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In February, it's your turn to choose.

I'm starting to loose my imagination on what to post, so let's do this again.

In February you choose what you want to see on the blog, below is a list of bands, choose five (5) names, until next Sunday, 1 of February. The 4 most voted artists will be featured in 10 posts each.

So if you want some music you like, it's better to leave a comment with your pick ;)

65 days of static
A Perfect Circle
Adam and The Ants
And Also The Trees
Anna Calvi
Bad Brains
Bel Canto
Big Black
Big Country
Black Rebel Motorcicle Club
Butthole Surfers
Cabaret Voltaire
Birthday Party
Cassandra Complex
Cocteau Twins
Comsat Angels
Concrete Blonde
Crime and the City Solution
Dave Gahan
David Sylvian
Dead Can Dance
Dead Kennedys
Depeche Mode
Diamanda Galas
Dinosaur Jr
Dum Dum Girls
Echo and The Bunnymen
Einsturzende Neubauten
Front 242
Gang Of Four
Gary Numan
Gun Club
House Of Love
Iggy Pop
I Like Trains
Jesus and Mary Chain
John Cale
John Zorn
Joy Division
Killing Joke
Legendary Pink Dots
Lou Reed
Lydia Lunch
Marc Almond
Marilyn Manson
Massive Attack
Mazzy Star
Melissa Auf Der Maur
My Bloody Valentine
New Model Army
New Order
Nick Cave
Nine Inch Nails
Nina Hagen
Paradise Lost
Peter Murphy
Phillip Boa and The Voodoo Club
Primal Scream
Psychedelic Furs
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Rollins Band
Simple Minds
Siouxsie And The Banshees
Sonic Youth
Spacemen 3
The The
Tom Waits
Velvet Underground
Violent Femmes
Virgin Prunes

The Exploited - The Metro Theatre, Sydney, Australia - 26.09.2007 (ProShot DVD)

Thanks to Punkrockpogo and Bandit999 for sharing and to S+©kmªÑ for the links.

Bandit999 Presents

The Exploited - The Metro Theatre, Sydney (26th September 2007)

Alright here's the excellent Exploited Moshcam show from Sydney Australia in 2007.
This was encoded from Punkrockpogo's great HD rip so a big thanks to him, now the
quality is brilliant and i highly recommend this to everyone...
Another excellent addition to everyones ever growing Punk Rock DVD library...

Fully authored and ready to burn as usual enjoy, your friend Bandit999

01 - Let's Start A War
02 - Fightback
03 - The Massacre
04 - Dogs Of War
05 - Chaos Is my Life
06 - UK/82
07 - Dead Cities
08 - Fuck The System
09 - I Hate Cop Cars
10 - Noise Annoys
11 - Troops Of Tomorrow
12 - Never Sell Out
13 - Rival Leaders
14 - Alternative
15 - You're A Fucking Bastard
16 - I Believe In Anarchy
17 - I Don't Want A Holiday
18 - Beat The Bastards
19 - Daily News
20 - What's The Point
21 - Fuck The USA
22 - Porno Slut
23 - Army Life
24 - Sex And Violence
25 - Punk's Not Dead
26 - Maggie
27 - Was It Me

Running Time:- 82 Minutes
This is a PAL DVD ISO Image File
Format               : MPEG 2
File size            : 4.3 GB
Bit rate             : 9000 Kbps
Width                : 720 pixels
Height               : 576 pixels
Frame rate           : 25.000 fps
Standard             : PAL
Bit rate             : 192 Kbps
Bit rate mode        : CBR
Channel(s)           : 2 channels
Sampling rate        : 48 KHz
Resolution           : 16 bits
If you appreciate all the time and hard work
I put into everything i bring you...........

A simple thanks sure does mean a lot........

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

So all credits to Punkrockpogo for his great HD rip
and Bandit999 for authoring this nice DVD


- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +


- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

RE-UPLOAD: SPK - Radio Sessions & Live Radio Broadcast - 1983/1984 (Flac)

Thanks to Noah Wall for sharing this one on DIME. Excellent sound from FM broadcasts.

Original Info File:

The John Peel radio broadcasts were recorded at the time of the first airing. I missed the beginning of the I.C.A broadcast.

The David 'Kid' Jensen radio Session is from a M2? trade and I think that this programme was quite elusive as it was only broadcast in 'AM' at the time.

Personally I don't know what was happening when they signed to WEA but they must of been under immense pressure for a 'hit' because the Jensen Radio session is not my cup of tea ;)

Master TDK AD-X90 (John Peel Radio Session) - (Master) Maxell UD I 60 (ICA) - (M2?) TDK SA90 (Davis 'Kid' Jensen Radio Session) - Yamaha KX-393 - Edirol R-09 -
Adobe Audition (Adjustments) - CD Wave (Split Tracks) - Wav - Flac - TLH.

John Peel Session - BBC Radio 1 FM Broadcast - 31st August 1983
1. Metal Dance  (4:45)
2. Sand Storm Method  (5:53)
3. Metal Field  (5:48)
4. Will To Power  (5:54)

Graeme Revell - Sinan - Derek Thompson - Recorded 20.8.83.

David 'Kid' Jensen Session - BBC Radio 1 AM Broadcast - 1st November 1983
5. But Can You Dance To It?  (4:04)
6. One World  (4:43)
7. The Shape Of Things To Come  (5:40) 
8. The Kill   (3:25)

Graeme Revell - Sinan - Derek Thompson (?) - John Murphy (?) - Recorded 23.10.83.

London I.C.A. Performance (Extract) - John Peel Show - BBC Radio 1 FM Broadcast - 4th October 1984
9. Junk Funk (Instrumental)   (6:02)
10. Will To Power  (5:38)

Graeme Revell - Sinan - Brian Williams - Howard Hughes - Woman Singer(?)

I.C.A Rock Week - Also on the bill were: Shoot! Dispute & Big Flame.



RE-UPLOAD: DCR Vinyl Club #3 - The March Violets - Turn To The Sky - 12'' Version (Flac)

Lineage: Vinyl -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac (level 6)

A Turn To The Sky 7:16    
B1 Never Look Back 3:30    
B2 Deep (Deeper Mix) 6:48


Monday, 27 January 2014

The Sisters Of Mercy - University, Manchester, UK - 13.10.1984 (Flac 24/96)

Lineage: Tape (unknown lineage) -> Audacity (24/96 transfer) -> FLAC 24/96

DCR008 - Transfer 01/2014


01. Burn
02. Heartland
03. Marian
04. Walk Away
05. No Time To Cry
06. Anaconda
07. Emma
08. A Rock And A Hard Place
09. Train
10. Floorshow
11. Alice
12. Body Electric
13. Gimme Shelter
14. Knockin' On Heaven's Door / Hey Joe / Purple Haze
15. Stairway To Heaven / Ghostrider / Louie Louie


The Young Gods - Einsame Pioniere 2010 (PAL PRO BLU-RAY)

Thanks to S+©kmªÑ for sending me this one to share here.

A TV documentary by Christian Walther

Lineage: DVB-C - Blu-Ray Recorder Panasonic DMR-BCT730 (Direct Recording) - Full M2TS Stream - Blu-Ray - PC - Blu-Ray Files created with tsMuxeR (There were 4 Audio Tracks with identical Language on it, 1 Track AC-3 2.0 Audio and 3 Tracks 2.0 MPEG-Audio with lower bitrate than the AC-3 Audio, so I have excluded/deleted the MPEG Audios. But the remaining Video and Audio Track were not re-encoded or changed in any way)

- Interviews: French with German Subtitles (except Jonathan Selzer and Steve Von Till: English with German Subtitles / except Üse Hiestand: German)
- Narration in German

TV Source: 3sat HD
Lenght: 57:11
Menu: No
Chapters: Yes

Video: PAL, AVC (H.264), 1'280 x 720 progressiv, 16:9, 12,4 Mbps, 50,000 FPS
Audio: AC-3 (Dolby Digital), 448 Kbps CBR, 2.0 Channels Stereo, 48,0 KHz

The Content of the Documentary is as follows:

- Introduction
- Several Interviews with Franz Treichler, Al Comet, Cesare Pizzi, Üse Hiestand, Bernard Trontin, Vincent Hänni, Jonathan Selzer (Journalist "Melody Maker"), Steve Von Till (Singer/Guitarist "Neurosis")
- "Did you miss me" played by Cesare Pizzi and Franz Treichler on the old "sampler" in the Studio (incomplete)
- Documentary "TV Sky - The Young Gods US Tour 1992" (incomplete/talked over)
- Franz Treichler creates sound to Movie "Rhythmus 21" from "Dada" artist Hans Richter (incomplete)
- "Jimmy" live in 1986 (incomplete/talked over)
- "L'amourir" live together with "Barbouze de chez Fior" string quartet in 2008 (incomplete)
- "Longue Route" live together with "Barbouze de chez Fior" string quartet in 2008 (incomplete)
- "Everythere" live together with "Barbouze de chez Fior" string quartet in 2008 (incomplete)
- "La fille de la mort" live in Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic) 2008 including Rehearsal (incomplete)
- "L'eau Rouge" rehearsal at Artamis, Geneva, Switzerland in 2008 (incomplete)
- "Freeze" live at Artamis, Geneva, Switzerland in October 2008 (incomplete)
- "Supersonic" live at Artamis, Geneva, Switzerland in October 2008 (incomplete)
- "Everythere" live in 2009 (incomplete/talked over)
- "Super Ready / Fragmenté" live in Tilburg, The Netherlands in 2009 (incomplete)
- "Envoyé!" Promo Video from 1986 made by Jean-Lou Steinmann (incomplete/talked over)
- "L'amourir" Promo Video from 1988 made by Bill Hiles (incomplete)
- "Rue des Tempêtes" Promo Video from 1989 made by Jean-Lou Steinmann (incomplete)
- "Gasoline Man" Promo Video/Live from 1992 made by Hunter McHugh and Videocore (incomplete/talked over)
- "The Night Dance" Promo Video/Live from 1992 made by ? Hunter McHugh and Videocore ? (incomplete/talked over)
- "Lucidogen"Promo Video from 2000 made by Rinaldo Marasco (incomplete/talked over)
- "Arcia" Promo Video from 2004 (incomplete)
- "Iwasi" Promo Video from 2004 (incomplete)
- "Kissing the Sun" Promo Video/Live from 2007 made by Yves Kuper (incomplete)

For Trade only! Do not buy or sell!
Do not change to any lossy format!

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

All Credits to droopy for sharing!LF1SDRBC!AjszewZHxK8chDSjVXm23eYMYIgVm2ZyNzM_DrEemAQ!7M1FjLqY!qGr_ZGKV9DAoTPu298tdBghfi5R2h4XttB5LbeE3vPQ!6ZM0iB7D!7kITgQLe1txZWEj7XJt0vSD2hsZH7RsFeBqWIBkN4Vc!7A1ElYzS!SBxpqE8imdfMUtZo4cu1oPAw5TXKMRP4I52O0NQNWGw!WQ8TUQ6B!L9zgu24jLyuW9ouvjMQTEbUnSk_xcsyN03YpkOht6zk!CUtzUCrQ!dswFo8yVo6K1NGgjBEeP1-iuwsPwt4S8ugmOxgH7600!zN9SEYZb!HxnKZuGg-oWqX9UEfY1Hj31b2Bv50Mevl4sruO8N6So!adMhhZAZ!F77LzQ8TWofhptWgQ3Sa3B4HVBlXoZ4WzWx5cpPah7M

John Cale - Peel Session - 01.05.1975 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader!!!!


Got on Dime so it's a reseed

Sound A!

Studio session for John Peel.
Recorded at the BBC, London, UK - May 1, 1975. First broadcasted May 1, 1975.
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend is released offically on the 4CD box set Kats Caravan - The History of John Peel on the Radio (2009).

1.Taking It All Away
2.Darling I Need You
3.You Know More Than I Know
XXXXX.Fear Is A Man's Best Friend OMITTED HERE (read below)
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend is released offically on the 4CD box set Kats Caravan - The History of John Peel on the Radio (2009).

Chris Spedding: guitar
Chris Thomas: kyeboards
Pat Donaldson: bass
Tim Donald: drums


THE SMITHS - BBC various unreleased tracks 1984 -1987 + "The Tube" 10.04.1987 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

THE SMITHS - 1984 -1987 - BBC various unreleased tracks + "The Tube" 1987-04-10 [FM/TV masters]

The Smiths  -  [Track 01]
John Peel session #3
BBC Maida Vale Studio 5
London, England, U.K.
Recorded 1st August 1984
First broadcast 9th August 1984
All the other songs from this session were included on the official "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" 1987 CD single.

The Smiths  -  [Tracks 02 - 03]
John Peel session #4
BBC Maida Vale Studio 4
London, England, U.K.
Recorded 2nd December 1986
First broadcast 17th December 1986
The other 2 songs from this session were apparently included on the official "Louder Than Bombs" compilation album.

The Smiths  -  [Tracks 04 - 06]
Kilburn National Ballroom
London, England, U.K.
23rd October 1986
BBC Radio 1/2 FM "In Concert" broadcast
Note that, on the official "Rank" LP version of this BBC mobile recording studio capture, the songs 04 - 06 were omitted, whereas 2 other songs were NOT broadcast during the BBC's "In Concert" programme show, namely "Is It Really So Strange?" (track 08 on "Rank") and "Still Ill" (track 13 on "Rank").

The Smiths  -  [Tracks 07 - 08]
Tyne Tees Tv Studios,
Quayside, Newcastle, England, U.K.
10th April 1987
"The Tube" Channel 4 U.K. TV broadcast (UHF mono audio)

Morrissey (speaking) - [Track 09]
Interviewed by Richard Skinner
BBC Radio 1 FM broadcast
Date unknown exactly, probably sometime in the summer of 1984

Lineage :-

Track 01 :- BBC Radio 1 FM -> Roof Aerial -> Pioneer TX-710 Tuner -> Pioneer CT-300 Cassette Deck (record) -> TDK-SA90 (Type II) cassette tape

Tracks 02 - 06 :- BBC Radio 1 FM -> Roof Aerial -> Marantz ST151L Tuner -> Aiwa ADF770 3-Head Cassette Deck (record) -> TDK-SA (Type II) cassette tape

Tracks 07 - 08 :- Channel 4 UK UHF (FM) TV audio -> Roof Aerial -> Marantz ST151L Tuner -> Aiwa ADF770 3-Head Cassette Deck (record) -> TDK-SA (Type II) cassette tape

Track 09 : lineage unknown (source tape = Type I cassette probably)

Conversion to FLAC :-

Original cassette tape -> Aiwa ADF770 3-Head Cassette Deck (play) -> SB Extigy soundcard -> CoolEdit Pro 2.1 -> WAV -> Archived CD-R -> EAC -> WAV -> TLH -> FLAC 8 + .ffp

TrackList :-

01 - How Soon Is Now ?  (Peel session 1984)
02 - Half A Person  (Peel session 1986)
03 - London  (Peel session 1986)
04 - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out  (BBC In Concert 1986)
05 - Frankly Mr Shankly  (BBC In Concert 1986)
06 - How Soon Is Now ?  (BBC In Concert 1986)
07 - Sheila Take A Bow  (The Tube 1987)
08 - Shoplifters Of The World Unite  (The Tube 1987)
09 - Morrissey interviewed by Richard Skinner (1984 possibly)

Total length = 40 minutes approx.


RE-UPLOAD: Zola Jesus - Tour 2011/2012 (ProShot DVD)

 About a year a go, I posted a recording of a new artist that was starting to be noticed and considered a force to be dealt with. One year later Zola Jesus is not a promise anymore, her talent is a fact. So as an hommage, here's the DCR collection of proshot live clips and sessions. If you don't know her, you should check this one urgently, if you like her music, the this a must have. Check the thumbnails for image quality, in my opinion is faultless, but you may want to check it anyway.

Total Time: 108 min.


DVD Concept and Cover by Circle
DVD Authoring by Š†©kmªÑ


Electronic Beats Festival, Warsaw - 02.12.2011

01. Collapse
02. Seekir
03. Vessel

Electronic Beats - Wave Festival Vienna

04. Interview

KEXP Session - 2011

05. Trust me
06. Sea talk
07. Poor Animal
08. Night

ACE Hotel, CMJ - 2011

09. Vessel

Circolo Degli artisti, Rome - 12.08.2011

10. Run Me Out
11. Vessel

Blast House Studios, Madison

12. Sea Talk
13. Night

Moscow 2011 -

14. Interview

Converse Rubber Tracks studios, Brooklyn

15. Vessel
16. Night 

Guggenheim Museum, NY - 05.10.2012 (with Foetus)

17. Hikikomori
18. Seekir
19. Vessel

Fader Fort 2012

20. Interview
21. Night

Uncapped Summer Series

22. Interview


01. Vessel
02. Night
03. Seekir
04. Sea talk
05. making Of Sea Talk


Duration                                 : 1h 48mn

Format                                   : MPEG Video
Format version                           : Version 2
Bit rate mode                            : Variable
Bit rate                                 : 5 365 Kbps
Maximum bit rate                         : 8 000 Kbps
Width                                    : 720 pixels
Height                                   : 576 pixels
Display aspect ratio                     : 16:9
Frame rate                               : 25.000 fps
Standard                                 : PAL

Format                                   : AC-3
Format/Info                              : Audio Coding 3
Bit rate mode                            : Constant
Bit rate                                 : 224 Kbps
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Channel positions                        : Front: L R
Sampling rate                            : 48.0 KHz
Bit depth                                : 16 bits

Writing application                      : Authoring Works V.


Have phun

(¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·. Š†©kmªÑ ··´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯)
(¯`·.¸¸.·´¯ v†Ð€º ßi@†ÇH·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯)

Au Pairs - Demos, Balsal Heath, Birmingham,UK - xx.xx.1981 (Flac)

Thanks to StevieD !And to DaveSez for sending me the files to share here. There lso of couple of Bonus in MP3.

(WAV>FLAC Format)

01. We're So Cool
02. Unfinished Business
03. Set Up
04. Diet
05. Dear John
06. It's Obvious
07. We're So Cool
08. Repetition
09. Headache (For Michele)

Friday, 24 January 2014

The Sisters of Mercy announce a concert for 2014

Let's hope some more follow :)

The Sisters Of Mercy - Essex University, Colchester, UK - 20.10.1984 (Flac)

Very good sound, Thanks to the original uploader.

Source: silver cd Revelations > XLD > flac > Dime

One of the best Black October Tour recordings!

Unfortunately incomplete (missing Anaconda)


Walk Away
No Time To Cry
A Rock And A Hard Place
Body Electric
Gimme Shelter
Knocking On Heaven's Door
Ghostrider - Sister Ray

**please no mp3 or other lossy encodings**



Killing Joke - Cabaret Juste Pour Rire, Montreal, Canada - 06.12.2010 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader,

lineage: T mike>MT Mk II (24/96)>NERO>converted to 16/44.1>CD WAVE>FLAC Frontend (level 8)

the MK1 lineup;

Jaz Coleman - vocals
Gerodie Walker - guitar, vocals
Big Paul Ferguson - drums, vocals
Youth - bass, vocals
? - keyboards


1- intro
2- Tomorrow's World
3- Change
4- Wardance (not In Exelsis as announced)
5- Absolute Dissent
6- Bloodsport
7- European Super State
8- This World Hell
9- Fall Of Because
10- Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove


1- Requiem
2- Madness
3- The Great Cull
4- Asteroid
5- The Wait
6- Pssyche
7- Primitive
8- Eighties
9- Pandemonium

Last concert in this Montreal venue closing next week.  How fitting to have KJ play a club translating to english as Just For Laughs Cabaret, I guess we know who had the last laugh?  Last time I saw the original lineup was at the Police Picnic in the summer of '81 in Oakville near Toronto!  That was a long time ago, these guys haven't lost a step, excellent concert!  Sitting first row balcony dead center, this is a Patook recording/production #67.


Ministry - Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA - 17.06.1999 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Lineage: ? > SHN > Trade > mkw > wav > nero > flac

1.  Supermanic Soul <3:01>
2.  Reload <2:48>
3.  Crumbs <4:50>
4.  Psalm 69 <4:05>
5.  Filth Pig <6:55>
6.  Whip and Chain <4:52>
7.  Just One Fix <4:57>
8.  N.W.O. <6:06>
9.  So What <9:33>
10. Thieves <6:16>
11. Jesus Built My Hotrod <5:06>

Total time 58:32

Al Jourgensen - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Barker - Bass
Rey Waham - Drums
Duane Buford - Keyboards
Louis Svitek - Guitar
Zlatko Hukic - Guitar

The original torrent had faults in the transitions, namely split-second gaps of silence which jarred the continuity, and abrupt volume changes in the applause between songs caused by edits.

What I've done is -

1. Converted the shn to wav for ease of editing, then to flac
2. Cut out the split-second gaps
3. Increased/decreased crowd noise volumes between songs (and in the case of track 1-2, edited in applause from another track)
4. Realigned the track starts to where songs are introduced or where they start - this mainly affects the last track, where there is extended applause before the encore (although this has been chopped up a lot, and could not be made seamless).

The result is a show that flows together without any jarring continuity problems - a few edits are noticeable if you really listen, but they aren't at all intrusive.

Many thanks for the show to the original seeder, prologue_67!

From his info -

"This show sometimes trades as 17 July 1999. This is incorrect. The actual date is 17 June 1999. I know, I was there!"

No artwork.


Last Exit with Diamándá Galás - Moers International New Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany - 16.05.1986 (Flac)

Here's not that much circulated

Last Exit is:
Peter Brötzmann - reeds
Sonny Sharrock - guitar
Bill Laswell - bass
Shannon Jackson - drums

with guesting Diamándá Galás - voc

1 Discharge
2 Backwater
3 Catch As Catch Can
4 Red Light
5 Enemy Within
6 Cracking
7 Pig Freedom

Dedicated to the lovers of Sonny, Bill, Shannon, Peter and also Diamanda

enjoy this SBD of a new electro salsa of the post post modern age


Revised lineage 06-19-2006:

Unknown source > WAV > SHN > Nero Burning ROM > CD-R (audio) > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Probably broadcast.  Sounds like there are some cuts for radio announcements or some such.


And Also The Trees - Ritz, Aachen, Germany - 15.06.1986 Flac)

Thanks to The Monk for sharing this one on Dime.

Original Info File:

Here's another classic AATT show from 1986... It's a soundboard recording of their appearance at the Ritz in Aachen, Germany on 15 June 1986. This is a transfer from the band's original analogue master tape, so this is the ultimate version of this show.

This is NOT the widely spread soundboard recording of the January 1986 show at the same venue, but a recording of AATT's second appearance at the Ritz. The show was recorded on a 60 min tape which ran out during the performance.

LINEAGE: Analogue MASTER Tape (SBD) > Philips PDR-555 RW CD Recorder > FLAC (level 8)


01. A Room Lives in Lucy
02. Maps in her Wrists and Arms
03. Scarlet Arch
04. Wallpaper Dying
05. Vincent Craine
06. The Secret Sea
07. Shantell
08. The Renegade
09. The Headless Clay Woman
10. Impulse of Man
11. Virus Meadow
12. Slow Pulse Boy
13. There Was a Man of Double Deed
14. The Tease the Tear (cut)

(TT 61:16)

If you have any recordings of AATT's acoustic shows in France in October/November 2009, PLEASE SHARE! Thank you!!

Enjoy the show and if you download, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!!

***PLEASE do NOT encode to mp3 or other lossy formats AND DO NOT SELL!***



Au Pairs - Golden Eagle, Birmingham, UK - 13.09.1980 (FLAC)

Very good soundboard. From the Dave Sez archive thanks to the great StevieD !

Come Again
It's Obvious
Unfinished Business


Björk - Violently Live - Bootleg (Flac)

Note: Date of Manchester appearance varies.
      Might be December 19, 1993 as well.


Kosmopolitan, Aarhus, Denmark 09.09.1993

  01   Human Behaviour
  02   The Habour [Atlantic]
  03   One Day
  04   Venus As A Boy
  05   Come To Me
  06   Aeroplane
  07   Play Dead
  08   Crying
  09   Violently Happy
  10   There's More To Life Than This
  11   Big Time Sensuality
  12   If You Complain Once More [Army Of Me]
  13   Modern Things

The Academy, Manchester, UK - September 14, 1993

  14   Human Behaviour [++]
  15   The Habour [Atlantic] [++]
  16   One Day [++]
  17   Come To Me [++]
  18   The Anchor Song [++]
  In subdirectory "artwork" and available at

  SBD > silver bootleg (Venus Music VM 003 1994) > EAC > FLAC Frontend (align on sector boundaries, level 8)
.md5 (for .wav) and Fingerprints incl.

Originally torrented through – please donate!

As always: Comments/ratings highly appreciated!

Mind your karma – never make ANY profit off of the artist’s work provided with this torrent. Enjoy the music and share freely.

Please don’t pass this on in a lossy format, thank you.



The major reason why you should get this bootleg is the second (and the 15th) track "Atlantic". "Atlantic" is a song that is too beautiful to be described in words. You just have to hear it to understand what I mean. Except from that this bootleg also brings us an interesting version of "Play dead" played on pipes and flutes where Björk is singing lots of syncopes and a wonderful, haunting version of "Violently happy" with a church-organ and some really cool djunglist-noises. The early version of "Army of me" reminds me a little bit of Sugarcubes' own "Coldsweat"-remix that you find as a bonus-track on "Life's too good" and the early version of "The modern things" is a truly beautiful one with Björk singing along to a keyboard. "Violently live" also brings you two versions of "Human behaviour". The first one just sounds like the original album-version but the second one has got some really interesting echo-effects. Björk is singing the bootleg's last five tracks with a sadder tone of voice and that fits "Human behaviour" perfect. I'm not that positive to the live-version of "There's more to life than this", though. It sounds nothing but hasty to me.
The sound quality at track 1-13 is as magnificent as if it was an official recording. Björk's voice doesn't get disturbed by the cries from the audience. Track 14-18 is recorded with a little bit worse sound-quality and the cries from the audience is spoiling many of the intros. There's a flute that follows her voice in many tracks and that sounds interesting sometimes but I could have made it without that flute. Some of the songs has got even more instruments than on the original "Debut"-album.


RE-UPLOAD: The Cult - Odeon Theatre, Birmingham - 12.04.1987 (Flac)

And a rare treat shared here by Gonzalo, who also did the cool artwork. Huge Thank You to him. Sounds very good and has a killer setlist. NB: Checked he file before re-uploading, and it seems that the recording is lossy sourced...

01. Nirvana
02. Big Neon Glitter
03. Wildflower
04. Love
05. Peace Dog
06. Electric Ocean
07. Revolution
08. Lil' Devil
09. Outlaw
10. Horse Nation
11. Love Removal Machine
12. Rain
13. Spiritwalker
14. The Phoenix
15. She Sells Sanctuary
16. Born To Be Wild
17. Wild Thing / Louie Louie


Monday, 20 January 2014

The Sisters of Mercy - Maxim Gorki, Stuttgart, Germany - 12.11.1984 (Flac)

Lineage: Knocking On Heavens Door vinyl bootleg -> Cassette -> Audacity -> Flac 24/96

DCR007 - Transfer 01/2014


01. Burn
02. Heartland
03. Marian
04. Walk Away
05. Body and Soul
06. No Time To Cry
07. Anaconda
08. Emma
09. A Rock and A Hard Place
10. Train (with Temple of Love intro)
11. Floorshow
12. Alice
13. Body Electric
14. Gimme Shelter
15. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
16. Sister Ray

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The Pixies - Coliseu, Lisboa, Portugal - 09.11.2013 (Flac)

Taper: circle
Recording Gear: Sony MZ-RH10 HiMD with Sony Stereo Mic ECM-MS907
Position: Center, packed inside the crowd.
Lineage: MD -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac (Level 8)

Recording Notes:

Some things just aren't meant to be.

I had decided to not go to this concert, but at lunch time, a friend phones me saying he has an extra ticket to give away... The Pixies for free??? Sure!

One minor problem - I'm working in a city 100 Kms away, and only finish a couple of hours before the opening of the doors... Seems possible.

Second minor problem - my recording gear is at home, in another city in the oposite direction... I make the conscious decision of missing the support act As Able As Kane, and instead lose that time going home to get the gear.

Third minor problem - I seem to have misplaced my prefered microphone... After losing 20 minutes searching, I decide to take the secondary mic, that I don't use for at least two years.

Fourth minor problem - The Coliseu it's in the center of the city, and even getting there in time, parking is impossible at that time if night, I manage to find a spot, far away, and walk 10 minutes to the venue, arriving at the end of the second song of the Pixies set. Not bad, the recording will be a little incomplete.

Fifth minor problem - the venue is packed with over excited fans, but I mean over excited... (you'll listen during the recording) I manage to push myself into a more or less central spot, hardly the best conditions to tape, setup the gear while I'm being slam danced around and start recording.

Sixth Not so minor problem - Everything seems to go OK, but during Here Comes Your Man, the already over excited crowd, goes bananas!!!
All around me, people are jumping, yelling and kicking and in the midlle of all that, my MD is elbowed in such a violent manner that the batery pack loses connection and stops the recording... I only notice it at the end of the song. The abrupt ending doesn't allow the MD to write the lead out, so everything recorded until then is gone.

Seventh big problem - The battery pack connections are making a bad contact from then on, so the recording stops abruptly three more time during the concert, always with the same result, recording lost.

So what was left?

The last song and the encore... And the expense of a new battery pack.

I should've known already by the age of 42 that nothing is for free in this world...

There's a photo of the set list, courtesy of another friend of mine that managed to get it from the sound engineer, so you can see what is not on the recording.


01. Where Is My Mind
02. (encore break)
03. Hey
04. Caribou
05. Gouge Away

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Tanzwut - Amphi Festival, Tanzbrunnen, Köln, Germany - 20.07.2013 (Flac)

Again, Thanks to Chris for sending me his recordings to share here.

Taper: C.F. (Chris)

Gear: Sony ICD-SX850

Lineage: Wav -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac (Level 8)


Weiße Nächte
Ihr wolltet Spaß
Wie Phoenix aus der Asche
Bitte Bitte
Der Wächter
Folge Deinem Herzen

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Rome - Amphi Festival, Tanzbrunnen, Köln, Germany - 20.07.2013 (Flac)

Huge Thanks to Chris for sending me his recordings to share here. Very Good sound.

Taper: C.F. (Chris)

Gear: Sony ICD-SX850

Lineage: Wav -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac (Level 8)


Das Feuerodal
The Spannish Drummer
The Consolation of Man
Die Nelke
To Teach Obedience
Little Rebell Mine
A Pact of Blood
One Fire
Seeds Of Liberation
Sons Of Aheeth
Birds Of Prey
Die Querkraft
Neue Erinnerung
The Merchant Fleet
Swords To Rust, Hearts To Dust
Still Well

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David Bowie - The Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada - 26.02.1976 (Flac)

Thanks to other for sharing this one in MWP.

One Magical Moment (Tape) (1976) Flac [2cd]
Very Good Sound Recording
(Old Gold Records OGCD527)
Artwork Included

Lineage: SilverCD--> EAC(secure)--> Flac(level.8)--> HungerCity!

The COMPLETE show caught in very good sound quality. Any cuts stems from the master tape itself!

Disc 1

01. Station To Station
02. Suffragette City
03. Fame
04. Word On A Wing
05. Stay
06. Waiting For The Man
07. TVC-15

Disc 2

01. Life On Mars? / Five Years
02. Panic In Detroit
03. - band introduction -
04. Changes
05. Queen Bitch
06. Diamond Dogs
07. Rebel Rebel
08. The Jean Genie / Sister Midnight / The Jean Genie



My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, USA - 14.04.2011 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Not as good a show as when I saw them 20 years at the Rave in Milwaukee.  I'm still looking for a copy of that show if anyone has it to share.  August 30, 1991 if I'm remembering the date correctly.

01 Shock of Point 6
02 X-communication
03 Do You Fear (For Your Child)?
04 Nervious Xians
05 Rivers of Blood, Years of Darkness
06 These Remains
07 Burning Dirt
08 The Days of Swine and Roses
09 The Devil Does Drugs
10 On This Rack
11 A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
12 Kooler Than Jesus
13 encore break
14 A Girl Doesn't Get Killed By a Make-Believe Lover... 'Cuz It's Hot

FLAC FINGERPRINTS or MD5 checksum for the musical content only (*)
; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on November 22, 2011, at 13:50:02

Zoom H2 wav -> split in Audacity -> flac

Go see them live
Buy the albums


RE-UPLOAD: Pale Saints - In Concert 1991 (Proshot DVD)

Thanks a lot to cEnda for another excellent DVD shared here.

Top notch compilation of two TV-broadcast London concerts:

Tracks 1-9 from a Japanese TV broadcast of the gig at Brixton Academy on 26th June 1991 (35 minutes)
Tracks 10-16 from a Spaceshower TV broadcast of the gig at the Town & Country on 20th July 1991 (25 minutes)


01. Intro
02. Half-Life Remembered
03. Sakura, Sakura
04. Little Hammer
05. Porpoise
06. Blue Flower
07. Hunted
08. Neverending Night
09. True Coming Dream
10. Intro
11. She Rides The Waves
12. Blue Flower
13. Porpoise
14. Hunted
15. True Coming Dream
16. Sight of You!X9ZR3QxK!L1AZVXOMnnRrOhMO8-ltcxCoFup3tqEHXnf5DKvrdu0!DxBBzDiC!KFT57FPvqiZd2AfvKHL9M3lzKyIKPzERH9B8zgLAB_I!q1BSxD7b!c8OnPzqVg2RSMjoyMVo_5iaSADcwF_iPV3jPKFmD2Xc!H8pGVIaZ!BTrpHWH140KejvZpBqHHsWoSt2VKgb3-_wG5DwsnGt4!WpgXwI5T!R9RyLBuO3ups8qR11lP9OizP9DtUUCRpGl49tcirDcU

Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Sisters of Mercy - David "Kid" Jensen Session, BBC Studios, London, UK - 06.03.1983 (Flac)

Thanks to waterisnat for sharing this version on Dime, I already had posted a version of this session ages ago, but this is a more complete set, including the original broadcast, a Pre-FM version of Jolene plus the 2008 re-broadcast in MP2.

1. Jolene
2. Heartland
3. Burn
4. Valentine

lineage: pre-FM recordings -> [unknown vinyl/tape generations] -> Entertainment Or Death bootleg CD ->  wav -> remastering in Adobe Audition 3.0 (fixing DC bias offset, speed adjustment, manual click removal, phase correction, normalisation) -> FLAC (level 8) with Trader's Little Helper

Over the years these BBC session tracks have appeared on numerous bootleg LPs and CDs. In all but two cases they appear with intros and outros cut, in an attempt to remove all DJ banter. The only exceptions are the early nineties CD release "Entertainment Or Death" by legendary Sisters bootleg label Palazzograssi (trademark of quality, indeed!), and disc 1 of the "Kama Sutra" 2CD (which is, in effect, a perfect clone of the Palazzograssi disc). These are still the only two bootlegs where the four Jensen session tracks can be found with beginnings and endings intact from a pre-FM source tape. Having said that, the recordings are at least a couple of generations removed from the master and there are traces of a vinyl source in the lineage as well; more importantly the songs are all way off speed.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this session BBC 6Music did a rebroadcast. This was duly torrented here in March of 2008, albeit as an unedited lossy mp2 file captured from the 160 kbps DVB-T stream. Unfortunately this transmission was marred by cross fades between the tracks, an annoying station call over the intro of Valentine and one incredibly I-N-S-I-P-I-D DJ. The good thing about it was that it presented all tracks at the correct speed.

Ever since 2008 I've been meaning to remaster the bootleg tracks and do a re-edit of the 6Music broadcast. I've finally gotten round to this. The songs you find here are taken from "Entertainment Or Death", DC bias and speed adjusted, phase-corrected and normalized (rest assured that not a single kb of music has been subjected to excessive compression or limiting!); a couple of stray clicks and pops have also been removed.

As a bonus I've included the original mp2 file of the 2008 re-broadcast, as well as the version of Jolene appearing on the "Black Planet" bootleg CD, also speed adjusted, phase-corrected and normalized.



Japan - City Hall, Leiden, The Netherlands - 07.10.1982 (Flac)

I was asked for some more Japan with good sound, well, it doesn't get better than this FM broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader.

fm, Mcas>cdr, 54:31, A

01 Sons of Pioneers / Alien 9:56
02 Gentlemen Take Polaroids 6:36
03 Cantonese Boy 3:39
04 Visions of China 3:40
05 Nightporter 6:42
06 Canton 5:16
07 Ghosts 5:34
08 Still Life in Mobile Homes* 5:05
09 Quiet Lfe / The Art of Parties^ 7:38
10 radio announcement 0:22

* [incumplete; tape flip at ~3:39, music is missing]
^ [fades into voiced-over radio announcement]

David Sylvian - vocals, guitar
Mick Karn - bass
Steve Jansen - drums, percussion
Richard Barbieri - keyboards
Ryuichi Sakamoto - keyboards, percussion

- balanced channels: R-channel +0.20 dB
- gain normalized
- retracked

A very good FM broadcast recording whihc I Haven't seen here before.
It's only 1 of 2 FM broadcast recordings of Japan from 1982 that I have found.

Personal aside:
I was lucky enough to see Japan live in 1979 at Ryerson College's theatre in downtonwn Toronto...

It was an awesome set by Japan that was way to short as there were two opening acts: "TRB" ?? and "F.I.S.T." of whom I've nerver heard of since.

It went all dark, just some stage whispers, then a single red spotlight appears on Mike Karn who starts vamping on the bass while moving like a robot to the music. Then Sylvain a
Too bad I was unable to record this for posterity.


Lush - Atlanta, GA, USA - xx.xx.1996 (ProShot DVD)

Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:


TV Broadcast>VHS(1st GEN)>Sony Hi-Fi VCR>Plextor>PC>Edited on Nero8

Set List-

Song #2 (contains drop outs in both audio/video towards the end)


At the beginning there's a mention of the show taking place in Atlanta, GA and I searched on the net for the 96 Tours and they played in Atlanta twice in 96. So the show could have been from either of these two venues and dates:

1996-02-08  Atlanta, GA, The Point
1996-04-23  Atlanta, GA, Masquerada

I also don't know the name of the second song. Enjoy!