Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Kingston Polytechnic, London - 30.06.1983 (Flac)

Very good concert with good sound, even if with some fluctuations. In FLAC. The RAR files open independently.

Source: Cassette - ION Tape2PC - Audacity - CD Wave - Flac (level 8) - You


01. Alice
02. Anaconda
03. Burn
04. Heartland
05. Adrenochrome
06. Floorshow
07. Gimme Shelter
08. Sister Ray

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard - Ghent, Belgium - 26.11.1991

This and the Honeymoon in Red are my favorite phases of Lydia Lunch. Good concert with very good sound and a wild version of Alice Cooper's "Black Juju".

01. In My Time of Dying
02. Pigeon Town
03. Solar Hex
04. What is Memory
05. Cisco Sunset
06. Still Burning
07. Incubator
08. Burning Skulls
09. The Gospel Singer
10. Black Juju
11. Fields of Fire
12. Run Through the Jungle
13. Oh Jim

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Cure - Ginásio Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brasil - 31.03.1987

It's my pleasure to present you the recording from Capitão Gancho of this concert. I checked around and this seems to be the first time this bootleg surfaces. The sound is average, as expected from a recording done more than 20 years ago with a walkman, but it's listenable, and a great concert it is, with the band absolutely perfect and the crowd going wild, as usual in Brasil.
A big THANK YOU to Capitão Gancho for sharing his recording with us.

o1. Shake Dog Shake
02. Piggy in the Mirror
03. Play for Today
04. A Strange Day
05. Primary
06. Kyoto Song
07. Charlotte Sometimes
08. In Between Days
09. The Walkj
10. A Night Like This
11. Push
12. One Hundred Years
13. A Forest
14. Sinking
15. Close To Me
16. Let's Go To Bed
17. Six Different Ways
18. Three Imaginary Boys
19. Boys Don't Cry
20. 10.15 saturday Night
21. Killing An Arab

Monday, 19 October 2009

Jarboe - Fade In Festival, Teatro Miguel Franco, Leiria, Portugal - 01.11.2005 (Flac)

Jarboe was the female singer from the Swans, and this excellent Audience Master from Ziggy, captures her band in concert with an intensity that matches the early years of her former band. In FLAC.

Source: MD Sharp MD-MS702>Mic Sony ECM-717
Lineage: Minidisk Deck Sony MDS JE-510>Optical cable>Soundblaster Live Drive II>Wave>Cool Edit Pro (track split)>FLAC
Recorded by: Ziggy


01. Scorpio
02. Feral
03. Pure War
04. Song For Dead Time
05. Scarification
06. Seduce & Destroy
07. Dear 666
08. Sinner
09. I Will Swallow
10. Mother/Father

Nic Le Ban
PAZ Lenchantin
Mike Rollins
Phil Petrocelli

Fields of the Nephilim - Helldone Festival, Helsinki - 30.12.2007 (Videos)

Various videos from the Helldone Festival, all with great quality.

Straight Into The Light
For Her Light
Last Exit For The Lost

DepositFiles and UploadedTo links working;

Straight into the Light
Last Exit For The Lost

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Mechanised South America Tour - 2009 (Sketchbook)

OK, so let me tell you what this is.
I was really curious to listen to the recordings of the South American concerts by the Sisters, search a little bit, asked some traders, but nobody that I know has them. I'm pretty sure they exist, but for now they're not available. So, using a tool that DocSommer indicated me, I went searching YouTube for videos with decent sound to transfer them to MP3.
Let me tell you, that it's a bitch, searching all the clips (most of them without the name of the song) to try to get as much songs that are listenable and were complete, from each concert.

After completion, and only one concert has the complete setlist (because I broke the rule of the complete songs), I listened to it and actually enjoyed it!

Of course it looks like a Dadaistic text, such are the changes of sound quality and volume.

I call them sketchbook versions because they're a good teaser for when a proper recording surfaces.

Worth listening, if only to hear the overwelming joy of the crowd (imagine waiting 20 years or more for one Sisters concert, like in Argentina and Peru!!!), that goes mad almost on the entire time (in all the concerts), but also because the band is absolutely at it's Peek and Andrew is singing like I haven't hear for some time.
Thank to everybody that uploaded their videos on YouTube, you're too many to mention individually! But you know who you are.

Hope you enjoy it, I surely don't feel I wasted my time on this pet project.

Teatro Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 02.06.2009

Intro / Crash and Burn
Flood I
Dominion / Mother Russia
First and Last and Always
This Corrosion (2 sources)
Flood II
Something Fast
Vision Thing
Top Nite Out
Temple of Love

Bar Opinião, Porto Alegre, Brasil - 04.06.2009

Crash and Burn
Train / Detonation Blvd
Alice (cut)
Flood I
Anaconda (cut)
Suzanne (cut)
Arms (cut)
Giving Ground
Dominion / Mother Russia
First and Last and Always
This Corrosion
Flood II (cut)
Something Fast
Vision Thing
Lucretia / Top Nite Out
Temple of Love

Via Funchal, São Paulo, Brasil - 06.06.2009

Intro / Crash and Burn
Ribbons (2 sources)
Train Detonation Blvd
Alice (2 sources)
Suzanne (2 sources)
Giving Ground
Dominion / Mother Russia (2 sources)
First and Last and Always / This Corrosion
Flood II
Something Fast
Vision thing
Lucretia (2 sources)
Top Nite Out
Temple of Love

Discoteca Voçê, Lima, Peru - 07.06.2009

Giving Ground
Dominion / Mother Russia
First and last and Always
This Corrosion
Lucretia (2 sources)
Top Nite out (2 sources)
Temple of Love

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Alien Sex Fiend - Peel Sessions - 1984

And some more Peel Sessions. This band is utterly mad, but I love them.

Peel Session - May 1984

1. Attack!!!
2. Dead and Buried
3. Ignore the Machine
4. Hee Haw

Peel Session - August 1984

5. In God We Trust
6. EST (Trip to the Moon)
7. Boneshaker Baby

Monday, 12 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - X-Tra, Zurich, Switzerland - 29.04.2009 (Flac)

This excellent recording was made by Sisterstekland, who was kind enough to let me share it. It's actually a new mix, that sounds better than the previous one. The vocals are super clear and the band gives a very good performance, there are some small fluctuations in sound, because the taper was also video recording the concert (some of the images are in the 2009 tour video) and moved position. There are two songs missing from the setlist, Flood II and This Corrosion, that were not recorded. During Train/Detonation Blvd you can hear a security guy demanding that the taper erase the video recording, and getting tricked to accept the battery instead, as any good taper, Sisterstekland had another.:) In FLAC. Links open separately.

Also, here's a nice photo gallery of the concert:

1. Intro
2. Crash and Burn
3. Ribbons
4. Train / Detonation Blvd.
5. Alice
6. Flood I
7. Anaconda
8. Marian
9. Suzanne
10. Arms
11. Giving Ground
12. Dominion / Mother Russia
13. Summer
14. First and Last and Always
15. Romeo Down
16. Lucretia
17. Vision Thing
18. Top Nite Out
19. Temple of Love

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Luxor, Cologne - 13.11.1984

And another classic Vinyl Bootleg.

01. Heartland
02. Marian
03. No Time To Cry
04. Anaconda
05. A Rock And A Hard Place
06. Train
07. Floorshow
08. Alice
09. Body Electric
10. Gimme Shelter
11. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
12. Adrenochrome

Borghesia - Rockfabrik, Ubach Palenberg - 19.09.1988

A bootleg recording of these EBM pioneers from Slovenia. The tracklist centers around their first three albuns, wich are my favorites. Good sound.

01. Lovci
02. Am I
03. Na Smrto Hazen
04. Kdo Je ugasmi Luc
05. On (Him)
06. Pasta Nudo
07. Tako Mladi
08. Ogotelo Mesto
09. Blato
10. Mi Upanja Ni Strahu
11. U Cmon
12. Nud
13. Mi Smo Povsod

Friday, 9 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Halloween in Arkham - Brixton Ace, London - 17.03.1983

Old Vinyl Bootleg, hand numbered, limited edition of 500. It mixes tracks from the Brixton Ace concert with the 1984 Peel session. Some of these tracks are already on the "Carmina Burana" bootleg, but not all of them. I removed the Peel session because I've already posted them, with better sound. Really cool cover.

1. Alice
2. Valentine
3. Anaconda
4. Body Electric
5. 1969
6. Sister Ray

Fields of the Nephilim - The Gothic Festival, Waregem, Belgium - 26.06.2008

AKA From the Fire

This bootleg has surfaced recently, so most of you must already have it, but it makes total sense to post it in here, so here it stays.

Original TXT:

"There's a bit of distortion at the low end of this recording. This could not be helped as it was part of the source recording. Also, there's a small recording hiccup in 'Trees Come Down'."

Recording : Edirol R-09HR @ 160kbps/44.1 kHz mp3 > Decompressed to 16 bit/44.1 kHz WAV in Wavelab 5 > Edited and mixed in Wavelab 5 with Sonnox Oxford EQ and Dynamics plugins > Compressed to 320kbps/44.1 kHz mp3.

01. Intro - Exhordium
02. Straight To The Light
03. Penetration
04. Trees Come Down
05. Dawnrazor
06. The Sequel
07. From The Fire
08. Moonchild
09. Psychonaut
10. Encore Interlude
11. Zoon Pt.III - Wake World
12. Last Exit For The Lost

Link dead

Kraftwerk - Photokina, Koeln - 06.12.1971

The last concert from the robots I posted was ages ago... That's not good, so to correct it, here's one from the beginings.

1. Stratovarius
2. Ruckzuck
3. Vom Himmel Hoch

Link Dead

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Nouvelle Vague - George Lamb Show - 30.06.2009

Very good radio broadcast.

Introduction / Interview
Master And Servant
Blister In The Sun
Closing comments

Ladytron - Radio Sessions

Two radio sessions from this cool band, one from the begining and one from last year. Both are in the RAR file.

Steve Lamacq Session - 12.11.2001

1. Playgirl
2. He Took Her To A Movie
3. Discotrax
4. The Way That I Found You

Radcliffe and Marconie Show - 10.08.2008

1. Intro Interview
2. Runaway
3. Interview
4. Destroy Everything You Touch
5. Interview
6. Versus
7. Outro Interview

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Greenfield Ferstival, Interlaken, Switzerland - 17.06.2006 (Flac)

Good sound. In FLAC.

1. Intro
2. Crash and Burn
3. Ribbons
4. Dr. Jeep / Detonation Blvd.
5. Still
6. When You Don't See Me
7. Giving Ground
8. Dominion / Mother Russia
9. Summer
10. Alice
11. Anaconda
12. This Corrosion
13. Lucretia (My Reflection)
14. Top Nite Out
15. Temple of Love

Interpol - Peel Session - 18.04.2001

1. Hands Away
2. Obstacle 2
3. The New
4. N.Y.C.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Peter Murphy - Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisboa, Portugal - 01.11.2008 (Flac)

And another concert that Ziggy recorded and kindly shared with us. In FLAC.

Recording: Sharp MD-MS702>Sony Mic ECM-717 Lineage: MD Deck Sony MDS-JE510>Optical>Creative Soundblaster Connect>Cooledit Pro> FLAC


01 - Zikir
02 - The Line Between The Devils Teeth
03 - Disappearing
04 - Burning From The Inside
05 - Gliding Like a Whale
06 - Hurt
07 - Marlene Dietrich's Favorite Poem
08 - Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It
09 - I'll Fall With Your Knife
10 - The Sweetest Drop
11 - Black Stone Heart
12 - Huuvola
13 - Deep Ocean
14 - Idleflow
15 - Strange Kind Of Love
16 - She's In Parties
17 - All We Ever Wanted
18 - Cuts You Up
19 - New Song
20 - All Night Long

From original TXT file:

Well, this was the first "time i had great problems recording a show. My MD decided to play a trick onme and i had strong problems to be able to set volume right when i started to record. I had already set the volume but Peter's engeniers always push the volume too high. It is not the first time i experienced that. Sometimes it gets so high that we can barely take it. So, i fucked up the first 3 songs. I still include them here in order for you to have the full recording, because i haven't seen any other. Zikir is listenable but the next 2 have a lot of high volume distorted parts as also some cuts and sound drops. Then i was able to get it right and got it right for the rest of the show and everything went smooth and the sound is nice and stable."

Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam - 30.03.2003

The first concert of the Smoke and Mirrors tour. They played "When you Don't See Me" and "Dr Jeep/Detonation Blvd Medley" for the first time. And a special treat with the inclusion of "Burn", the song that used to open their concerts around 1984.

Crash and Burn
When You Don't See Me
Doctor Jeep/Detonation Boulevard
We are the Same, Susanne
On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
War on drugs
Flood I
Will I Dream?
Dominion/Mother Russia
Giving Ground
First and Last and Always
Romeo Down
Flood II
Never Land
Temple of Love
Top Nite Out
Vision Thing

Fields of the Nephilim - Flour Power (7'' Vinyl Bootleg)

Old Vinyl Bootleg, limited & numbered edition of 500 copies. Recorded live at Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford on 16.04.1986. Track 3 recorded live at The Clarendon, Hammersmith on 01.11.1986

1. Blue Water
2. Preacher Man
3. Trees Come Down
4. Power

Massive Attack - Apollo, Manchester - 26.09.2009

Very recent concert from Massive Attack, their UK tour has just finished, if you missed them here's something that will make regret it for a long time...

1. Bulletproof love
2. Heartcliff Star
3. Babel
4. 16 Seeter
5. Rising Son
6. Red Light
7. Future Proof
8. Teardrop
9. Psyche
10. Angel
11. Safe From Harm
12. Inertia Creeps
13. Splitting the Atom
14. Unfinished Sympathy
15. Marakesh
16. Karmacoma

Friday, 2 October 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - The Maritime Hall, San Francisco - 06.02.1998

Good Sound, but some sound fluctuations. Very good performance and an unusual setlist for the tour.

Kiss the Carpet
Come Together
Amphetamine Logic
Body Electric
Giving Ground
(We Are the Same) Suzanne
On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
Will I Dream
Dominion/Mother Russia
Romeo Down
Flood II
Vision Thing
Comfortably Numb/Some Kind of Stranger
First and Last and Always
This Corrosion

Swans - Bochum, Zeche - 29.09.1987

The fabulous Swans playing a set composed mainly of songs from the "Children of God" double album, wich is my favorite from them (Holy Money and Greed are close behind). Perfect companion to the "Public Castration..." album. Very good sound for an Excellent concert.

1. You're Not Real, Girl
2. Our Love Lies
3. New Mind
4. Blind Love
5. Blackmail
6. Sex God Sex
7. Intermezzo
8. Wandering Star
9. Your Property