Monday 31 May 2021



MULTIBAND REMASTER by the Digital Loyalist -

I guess you all know that this is one of the very best live show from Joy Division.

In 2012, FAGE did a great remaster out of the VARA Radio Station Master who recorded this fantastic gig.

In 2021, i thought it was time to try to do a slight remaster of this one bringing more power to this performance, adding more brilliance, trying to widen the sound.

So this is it. If you prefer to stick to FAGE, you can listen to it there :

41 years after Ian Curtis left, this music still haunts us more than ever.

This is the first set.
If you want the second set, we'll see if here is enough demands.

Hope you'll enjoy it.


Of course, don't sell this, share these files in lossless or lossy versions, i don't care as long as keep this info file.

You can find all 17 songs from the concert on this official release:

ReFractured Box Set
Officially released 3 CD box set with poster and T Shirt.
Limited edition of 3000
Released January 2004
Live: Les Bains Douche December 18th 1979, Paradiso Club January 11th 1980, Warehouse Preston February 28th 1980, Eindhoven January 18th 1980

Some songs from the concert appear on these official releases:

Les Bains Douches
Tracks 10-12 Live: Amsterdam, January 11th 1980
New Dawn Fades
Atrocity Exhibition

Fractured Box Set
Officially released 2 CD box set
This is simply ordinary copies of the Preston 28 February 1980 CD and the Les Bains Douches CD wrapped together in a numbered cardboard sleeve.
Not to be confused with the Re-Fractured box set

analog loyalist
* "Passover" is incomplete on all known recordings of this concert
** "Shadowplay" has a brief internal glitch

A legendary Joy Division set from the 1980 European tour, preparing for the launch of Closer. After the opening act doesn't show, the band play for much longer than normal, a seventeen-song set that includes all the hits - and it's captured in astonishing quality on an FM broadcast, with this bootleg being sourced from the master tape.

The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Jan 11, 1980. VARA Radio Station Master (Remastered by Fage).
A Means To An End Blog:

Darkman Autosuggestion Blog:

VARA Master Reel -> Remaster -> You :)

recorded by Omroepvereniging VARA for broadcast on Dutch public radio.
copies of Joy Division’s performance at the Paradiso directly from the Dutch Radio

1st set:
01. Passover (cut in)
02. Wilderness
03. Digital
04. Day Of The Lords
05. Insight
06. New Dawn Fades
07. Disorder
08. Transmission

2nd set:
09. Love Will Tear Us Apart
10. These Days
11. A Means To An End
12. Twenty-Four Hours
13. Shadowplay
14. She's Lost Control
15. Atrocity Exhibition
16. Atmosphere
17. Interzone





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