Al has given away a lot of video stuff plus the remix album of From Beer To Eternity and  one concert recording from 1989.  But it will continue :)


Week #6...Ministry Monday. This is a special one. This song was the last thing Mikey Scaccia recorded before he passed away in Dec. 2012.  Sammy (Ministry engineer) shared in the mini-documentary about what it was like to work with Mikey and how this song was the exact opus that was his playing style and prowess on that instrument. We all miss you. Lotsa love Mikey.
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The Youtube video has the songs together but in this download you have to download them separately AND before I'm asked...yes... both in 320.
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How easy was that...two new track gets released THIS Monday (along with some extras on the Pirate Bay... yes...THAT Pirate Bay) and will be released in the same order as on the album. If that weren't enough...we're gonna do the same with the Relapse remixxxes after From Beer to Eternity's are all done... so download away..
-Uncle Al


Ministry Monday #1 -
Special Message from Uncle Al
Hail to His Majesty (badmuthafucka mix)
Behind the scenes footage of Al before
he does the weather on TV.
Rig images and message from Sammy D (Ministry engineer) w/
images of the rig he used to remix.

Ministry Monday #2 -
Punch in the Face Youtube video
Punch in the Face (Drop the Gloves RemiXXX) 320
Webisode of Sin and a naked bear.
Hail to His Majest (BadMuthaFucka MiXXX) 320

Ministry Monday #3 -
2 unreleased webisodes from the Defribrilatour Tour Rehearsals
PermaWar (Racoon Resistance RemiXXX)

Ministry Monday #4 -
The Making of From Beer to Eternity
Perfect Storm (I Question A Koi's Capacity to Love RemiXXX)
Ministry Monday #5 -

Fairly Unbalanced (Crackheads Gone Wild RemiXXX)
The Horror (actually the original RemiXXX)
Defibrilatour - Episode #3 (previously unreleased)
Defribilatour - Episode #4 (previously unreleased)
Ministry - Live @ The Oz, Seattle, WA 01/01/89

Ministry Monday #6 -
Mikey's Middle Finger (I Feel Like Shit RemiXXX)
DeFriBrilatour Webisode #5
DeFriBrilatour Webisode #6
DeFriBrilatour Webisode #7

Download the MP3 version here
Hail to His Majesty (badmuthafucka RemiXXX)
Punch in the Face (Drop the Gloves RemiXXX)
PermaWar (Racoon Resistance RemiXXX)
Fairly Unbalanced (Crackheads Gone Wild RemiXXX)
The Horror (actually the original RemiXXX)  
Mikey's Middle Finger (I Feel Like Shit RemiXXX)
Perfect Storm (I Question a Koi's Capacity to Love RemiXXX)