From The Fire
08. Moonchild
09. Psychonaut
10. Encore Interlude
11. Zoon Pt.III - Wake World
12. Last Exit For The Lost

Link dead

Kraftwerk - Photokina, Koeln - 06.12.1971

The last concert from the robots I posted was ages ago... That's not good, so to correct it, here's one from the beginings.

1. Stratovarius
2. Ruckzuck
3. Vom Himmel Hoch

Link Dead

Thursday 8 October 2009

Nouvelle Vague - George Lamb Show - 30.06.2009

Very good radio broadcast.

Introduction / Interview
Master And Servant
Blister In The Sun
Closing comments

Ladytron - Radio Sessions

Two radio sessions from this cool band, one from the begining and one from last year. Both are in the RAR file.

Steve Lamacq Session - 12.11.2001

1. Playgirl
2. He Took Her To A Movie
3. Discotrax
4. The Way That I Found You

Radcliffe and Marconie Show - 10.08.2008

1. Intro Interview
2. Runaway
3. Interview
4. Destroy Everything You Touch
5. Interview
6. Versus
7. Outro Interview

Wednesday 7 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Greenfield Ferstival, Interlaken, Switzerland - 17.06.2006 (Flac)

Good sound. In FLAC.

1. Intro
2. Crash and Burn
3. Ribbons
4. Dr. Jeep / Detonation Blvd.
5. Still
6. When You Don't See Me
7. Giving Ground
8. Dominion / Mother Russia
9. Summer
10. Alice
11. Anaconda
12. This Corrosion
13. Lucretia (My Reflection)
14. Top Nite Out
15. Temple of Love

Interpol - Peel Session - 18.04.2001

1. Hands Away
2. Obstacle 2
3. The New
4. N.Y.C.

Monday 5 October 2009

Peter Murphy - Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisboa, Portugal - 01.11.2008 (Flac)

And another concert that Ziggy recorded and kindly shared with us. In FLAC.

Recording: Sharp MD-MS702>Sony Mic ECM-717 Lineage: MD Deck Sony MDS-JE510>Optical>Creative Soundblaster Connect>Cooledit Pro> FLAC


01 - Zikir
02 - The Line Between The Devils Teeth
03 - Disappearing
04 - Burning From The Inside
05 - Gliding Like a Whale
06 - Hurt
07 - Marlene Dietrich's Favorite Poem
08 - Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It
09 - I'll Fall With Your Knife
10 - The Sweetest Drop
11 - Black Stone Heart
12 - Huuvola
13 - Deep Ocean
14 - Idleflow
15 - Strange Kind Of Love
16 - She's In Parties
17 - All We Ever Wanted
18 - Cuts You Up
19 - New Song
20 - All Night Long

From original TXT file:

Well, this was the first "time i had great problems recording a show. My MD decided to play a trick onme and i had strong problems to be able to set volume right when i started to record. I had already set the volume but Peter's engeniers always push the volume too high. It is not the first time i experienced that. Sometimes it gets so high that we can barely take it. So, i fucked up the first 3 songs. I still include them here in order for you to have the full recording, because i haven't seen any other. Zikir is listenable but the next 2 have a lot of high volume distorted parts as also some cuts and sound drops. Then i was able to get it right and got it right for the rest of the show and everything went smooth and the sound is nice and stable."

Saturday 3 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam - 30.03.2003

The first concert of the Smoke and Mirrors tour. They played "When you Don't See Me" and "Dr Jeep/Detonation Blvd Medley" for the first time. And a special treat with the inclusion of "Burn", the song that used to open their concerts around 1984.

Crash and Burn
When You Don't See Me
Doctor Jeep/Detonation Boulevard
We are the Same, Susanne
On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
War on drugs
Flood I
Will I Dream?
Dominion/Mother Russia
Giving Ground
First and Last and Always
Romeo Down
Flood II
Never Land
Temple of Love
Top Nite Out
Vision Thing

Fields of the Nephilim - Flour Power (7'' Vinyl Bootleg)

Old Vinyl Bootleg, limited & numbered edition of 500 copies. Recorded live at Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford on 16.04.1986. Track 3 recorded live at The Clarendon, Hammersmith on 01.11.1986

1. Blue Water
2. Preacher Man
3. Trees Come Down
4. Power

Massive Attack - Apollo, Manchester - 26.09.2009

Very recent concert from Massive Attack, their UK tour has just finished, if you missed them here's something that will make regret it for a long time...

1. Bulletproof love
2. Heartcliff Star
3. Babel
4. 16 Seeter
5. Rising Son
6. Red Light
7. Future Proof
8. Teardrop
9. Psyche
10. Angel
11. Safe From Harm
12. Inertia Creeps
13. Splitting the Atom
14. Unfinished Sympathy
15. Marakesh
16. Karmacoma

Friday 2 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - The Maritime Hall, San Francisco - 06.02.1998

Good Sound, but some sound fluctuations. Very good performance and an unusual setlist for the tour.

Kiss the Carpet
Come Together
Amphetamine Logic
Body Electric
Giving Ground
(We Are the Same) Suzanne
On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
Will I Dream
Dominion/Mother Russia
Romeo Down
Flood II
Vision Thing
Comfortably Numb/Some Kind of Stranger
First and Last and Always
This Corrosion

Swans - Bochum, Zeche - 29.09.1987

The fabulous Swans playing a set composed mainly of songs from the "Children of God" double album, wich is my favorite from them (Holy Money and Greed are close behind). Perfect companion to the "Public Castration..." album. Very good sound for an Excellent concert.

1. You're Not Real, Girl
2. Our Love Lies
3. New Mind
4. Blind Love
5. Blackmail
6. Sex God Sex
7. Intermezzo
8. Wandering Star
9. Your Property

Monday 28 September 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - The Danceteria, New York - 13.04.1984 (Flac)

These are the only 3 songs known to exist from this gig. Includes the Sisters version of ABBA's "Gimme Gimme Gimme".

1. Floorshow
2. Gimme Gimme Gimme
3. Sister Ray

Sunday 27 September 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 14.10.1999

Good sound for this concert of the "To the Planet Edge" tour.

Intro /Ribbons
Train/Detonation Boulevard
Come Together
Amphetamine Logic
Giving Ground
We are the Same, Susanne
On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
Temple of Love
Will I Dream
Flood I
Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
Dominion/Mother Russia
Romeo Down
Flood II
First and Last and Always
Vision Thing
Something Fast
This Corrosion

Killing Joke - Mark Radcliffe Session - 26.04.1994

Excellent session.

1. Communion
2. Whiteout
3. Interview / Exorcism
4. Psyche

Tuesday 22 September 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - "Mechanised Europe" Tour 2009 (Video)

This an excellent multicam video, edited with images from the Zurich, Bologna, Milano and Paris videos, by Sisterstekland. A big thanks to him for letting me post this beauty. The AVI file is 1,4G and has 31 minutes. Excellent quality.

1. Crash & Burn
2. Ribbons
3. Train/Detonation Boulevard
4. Amphetamine Logic
5. Arms
6. Summer
7. Romeo Down (Zurich Only)
8. Something Fast (Using Paris Vid, no choice)
9.Vision Thing

Nine Inch Nails - Wave Goodbye Tour - Last Three Shows (ever?)

Hearing these concerts, one has to regret Trent's decision to stop touring...

Huge Thanks to EstebanF for sharing this first! All the concerts have excellent sound.

Echoplex - Los Angeles, CA - 06.09. 2009

Robin Finck: Guitar, backing vocals
Justin Meldal-Johnsen: Bass, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Trent Reznor: Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Ilan Rubin: Drums, keyboards
Gary Numan joined Nine Inch Nails to perform his songs "Metal" and "I Die: You Die". This was originally the last show Nine Inch Nails would play in the Wave Goodbye tour, but because of Trent Reznor's illness, the show at the Henry Fonda Theater and the one at The Wiltern were rescheduled on September 8 & 10 respectively.

1. Somewhat Damaged
2. The Beginning Of The End
3. The Collector
4. Discipline
5. March Of The Pigs
6. Something I Can Never Have
7. The Frail
8. The Wretched
9. Terrible Lie
10. Ruiner
11. Head Down
12. Burn
13. Gave Up
14. La Mer
15. Non-Entity
16. Gone, Still
17. The Big Come Down
18. The Way Out Is Through
19. Wish
20. Survivalism
21. Down In It
22. Metal (Featuring Gary Numan)
23. I Die: You Die (Featuring Gary Numan)
24. Physical
25. The Hand That Feeds
26. Head Like A Hole
27. Dead Souls
28. Hurt

Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles, CA - 08.09.2009

Trent Reznor: Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Robin Finck: Guitar, backing vocals
Justin Meldal-Johnsen: Bass, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Ilan Rubin: Drums, keyboards

This show was originally scheduled to take place on September 3, but because of Trent Reznor's illness, the show was rescheduled to September 8. Mike Garson joined Nine Inch Nails to perform "Just Like You Imagined," "The Becoming," "I Do Not Want This," and "Down In The Park (Piano Version)". Gary Numan joined Nine Inch Nails to perform his songs "Down In The Park," "Metal" and "Cars.". Eric Avery (Jane's Addiction) joined Nine Inch Nails and Numan to perform "Cars." A cover of Gang Of Four's "Love Like Anthrax" was played by Nine Inch Nails, Numan, Avery and members of support band Health. Former Nine Inch Nails member Danny Lohner joined Nine Inch Nails to perform Queen's "Get Down Make Love" and Nine Inch Nails' "Heresy" and "Mr. Self Destruct." Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan joined Nine Inch Nails and Lohner to perform "Mr. Self Destruct" and "Wish".

01. Head Like a Hole
02. Terrible Lie
03. Sin
04. March of the Pigs
05. Piggy
06. Echoplex
07. Reptile
08. I'm Afraid Of Americans (David Bowie cover)
09. Survivalism
10. Head Down
11. 1,000,000
12. Letting You
13. Burn
14. Gave Up
15. Eraser
16. Just Like You Imagined (with Mike Garson)
17. The Becoming (with Mike Garson)
18. I Do Not Want This (with Mike Garson)
19. Down In The Park Mike Garson Instrumental (Gary Numan cover)
20. Down In The Park (Gary Numan cover) (with Gary Numan)
21. Metal (Gary Numan cover) (with Gary Numan)
22. Cars (Gary Numan cover) (with Gary Numan)
23. Love Like Anthrax (Gang of Four cover) (with Gary Numan)
24. Heresy (with Danny Lohner)
25. Get Down, Make Love (Queen cover) (with Danny Lohner)
26. Mr. Self Destruct (with Greg Puciato)
27. Wish (with Greg Puciato)
28. The Hand That Feeds
29. Atmosphere (Joy Division cover)
30. Dead Souls (Joy Division cover)
31. The Day The Whole World Went Away
32. Hurt

The Wiltern Theater - Los Angeles, CA - 10.09.2009

This performance was initially scheduled for September 5, 2009, but was postponed due to Trent Reznor being ill, making it the last Nine Inch Nails show "for the foreseeable future."At 37 songs and over 3 hours in length, this performance was the longest in Nine Inch Nails' career. Before performing "Head Down," Reznor stated: "This is it… but I'm not gonna break down in tears just yet."

Mike Garson once again joined Nine Inch Nails onstage to play piano on "Just Like You Imagined," "La Mer," "Eraser," and "The Becoming." Gary Numan once again joined Nine Inch Nails to perform his songs "Down In The Park," "Metal," and "I Die: You Die." Atticus Ross joined Nine Inch Nails to perform on "Me, I'm Not," "The Warning," and "Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)." Dave Navarro joined Nine Inch Nails to perform on "The Warning," "Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)," and "Gave Up." Greg Puciato and Ben Weinman of Dillinger Escape Plan joined Nine Inch Nails to perform on "Mr. Self Destruct." The rest of the band came onstage to perform "Wish". "The Great Below" was included on the setlist in between "Eraser" and "The Becoming" but was omitted from the performance.

Robin Finck: Guitar, backing vocals
Justin Meldal-Johnsen: Bass, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Trent Reznor: Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Ilan Rubin: Drums, keyboards

01. Home
02. Somewhat Damaged
03. The Collector
04. Discipline
05. March Of The Pigs
06. Something I Can Never Have
07. The Frail
08. The Wretched
09. Ruiner
10. Head Down
11. Burn
12. Just Like You Imagined (featuring Mike Garson)
13. La Mer (featuring Mike Garson)
14. Eraser (featuring Mike Garson)
15. The Becoming (featuring Mike Garson)
16. Down In The Park (Mike Garson piano solo)
17. Down In The Park (featuring Gary Numan)
18. Metal (featuring Gary Numan)
19. I Die: You Die (featuring Gary Numan)
20. 1,000,000
21. Letting You
22. Survivalism
23. Suck
24. Down In It
25. The Hand That Feeds
26. Head Like A Hole
27.(Audience Applause and Encore Ovation #1)
28. Me, I'm Not (featuring Atticus Ross)
29. The Warning (featuring Atticus Ross and Dave Navarro)
30. Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now) (featuring Atticus Ross and Dave Navarro)
31. Gave Up (featuring Dave Navarro)
32. (Audience Applause and Encore Ovation #2)
33. Mr. Self Destruct (featuring Greg Puciato and Ben Weinman)
34. Wish (featuring Dillinger Escape Plan)
35. (Audience Applause and Encore Ovation #3)
36. Atmosphere (Joy Division cover)
37. Dead Souls (Joy Division cover)
38. The Good Soldier
39. (Band Introduction + Crew Appreciation Shoutouts)
40. The Day The World Went Away
41. Hurt
42. In This Twilight (Final Audience Applause Fadeout)
Thanks to trollcrusher for the correct setlist!

Nine Inch Nails - Wave Goodbye Tour - New York - 22, 23, 25, 26. 08.2009

The 4 concerts that NIN gave in NY on the Wave goodbye Tour. All with excellent sound. The Links open separetely.

Peter Murphy joined NIN onstage to perform "Reptile," making his stage entrance hanging upside-down (at least on the 26th). He stayed to perform Bauhaus "Kick in the Eye"and Joy Division's "Dead Souls" on the 25th, and his song "Strange Kind Of Love" and Pere Ubu's "Final Solution" on the 26th.

Thanks to HonestAbe for sharing this first.

Robin Finck: Guitar, backing vocals
Justin Meldal-Johnsen: Bass, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Trent Reznor: Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Ilan Rubin: Drums, keyboards

Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY -
01 - Somewhat Damaged
02 - The Beginning Of The End
03 - Last
04 - The Collector
05 - Discipline
06 - March Of The Pigs
07 - Something I Can Never Have
08 - Reptile
09 - Stage Banter
10 - Meet Your Master
11 - Banged And Blown Through
12 - Stage Banter
13 - Burn
14 - Gave Up
15 - La Mer
16 - Non-Entity
17 - Gone, Still / The Downward Spiral / Wish
18 - Heresy
19 - Survivalism
20 - Stage Banter
21 - Down In It
22 - Hurt
23 - The Hand That Feeds
24 - Head Like A Hole
25 - Encore Break
26 - Echoplex
27 - The Good Soldier
28 - Dead Souls
29 - In This Twilight

Webster Hall, New York, NY - 23.08.2009

01 - Mr Self Destruct
02 - Piggy
03 - Heresy
04 - March Of The Pigs
05 - Closer
06 - Ruiner
07 - The Becoming
08 - I Do Not Want This
09 - Big Man With A Gun
10 - A Warm Place
11 - Eraser
12 - Reptile
13 - The Downward Spiral
14 - Hurt
15 - 1,000,000
16 - Terrible Lie
17 - Stage Banter
18 - Metal
19 - Lights In The Sky
20 - Burn
21 - Gave Up
22 - Suck
23 - Physical
24 - The Hand That Feeds
25 - Head Like A Hole

Terminal 5, New York, NY - 25.08.2009

01 - Home
02 - Terrible Lie
03 - The Beginning Of The End
04 - Discipline
05 - March Of The Pigs
07 - I'm Afraid Of Americans
08 - Ruiner
09 - The Big Come Down
10 - Burn
11 - Gave Up
12 - La Mer
13 - The Fragile
14 - Non-Entity
15 - Eraser
16 - The Way Out Is Through
17 - 1,000,000
18 - Letting You
19 - Stage Banter
20 - Survivalism
21 - Stage Banter
22 - Reptile (with Peter Murphy)
23 - Kick In The Eye (with Peter Murphy)
24 - The Hand That Feeds
25 - Head Like A Hole
26 - Stage Banter
27 - The Frail
28 - The Wretched
29 - Stage Banter
30 - The Day The World Went Away
31 - Dead Souls (with Peter Murphy)
32 - Wish
33 - Stage Banter
34 - Hurt

Terminal 5, New York, NY - 26.08.2009

01 - Pinion
02 - Somewhat Damaged
03 - Wish
04 - Last
05 - Sin
06 - March of The Pigs
07 - Something I Can Never Have
08 - Piggy
09 - Stage Banter
10 - Metal
11 - Terrible Lie
12 - Head Down
13 - Burn
14 - Gave Up
15 - La Mer
16 - The Frail
17 - The Wretched
18 - Non-Entity
19 - Gone, Still
20 - Lights In The Sky
21 - The Downward Spiral
22 - 1,000,000
23 - Survivalism
24 - The Good Soldier
25 - Stage Banter
26 - Dead Souls
27 - Stage Banter
28 - Hurt
29 - Encore Break
30 - Suck
31 - Down In It
32 - The Hand That Feeds
33 - Head Like A Hole
34 - Encore Break
35 - Reptile (with Peter Murphy)
36 - Stage Banter
37 - A Strange Kind Of Love / Bela Lugosi's Dead (with Peter Murphy)
38 - Final Solution (with Peter Murphy)

She Wants Revenge - Starlite Room - 2006

Excellent FM broadcast.

1. Red Flags and Long Nights
2. Sister
3. Out of Control
4. These Things
5. Broken Promises for Broken Hearts
6. Black Liner Run
7. Spend the Night
8. I Don't Want to Fall in Love
9. Someone Must Get Hurt
10. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
11. Disconnect
12. Stripped (DM cover)
13. Tear You Apart

Monday 21 September 2009

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Peel Session - 28.03.1984

And another Peel Session.

1. I Put A Spell On You
2. From Her To Eternity
3. Saint Huck

Marilyn Manson - State Theater, Minneapolis - 14.09.2009

Very recent concert, thanks to kingjman.

1. Intro
2. we're from America
3. Disposable Teens
4. Pretty as a Swastika
5. Little Horn
6. Irresponsable Hate Anthem
7. Four Rusted Horses (intro)
8. Four Rusted Horses
9. WOW
10. Leave a Scar
11. The Dope Show (intro)
12. The Dope Show
13. Wight Spider (intro)
14. Wight Spider
15. Rock is Dead (intro)
16. Rock is Dead
17. Sweet Dreams (intro)
18. Sweet Dreams
19. Rock'n'Roll Nigger
20. Audience
21. Dried Up, Tied Up and Dead to the World (intro)
22. Dried Up, Tied Up and Dead to the World
23. The Beautiful People (intro)
24. The Beautiful People

Sunday 20 September 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Colosseum, Munich - 03.03.2001

Excellent concert with good sound.

1. Intro
2. First and Last and Always
3. Come Together
4. Ribbons
5. Crash and Burn
6. Body Electric
7. Summer
8. On the Wire / teachers
9. Suzanne
10. Giving Ground
11. Will I Dream
12. Dominion / Mother Russia
13. Train / Detonation Blvd
14. Alice
15. Romeo Down
16. Flood II
17. Temple of Love
18. Capricorn
19. I Didn't Knew I Loved You Until I Saw You Rock'n'Roll
20 Comfurtably Numb / Some Kind of Stranger
21. Snubnose
22. Vision Thing

The Cult - Massey Hall, Toronto - 14.09.2009

And another concert from the Love Live Tour, passing through Lisbon on 25 of September, next week. Be there!
1. Intro
2. Nirvana
3. Big Neon Glitter
4. Ian Talks to the audience (f**k nostalgia)
5. Love
6. Ian talks to the audience
7. Brother Wolf, Sister Moon
8. Rain
9. The Phoenix
10. Ian talks to the audience (gotta get some smokes)
11. Hollow man
12. Revolution
13. She Sells Sanctuary
14. Ian talks to the audience (Rick Rubin)
15. Black Angel
16. Intermission (RIP)
17. Electric Ocean
18. Wildflower
19. Ian talks to the audience (20 years)
20. Sun King
21. Ian talks to Ethan
22. Rise
23. Ian talks to the audience (sucks being a singer)
24. Dirty Little Rockstar
25. Fire Woman
26. Ian talks to the audience (good night)
27. Love Removal Machine
28. Outro

The Cult - Fiorenzola Stadio, Italy - 29.05.1986

This concert is a very rare gem, The Cult are caught live before they went to NY to re-record the "Peace" album with Rick Rubin (later re-titled "Electric"), so they play the songs still in it's abandoned form, with all the effects on the guitar and voice, "Peace Dog" is absolutely irrecognizable and still called "Peace" only... The main set is composed of songs from the "Love" album, so this is perfect to warm up for the concert.

1. Love
2. Big neon Glitter
3. Love Removal Machine
4. Revolution
5. Electric Ocean
6. Hollow Man
7. Peace Dog
8. Rain
9. Horse Nation
10. Nirvana
11. Spiritwalker
12. She Sells Sanctuary
13. Resurrection Joe / The Phoenix
14. Wild Thing / Louie Louie

The Rose of Avalanche - Irish Center, Birmingham - 24.11.1988

Still hadn't post any bootleg from this great band and it was a shame, so here it is. Good sound.

01 Intro
02 The Trash
03 What's Going Down
04 Always There
05 The World Is Ours
06 You Don't Belong
07 Nowhere To Run
08 Not Another Day
09 Dreamland
10 The Kings Of Fools
11 Too Many Castles In The Sky
12 Don't Fly Too High
13 The Rainkeeper
14 Can You See This Life

Tuesday 15 September 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Electric Garden, Stockholm - 26.10.1983

Good sound.

Note from original TXT file:
Many thanks to kwispeldub for sending this one to me!
Source: Cd-R - Cdex 1.70 beta - CD Wave - Flac (level 8) - You

01. Burn
02. Valentine
03. Anaconda
04. Temple Of Love
05. Heartland
06. Emma
07. Adrenochrome
08. Floorshow
09. Body Electric
10. Kiss
11. Alice
12. Sister Ray

In Mp3:

1. Burn
2. Valentine
3. Anaconda
4. Temple of Love
5. Heartland
6. Floorshow
7. Body Electric
8. Kiss the Carpet
9. Alice
10. Sister Ray

Einsturzende Neubauten - Atonal Festival, SO36, Berlin - 23.11.1982

My friend BTT got this tape two decades ago, through a bootleg tapes company in Portugal, the cover was a bad photocopy of the original tape, whose image is in the post. The original tape didn't has a tracklist nor this copy, so I searched the net and found a tracklist for this release, but it's not correct, unless some of the versions played live are beyond recognition... I decided to post instead an english translation of the text on the cover of the portuguese cassette, that I think is already a translation of the original german text on the cover of the original tape.

"We don't want to produce sounds. No to music! There's already enough. making music is up to musicians, therefore servants. What we care about is making an happening. No to Music! The recording of intensity is impossible."

Monday 14 September 2009

The Cult - Isstadion, Stockholm - 11.11.1989

The countdown to the Cult concert in Lisbon has started.

Here is an old Vinyl bootleg from Gonzo collection, good sound and an amazing performance by the band.

AKA Pure Cult

1. Announcement
2. New York City
3. Lil Devil
4. Sweet Soul Sister
5. American Horse
6. Edie (Ciao Baby)
7. She Sells Sanctuary
8. Sun King
9. Fire Woman
10. Love Removal Machine

Sunday 13 September 2009

The Sisters Of Mercy - University, Leeds, UK - 05.10.1982 (Flac)

Source: Cassette - ION Tape2PC - Audacity - CD Wave - Flac (level 8)

- Kiss The Carpet
- Floorshow
- Anaconda
- Alice
- Watch
- 1969
- Sister Ray
- 1969


Thursday 10 September 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - TwoThousandAndFive - DVD

A new version for Sisterstekland DVD with highlights from the 2005 European tour. The editing it's simple but works marvellous, it gives a dreamlike aspect that I like very much, It's like watching someone's memories. The second best thing to being there. Very cool document about the last tour Adam Pearson did with the Sisters. A big Thanks to Sisterstekland for letting me post this DVD.

Here the changes to the old version:

*New menu & Still Image
*Set list order
*Take off title on track
*Audio Mera Luna
*No Leeds audio

SetList (2.4G):


Come Together
Flood I
Giving Ground
I Was Wrong


First and Last and Always
Uptown Top Ranking

Mera Luna:

Vision Thing

Wednesday 9 September 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Barrowland, Glasgow - 02.09.2000

Good Sound.

01. First and Last and Always
02. Train - Detonation Boulevard
03. Ribbons
04. Will I Dream?
05. Dominion - Mother Russia
06. Summer
07. Giving Ground
08. Crash and Burn
09. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
10. On the Wire - Teachers - On the Wire
11. We Are the Same, Susanne
12. Romeo Down
13. Flood I
14. War on Drugs
15. Alice
16. Temple of Love
17. Something Fast
18. Flood II
19. Top Nite Out
20. Vision Thing

X-Mal Deutschland - Rotterdam - 03.05.1983

Very Good sound.

1. Reigen
2. Incubus Succubus
3. Qual
4. Young Man May Die
5. Zu Jung Zu Alt
6. Stummes Kind

Tuesday 8 September 2009

James Ray and the Performance - Evolution

Compilation of the very first tracks they recorded in 1985 (tracks 1 to 5) and their last recording (track 6). Thanks to RobH.

1. Goodbye Johnny
2. Dreams
3. Mexico Sundown Blues Evolution
4. Edie Sedgwick
5. Dance
6. Streetgang

Sunday 6 September 2009

She Wants Revenge - Live Session - 2007

From the first moment I heard "Written in Blood" I got hooked to this band, they have a sound reminiscent of a lot of bands I like from the 80's but at the same time very modern. This is a very good session, perfect for an intoduction.

Red Flags and Long Nights
Tear You Apart
These Things

Saturday 5 September 2009

Thursday 3 September 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Apollo, Manchester - 11.06.1997

Excellent concert with very good sound from the "Distance Over Time" tour. This was the first time they played "Summer".

1. Comfortably Numb / Some Kind of Stranger
2. Come Together
3. Ribbons
4. Train / Detonation Blvd
5. Giving Ground
6. Logic
7. On The Wire / Teachers
8. Dominion / Mother Russia
9. Under the Gun
10. Summer
11. Blood Money
12. Anaconda
13. War on Drugs
14. Flood II
15. Temple of Love
16. First and Last and Always
17. This Corrosion
18. Something Fast
19. Vision Thing

Wednesday 2 September 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Kenny Gilles Walks On Water (Flac)

Bootleg with early material from the Sisters, it has the earliest live recording known until now, wich is "Good Things" from the concert in Leeds in 16.02.81. The last three tracks are taken from the Gary marx Tape.

1. Untitled Demo (Body Electric different lyrics)
2. Good Things (1st Demo)
3. 1969 (Basement Demo)
4. Alice (psychedelic Intro. Demo)
5. Adrenochrome (CNT Demo)
6. Body Electric (CNT Demo)
7. Anaconda (Demo)
8. Phantom (Unfaded edit)
9. Good Things (Unreleased Basement Demo)
10. Adrenochrome (CNT Reverb Demo)
11. Body Electric (instrumental)
12. Adrenochrome (instrumental)
13. Good Things (Leeds 16.02.81)
14. Floorshow (Demo)
15. Lights (Demo)
16. Teachers / Adrenochrome (Demo)

5,6,10,11,12 - Recorded at Kenny Giles Studio Bridlington
2,3,4,7 - Recorded 1982
14,15,16 - Recorded early 1981 (Gary Marx Tape)

All About Eve - Riverside, Newcastle - 06.11.1987

Nice sound.

1. Intro
2. Every Angel
3. Wild Hearted Woman
4. Gipsy Dance
5. Flowers In Our Hair
6. Never Promise
7. In The Clouds
8. Shelter From The Rain
9. What kind of Fool
10. Our Summer
11. In The Meadows
12. Calling Your Name
13. Every Angel

Tuesday 1 September 2009

The Cult - Club Nokia, Los Angeles - 22.08.2009

So, The Cult will be back in Portugal on the 25th September, on the "Love Live" tour, this is excellent news since "Love" is my favorite album from them. It will be wonderful to hear again songs that have long exited their setlist like Big Neon Glitter and Hollow Man. So as a preview of what's to come, here a concert from last week, already from the "Love Live" tour. This actually is the first version of Black Angel played live that I've heard... I don't know the source, but the sound is excellent, soundboard or FM broadcast for sure.

01. Nirvana
02. Big Neon Glitter
03. Love
04. Brother Wolf, Sister Moon
05. Rain
06. The Phoenix
07. Hollow Man
08. Revolution
09. She Sells Sanctuary
10. Black Angel
11. Electric Ocean
12. Wildflower
13. Illuminated
14. Rise
15. Fire Woman
16. Dirty Little Rockstar
17. Love Removal Machine

The Cult - Melkweg, Amsterdam - 08.03.2008 / 09.03.2008

And to continue the celebration of the upcoming The Cult concert in Portugal, here's two concerts from last year. Since they played them in a row the setlist is different and cover as many new stuff as older songs that they didn't play live for a long time. Very good sound.
Line Up:
Ian Astbury - vocals
Billy Duffy - lead guitar
Chris Wyse - bass
John Tempesta - drums
Mike Dimkitch - rhythm guitar


1. Spiritwalker
2. Rain
3. Lil' Devil
4. I Assassin
5. Sun King
6. Edie (Ciao Baby)
7. Horse Nation
8. Savages
9. Sweet Soul Sister
10. Rise
11. Dirty Little Rockstar
12. Wildflower
13. She Sells sanctuary
14. Tiger In The sun
15. The Phoenix
16. Fire Woman
17. Love Removal Machine


1. Nirvana
2. Lil' Devil
3. Sun King
4. Born Into This
5. The Witch
6. Gone
7. Peace Dog
8. Revolution
9. Fire Woman
10. In The Clouds
11. Dirty Little Rockstar
12. Wildflower
13. Rise
14. Love Removal Machine
15. Tiger In The sun
16. Illuminated
17. 83rd Dream
18. She Sells Sanctuary

Ministry - Copa Club, Toronto - 12.12.1988

Good Sound.

1. Where You At Now
2. We Believe
3. You Know What You Arew
4. The Land of Rape and Honey
5. Flashback
6. The Missing
7. Deity
8. Stigmata

Saturday 15 August 2009

The Sisters Of Mercy - Camden Palace, London - 11.08.1983

There seems to be a certain confusion if the Sisters played two gigs in the same day in two venues very near one another or made two concerts in two days, since there are records of them playing Camden Palace in the 11th and Electric Ballroom in the 12th...

Original TXT file:

"Maybe somebody has adverts from this time to clear out, if the Sisters really played two seperate gigs, or, what also can be believed, that they came back after midnight to play a couple of songs on the 12th?"

- Kiss The Carpet
- Anaconda
- Alice
- Burn
- Emma
- Valentine
- Heartland
- Adrenochrome
- Floorshow
- Body ELectric


Nouvelle Vague - KCRW Radio Session - 2007

You can't get much cooler than this band. Bossa Nova / Lounge versions of punk/new wave songs!. Brilliant idea and the best soundtrack for the Summer.

01. Intro
02. A Forest (The Cure)
03. Just Can't Get Enough (Depeche Mode)
04. Bizzare Love Triangle (New Order)
05. This Is Not a Love Song (P.I.L.)
06. Making Plans for Nigel (XTC)
07. Interview
08. Ever Fallen in Love (Buzzcocks)
09. Guns of Brixton (The Clash)
10. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)
11. In a Manner of Speaking (Tuxedomoon)
12. Outro

Friday 14 August 2009

Suicide - Elysée Montmartre, Paris - 29.10.1986

Good audience recording of this influential band. The grandfathers of Doctor Avalanche...

01 intro
02 Dance
03 Rocket USA
04 Cheree
05 C'est Difficile
06 Fast Money Music
07 Jukebox Baby 2 (cut intro)
08 Surrender
09 Harlem