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UPDATE July 2020:  Due to an overwhelming response to my plea for help, most of the blog is again in my possession. The exception are the recordings listed below, which I still need. Unfortunately, until I get them, re-uploads of the listed recordings are impossible to do.

Let me personally thank Frederic, Appick, Ledl33, Eggi, herr_zupp, bm, Gordon H, normnoia, lil_devil, Chris E, thebasement67, sam1, Michel, CCCCC, John M, BM, Marc U, Ced, STUMM101, Steve S, Dave_Sez, ziggyswoon, Zipty6, Pestilence, Egg_Crisis, Mario, Wim, Louise C, Jason D, Avatar, DKAY, MadPhil32, Richard H, dos, seelenstrom, Radek, gardeningatnite, Stephen F, Indika, Jason P, Bastien C, Rob SG, Koubiako, drolem, Alfred H, Gordon H, drido, Phillipe B, Jaeger, Inez, Marco L, Nick P, Bohdi Amol, machicouli, Steve, zenlunatic, mentallystillinthe80s, Uwe B, pillowman, monotype, teenagesintaste, Koubiako, DrG, Rob D, Rob K, Scott A, Stocky1988, Johnny V, Adam P, Mick Mercer, Ronan, derfapplez, stormtrigger, Juan SM, T Unalan, Vince, Derek P, creatured, analogkid610, Nigel B, Nuno M, Scott R, Mike M, Markus K and Jens D, for sending a lot of the files I was missing. Added a lot more, so still needing help.

So, I had a Hard Drive crash, exactly the Hard drive that had all the recordings that were on the blog. I had a second backup drive, but unfortunately it only contained the video files and half of the audio files..

To try to keep this archive alive, I'm asking the blog readers to give back some of what they received from the blog. Only on that way, can this blog be alive. I'm going to intensify the blog posts on this self-isolation time, and ask to anyone that can send me some of the missing recordings to do so.

Below it's a preliminary list of missing recordings, that were already posted in the decade of existence of the blog. I will update this list daily with more recordings missing and removing the ones that were sent to me.

You can share these recordings with me via Mega, Wetransfer, GoogleDrive, Yousendit, or whatever means you want, to this email address:

Or if you prefer you can upload them on Dime, TTD or Zomb.

Thanks in advance. This is the list for now.

A Perfect Circle
Le Zénith De Paris, Paris, France - 331.01.2004 (Flac)
Electric Ladyland Studios, New York, NY - 07.05.2004 (Flac)
Werchter Festival, Belgium (Main Stage) - 02.07.2000 (Flac)
Astoria, London, England - 10.02.2003 (Flac)

Dead Can Dance
Teatro degli Arcimboldi, Milano, Italy - 19.10.2012

Marilyn Manson
Bay NK Hall, Tokyo, Japan - 01.09.1999 (Flac)
Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - 30.01.2013 (Flac)
Saytama, Japan - 21.10.2007

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
The Slimelight, Electrowerkz, London, UK - 07.06.2013 (MP3 256)

Roseland Theater, Portland, OR, USA - 19.08.1999 (Flac)  
Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France - 28.02.2003 (Flac)

Iggy Pop
Optimus Alive Festival, Oeiras, Lisboa, Portugal - 07.07.2011 (Flac)

Gary Numan
Casa Das Artes, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal - 28.05.2010
Sydney 2009 (The Live EP)
The El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - 03.11.2010 (Flac)

Der Cult, Nuremberg, Germany - 01.02.2013

Reading Festival, Reading, UK - 28.08.2011 (Flac)

Aura Noctis
WGT, Centraltheater, Leipzig, Germany - 27.05.2012 (Flac)

M'era Luna Festival, Hangar Stage, Hildesheim, Germany - 13.08.2012

Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany - 12.04.2018 (Flac)
Colos Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany - 12.01.2012 (Flac)

Jordan Reyne
WGT, Centraltheater, Leipzig, Germany - 27.05.2012 (Flac)

Neon Kross
Wave Gothic Treffen, Parkbühne, Leipzig - 13.06.2011 (Flac)

Lacuna Coil
Loud Park Festival, Saitama, Japan - 21.10.2007

Mono Inc.
Waschaus, Potsdam, Germany -11.11.2011 (Flac) Plus Bonus

Jockey Club del Perú, Lima, Peru - 14.03.2012 (Flac)

Novarock Festival, Red Stage, Nickelsdorf, Austria - 08.06.2012 (Flac)

The Kills
Lauren Laverne Session, London - 18.10.2011

Teenage Jesus and The Jerks
Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York - 03.10.2009

The Temper Trap
Super Bock Super Rock Festival, Parque das Nações, Lisboa, Portugal - 14.07.2016 (Flac)

The Horrors
The Park Stage, Glastonbury, England - 26.06.2009
Paredes de Coura Festival, Paredes de Coura, Portugal - 30.07.2009 (Video/Audio)

The Satellite, Los Angeles - 05.09.2011 (Flac)

Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Kuppelhalle, Leipzig, Germany - 30.05.2009 (Flac)

Aeon Sable
Gotenklang - JAZ, Rostock, Germany - 13.12.2014 (Flac)

Rammstein / Exilia
Festhalle, frankfurt, Germany - 10.12.2004 (Flac)

Primavera Sound Festival, Parque da Cidade, Porto, Portugal - 01.06.2013 (Flac)

Thurston Moore Band
St George's Hall, Liverpool, UK - 30.05.2017 (Flac)

Band on the Wall, Manchester - 11.10.2010 (Flac)

NOS Alive Festival, Passeio Marítimo de Algés, Oeiras, Portugal - 09.07.2016 (Flac)

Bicentennial Park, Miami, FL, USA - 22.08.1992 (Flac)
Radio Sessions and Demos - 1990-1992 (Flac)

Dan Deacon
Primavera Sound Festival, Parque da Cidade, Porto, Portugal - 01.06.2013 (Flac)

Dum Dum Girls
SXSW, Austin, Texas - 18.03.2011 (Flac)

Coliseu, Lisboa, Portugal - 22.09.2010 (Flac)
Roskilde Festival - 04.07.2008

Glastonbury Festival - 26.06.1995

Type O Negative
Die Röhre, Stuttgart, Germany - 15.12.1991 (Flac)

Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub, Beastie Boys
Connect Festival - 2007 (Flac)

MC5 (with Primal Scream)
Meltdown Festival, Royal Festival Hall, London - 24.06.2008

Lacrimas Profundere
M'era Luna Festival, Main Stage, Hildesheim, Germany - 13.08.2012

Beachland Ballroom; Cleveland, OH - 27.04.2013 (Flac)

Kurt Vile
SuperBock SuperRock Festival, Lisboa, Portugal - 14.07.2016 (FLAC)

Anna Calvi
Teatro La Fenice, Senigallia, Italy - 27.07.2014 (Flac)
Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 23.03.2014 (Flac)
Irish Broadcasts 2011/2012 (Flac)


Majestic Music Club, Bratislava,Slovakia - 03.12.2010

M'era Luna Festival, Main Stage, Hildesheim, Germany - 13.08.2012


DNA Lounge, San Francisco, USA - 29.04.2004

Girls Against Boys

9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA - 01.01.1993 (Flac)

Atari Teenage Riot

Blondie, Santiago, Chile - 08.06.2012 (Flac)
The Queen Ellizabeth Hall, London - 19.03.1999

Hanin Elias
Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA - 27.12.2011 (Flac)

The Cult Of Dom Keller
Reverence Valada Festival, Valada, Portugal - 10.09.2016 (Flac)

Lords of Acid
Ogden Theatre, Denver, USA - 21.07.2010 (MP3)

The Cassandra Complex
Kaue, Gelsenkirchen, Germany - 19.03.1993

And One
Backstage, Munchen - 22.10.2011

Gene Loves Jezebel

O2 Academy, Brixton, UK - 22.10.2011

Ari Up & The True Warriors
Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan - 22.04.2005 (Flac)

Regensburger Gothic Treffen, Regensburg, Germany - 13.07.2012
Centre Bell, Montréal, Québec, Canada - 09.12.2010 (Flac)

Optimus Alive Festival, Passeio Maritimo de Algés, Algés, Portugal - 14.07.2012 (Flac)

Nitzer Ebb
Majestic Music Club, Bratislava, Slovakia - 08.03.2010
The Venue, Edinburgh - 01.02.1987

The Beauty Of Gemina / Fliehende Sturme / The Last Days Of Jesus / Silent Scream
IV. Dark Spring Festival, K17, Berlin, Germany - 23.03.2013 (Flac)

A Night Of Interference (Tackhead & Bomb The Bass)
Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 25.10.1991 (Flac)

VNV Nation
Wave Gotik Treffen, Agra-Halle, Leipzig, Germany - 30.05.2009

Advance Tracks - 2007 (Wav)

FYF Fest, Los Angeles State Historic Park, LA - 04.09.2010 (Flac)

Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter
Circolo Degli Artisti, Roma, Italy - 28.02.2011 (Flac)

Killing Joke
The Waterfront, Norwich, UK - 06.03.2012 (Flac)
Roskilde, Festival (Arena Stage) - 02.07.2011 (Flac)
Lucerna Music Bar, Prague - 04.10.2010

The Young Gods
S-Cube, Olomouc, Czech Republic - 13.12. 2010

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters Of Mercy - Doornrosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands - 05.06.1984 (Flac)


Thanks to Cyberbio for sharing this one on Dime.

Original info file:

Look at the encores and you know that this has been a special evening... Fix and a 17 minutes Ghostrider/Louie Louie.


SOURCE: Cassette - ION Tape2PC - FLAC (level 8) - you


- Intro
- Burn
- Heartland
- Body And Soul
- Anaconda
- Walk Away
- Emma
- Floorshow
- Adrenochrome
- Alice
- Body Electric
- Gimme Shelter
- Sister Ray
- Fix
- Ghostrider
- Louie Louie

RE-UPLOAD: The Cult - Odissea 2001, Milan, Italy - 23.04.1985 (Flac)


Very Good sound and the setlist includes "The Snake" wich was rarely played live. Thanks to roryglzep for sharing this one on DIME.

Original Info File:

This comes from a vinyl bootleg I likely picked up on one of my many trips to the UK in the 1980's. I suspect it comes from Italy due to all the spelling errors ("Manifactured By", "Previously Unrealeased"). It was on the MANINBLACK RECORDS LTD label, and supposedly limited to 500 copies. It's actually a very nice pressing with about zero surface noise, if you can believe it. Good stuff! Enjoy!


Ian Astbury - Lead vocals
Billy Duffy - Guitar
Jamie Stewart - bass
Nigel Preston - drums


Taper: Unknown
Taping Gear: Unknown
Lineage: Bootleg LP record> Technics SL-1301 w/ Shure V cartridge playback> TASCAM CDRW-700> Trade CD-R> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Quality:  vg+
Length: 46:01 minutes

Set List:

01.  Resurrection Joe
02.  83rd Dream
03.  God's Zoo
04.  Big Neon Glitter
05.  Hollow Man (LP flip)
06.  Bad Medicine Waltz
07.  Spiritwalker
08.  Horse Nation
09.  The Snake
10.  Moya

Support the band: Buy the officially released items, etc.

(Clan Of) Xymox - Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France - 15.11.1989 (Flac)



I promised some more Xymox shows, so here's it is. Very good audience recording.

Original Info File:

Source: Audience
Lineage: ?? > CD TRADE > EAC > FLAC > You

Uploaded by dsanchez

01 Intro
02 Clementina
03 Obsession
04 A Million Things
05 Michelle
06 Evelyn
07 Back Door
08 Cry in the Wind  
09 Muscoviet Musquito
10 Imagination
11 Blind Hearts
12 Louise
13 Craving
14 Stranger
15 Seventh Time
16 A Day
17 Tonight
18 In The City


An excellent show I've got during a trade many years ago. Amazing audience and Clan of Xymox (just Xymox during this time) as their best. Enjoy!

Do not convert to mp3 or other lossy formats
Do not edit this file


Thompson Twins - Nite Club, Edinburgh, Scotland - 17.02.1981 (Flac)


An excellent gift by Christian, who sent me this soundboard recording to share here, here's some info about it, that he was kind enough to share:

The Thompson Twins were pretty much pop in the mid '80s, but their early incarnation was something else - a seven piece as opposed to a three piece.

A few years ago, a concert came to light within the Thompson Twins collectors circle that had pretty much been unknown. It was the Thompson Twins recorded live at the Nite Club in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 17th of February, 1981.  This turned out to be the earliest known live recording - a complete concert - by the then seven piece.  Up until 2018, the earliest known live recording was the First Session 12" (12th February, 1981), but that was just four tracks and performed in a studio for the BBC.

 What's great about this show is that it contains some tracks that have never had a studio version put out (Physics And Chemistry) as well as performances of a couple of their earliest singles (Squares And Triangles, She's In Love With Mystery and Fast Food).  This concert was on a reel-to-reel tape.  The collector who got this had to do a bit of restoration, but not much.  The first song that was on the reel-to-reel was the ending of a song by a group called Everest The Hard Way (listed as track 00 in the flac folder).  This song was left on there to preserve the posterity of the show.  This show is a great glimpse into what they were before hitting it big and pairing down to just three people.  

The folder is dated 14th of February, but the date of the concert is 17th of February as shown by the advert of the tour featured on the art folder.


Everest The Hard Way
00-The Best Years

Thompson Twins
01. Modern Plumbing
02. Physics And Chemistry
03. Politics
04. The Price
05. She's In Love With Mistery
06. Anything is Good Enough
07. Squares And Triangles
08. Perfect Game
09. Don't Go Away
10. Fast Food
11. A Product Of
12. Could Be Her Could Be You
13. When I See You
14. Oumma Aularesso
15. Politics

Sins Of The Flesh - Sex Sounds - 2ND Coming Rough Mixes - 1992 (Flac)


Sins of the Flesh we're a second wave British goth band, who released a couple of EPs and and an LP in 1989 and 1990, their sound was quite influenced by Christian Death and Sex Gang Children. After their first LP they started to change their sound adding more electronic and mixing their goth roots with some PWEI beats. They were calling this era 2ND Coming and recorded a lot of demos, but only released an EP and this tape before disbanding. A compilation CD with some tracks of this era was released in 1995, but did not include any of these tracks.

 This tape is from the collection of DiploDerek, who unfortunately is not with us any more, so we dedicate this post to his memory and with it try to spread all the love that Derek had for (this kind of) music. Below is a picture of him with Anne-Marie Hurst + Andy Cousin.


Thanks to Scott for ripping the tape and send it to me to share here.


01. Go Ahead Funk (Make My Day)
02. Murder Rap
03. Like Dogs
04. Show No Mercy


Bleach - Peel Session - 20.11.1990 (Flac)



First Peel Session for this short lived shoegaze band. The date on the folder is the broadcast date, the recording date is the one stated on the post title. Thanks to Scott for ripping his tape and sending it to me to share here.


01. Fall
02. Seeing4
03. Dipping
04. Wipe It Away


RE-UPLOAD: Television - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 03.06.1977 (Flac)


Gig poster, exclusive European tour badge scan and tracklist included.

From the Dave Sez archive: another ultra-rare recording by Hans De Vente, this time of Television playing with Blondie on their first European tour. Lineage: Cassette>WAV>FLAC 5>you.

01 See No Evil
02 Venus
03 Elevation
04 Foxhole
05 Little Johnny Jewel
06 Friction
07 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
08 Marquee Moon
09 Satisfaction
10 O Mi Amore

There are three known bootlegs of Television's 1977 European tour, all B-/C+ audience recordings; the best 1977 Television recording (B+) is from Hartsdale NY, first released by the great gomonkeygo and reposted by SilentWay at (Rapidshare links still live). Nonetheless, bearing in mind the rarity and historical significance of this Dutch recording, it should be kept in circulation, and thanks to Hans De Vente for sharing his tape. Other European 1977 audience recordings still online are Manchester at (FLAC, thanks to the great EDGE, at least the Filefactory link is still live) and Lyon at (320, thanks to the great tinajazz, the Turbobit link is still live). The only other known 1977 recordings are from LA's Whiskey A Go Go on April 5th and 14th which are rough to say the least and are no longer online.

RE-UPLOAD: Type O Negative - Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden - 05.12.1999 (Flac)


 RIP Pete.

Source: Soundboard (A+)



01 World Coming Down
02 World Coming Down (part2)
03 Christian Woman
04 Christian Woman (part 2)
05 Everything Dies
06 My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
07 Wolf Moon
08 Pyreta Blaze
09 Instrumental Improvisation
10 Black No1


Please support the band, buy their records, t-shirts and if they play live in future try to see them 

RE-UPLOAD: Peter Hook & The Light - Marc Riley Session, Media City, Manchester, UK - 19.03.2018 (MP2)


Excellent session with a unique cover of the Fall's Totally Wired. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

Digital Satellite (live) broadcast 2018-03-19 MPEG1 layer 2 48kHz @ 160kbps:
BBC Radio 6 Music > DVB-S > TBS 6984 > DVBviewer > .mp2 >
Mpeg2Schnitt (trimming) > .mp2. Tags added with Mp3tag.

"Ceremony" was broadcast on Gideon Coe show immediately following the Marc Riley show,
and was recorded, not played live for Gideon Coe.

  1. Introduction
  2. Regret                          5:17
  3. Introduction
  4. Run
  5. Interview
  6. Totally Wired
  7. Closing comments               15:47
  8. Ceremony                        5:20
Total Time : [26:24]