Tuesday 26 September 2017

The Sisters Of Mercy / Membranes - Alter Schlachthof, Dresden, Germany - 17.09.2017 (Flac)

Very good audience recording, including the Support act Menbranes. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

Artist_     The Sisters of Mercy
Support_    MEMbRANES
City_       Dresden (Germany)
Stage_      Alter Schlachthof
Date_       2017-09-17
Device_     Roland R-09HR (Stage center 2m)
Micro5/6_   OKM-Soundman-PopAV  
PfduMG_     2.Line (Stage center 2m)
Taper_      karstenausNDH
Rec-Mode_   WAV 16bit-44.1kHZ


Achtung!!!, heute kein Soundboard, heute nur eine Audience Aufnahme mit den OKM´s.
Normalisierung auf -0,1db, Trackbildung und Konvertierung in FLAC
mit Audition CS6, 
etwa original Sounddarstellung (Schwankungen im Klang und Lautstärke kamen aus der PA !!??!!),
leichter von mir beabsichtigter Kunstkopfstereoeffekt durch die OKM.


Support_ MEMbRANES



01- More
02- Ribbons
03- Jeep-Det
04- Crash and Burn
05- Walk Away
06- No Time To Cry
07- Body And Soul
08- Marian
09- Alice
10- Arms
11- Lucretia
12- Summer
13- FLA
14- Rumble
15- Flood 2
16- Something Fast
17- Break

18- Revolver
19- Dominion
20- Temple Of Love
21- This Corrosion


Andrew Eldritch_vocals
 Doktor Avalanche_drums etc
  Nurse_nurse to the Doktor
   Chris Catalyst_guitar and backing vocals
    Ben Christo_guitar and backing vocals


Dirk_ to organize and beer,
Andreas_ for setlist, photos and invitation


Achtung! Dies ist eine private Aufnahme,Erinnerung an einen
Abend der mit Worten nicht zu beschreiben ist,
nicht bestimmt für den kommerziellen Weitervertrieb.
Bitte aus Respekt für die Mühe der Künstler und Eurer
Ohren nicht in das Format MP3 umwandeln.


This is a private recording,
souvenir of an evening which can not be described with words,
not meant for any commercial re-distribution.
Please, out of respect for the artist
and your ears do not convert to .mp3.


Info Veranstalter


Info Künstler


The Cure - Mercer Arena, Seattle, USA - 10.12.1997 (Flac)

Excellent FM broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader.

source :
FM broadcast (FM0)

transfer lineage :
The End FM > ? > CD R > SoundForge Pro 10 (left channel volume +0,60, normalize to 0,00 db, combine cds, tracks edit) > TLH (flac level 8)
transfered by fearofghost

sound quality (subjective rating out of 5) : 5- (very good fm recording)

setlist :

01 - Shake dog shake (05:01)
02 - Torture (04:09)
03 - Fascination street (04:03)
04 - Push (04:38)
05 - The holy hour (04:40)*
06 - A strange day (04:14)
07 - One hundred years (06:47)
08 - Piggy in the mirror (03:33)*
09 - The same deep water as you (08:38)
10 - Just like heaven (03:47)
11 - From the edge of the deep green sea (08:38)
12 - Inbetween days (03:13)*
13 - Wrong number (06:35)
14 - Cut (05:20)
15 - Disintegration (09:01)
16 - Faith (07:54)
17 - 10:15 saturday night (03:18)
18 - Killing an arab (04:11)

total time 1:37:49

* radio jingles

additionnal infos about this show :

please, don't convert to a lossy format and don't sell !!!

i hope you will enjoy !

The Psychedelic Furs - My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY, USA - 04.07.1981 (Flac)

Very good FM broadcast. Thanks to LDB for sharing.

Original Info File:

LDB Vintage Series #044

Hi there! After closing both my Master and Special series I took a break from seeding, enjoying life and most of all
preparing for a new series! This is not going to be as frequent as my previous ones, I'll be seeding shows from time
to time so don't expect massive volumes here.

Why a "vintage" series? Because music in the 70's and 80's was really something...so different, so special with "that" kind
of sound which you don't find anymore. That was the era of real music without the internet, of long tours and enjoyable live
shows spanning from metal to new wave, progressive, jazz, fusion, pop. So many bands were born and disappeared during those
two decades.

I am then celebrating the 70's and the 80's and their unmistakeable sound in this LDB Vintage Series. You will find many bands
I have never seeded in the past but that I still enjoy listening to. Most of these come from low generation tapes that were traded
around that period, many radio broadcasts and overall lots of surprises.

Hope you will enjoy this new series!


01.Into You Like A Train
02.Soap Commercial
03.She Is Mine
04.Mr. Jones
05.So Run Down
06.Dumb Waiters
07.Pretty In Pink
08.It Goes On
09.Sister Europe
10.Imitation of Christ
11.All of This and Nothing
14.We Love You

TT 54:55

Lineage: WLIR-FM broadcast > Unknown recording device > n generation tape > Aiwa Tape Deck TC-WE475 > Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D >
HD > SoundForge Pro 10.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Richard Butler - vocals
Tim Butler - bass
Duncan Kilburn - saxophone
Vince Ely - drums
Roger Morris - guitars
John Ashton - guitars

Why aren't there more vintage Psychedelic Furs shows??? I hope I can start a mini-flood of this underrated band with this show and...no this
is not the Roslyn 1982 show that widly circulates but a much rarer one from the previous year. Sound is fair, radio station confirmed to be
WLIR. I am aware there is a version sourced from the master circulating....


David Bowie - Smiling Through The Darkness - 1987 (Flac)

Excellent sounding document of the Glass Spider Tour. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Soundboard compilation - EX Stereo


01 Intro / Up The Hill Backwards - Ottawa 28Aug87
01 Up The Hill Backwards - Ottawa 28Aug87
02 Glass Spider - Ottawa 28Aug87
03 Day In Day Out - Ottawa 28Aug87
04 Bang Bang - Ottawa 28Aug87
05 Absolute Beginners - Ottawa 28Aug87
06 Loving The Alien - Ottawa 28Aug87
07 China Girl - Ottawa 28Aug87
08 Rebel Rebel - Ottawa 28Aug87
09 Fashion - Ottawa 28Aug87
10 Scary Monsters - Ottawa 28Aug87
11 All the Madmen - Sydney 3Nov87
12 Never Let Me Down - Sydney 3Nov87
13 Big Brother  - Sydney 3Nov87
14 drum solo - Sydney 3Nov87
15 87 and Cry - Sydney 3Nov87

CD 2

16 Heroes - Sydney 3Nov87
17 Sons of the Silent Age - Sydney 3Nov87
18 Time Will Crawl - Sydney 3Nov87
19 Young Americans - Sydney 4Nov87
20 The Jean Genie - Sydney 4Nov87
21 Let's Dance - Sydney 4Nov87
22 Fame - Sydney 4Nov87
23 Time - Sydney 4Nov87
24 I Wanna Be Your Dog - Sydney 4Nov87
25 White Light / White Heat - Sydney 4Nov87
26 Modern Love - Sydney 4Nov87

This is from a CD-R set I have, compiled from three shows - Ottawa 28th August 1987, Sydney 3rd November 1987, and Sydney 4th November 1987

Loving The Alien is particulary good here - nice flute at start + echo on Bowie's voice. Never Let Me Down and Big Brother seem worthy of mention too as standouts here too.

There is a sign of a little disc rot here and there - most noticeably as Modern Love starts.

But it's a good compilation, and the 4th November 87 tracks seem harder to find - from what I've seen - than the rest here.

If this is for you - enjoy.

Television - Solid Sound Festival, MassMoCA, North Addams, USA - 24.06.2017 (Flac)

Very good sound, Thanks to seremerc for taping and sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

Recording Info: Beyerdynamic MC930 -> PS-2 -> Sony M10 (24/96)
Transfer Info: Audacity (Normalize, Tracking, Dither)

Recorded and mastered by seremetcc

One Set (1:14:16)

1. Intro
2. Prove It
3. Venus
4. Elevation
5. 1880 or So
6. Little Johnny Jewel
7. Persia
8. Marquee Moon

Thanks to Television and Solid Sound for allowing recording!!!


The March Violets - Le Bouffon, Genève, Switzerland - 11.05.1984 (Flac)

Fist generation audience recording. Thanks to Phil for posting on the TSOM 81-85 FB page and leting me post it here.


01. Lights Go Out
02. Don't Take Lightly
03. Deep
04. Kill The Delight
05. Big Soul Kiss
06. Walk Into The Sun
07. Grooving In Green
08. Face Of The Dragonfly
09. Crow Baby
10. Snake Dance

RE-UPLOAD: Vendemmian - Wave Gotik Treffen, Werk II, Leipzig, Germany - 26.05.2012 (Flac)

Excellent band. Excellent sound. HUGE Thanks to Northern Nephilim for sharing his master recording exclusively here on DCR. We're delighted with the honour.



- Panasonic Lumix DMC - ZS3 (HD, quality setting: HQ)
- Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum, extracting Audio Stream WAV 16 Bit / 44 kHz
- Cubase (joining both audio parts lossless file split, Master, Tracksplitting, DC Offset Remove) -> WAV 16 Bit / 44 kHz
- Trader´s Little Helper 2.6.0 (FLAC Level 8, SBE Fix, Checksum)
- including artwork for Jewel Case


Mark Douglas: Vocals - Guitars
Dave Drum: Guitars


Day two from 21st WGT in Leipzig, where i taped at the Parkbühne and at Werk 2:

- Secret Discovery
- The Danse Society

Werk 2:

- Vendemmian

Second day with concerts on Wave Gotik Treffen.

After the 2 concerts on the Parkbühne we headed to Werk 2 to Vendemmian who played one of their best gigs so far, based on that they still using the drum machine.
On this day my recorder froze after Danse Society and won't access the memory card so i decided to use a backup solution to not finally crash the files on the Tascam.
I recorded the Vendemmian gig with the Panasonic Lumix DMC - ZS3, the US model of the DMC - TZ5 with the difference it records until the card is full and has no 30 minutes limit. The file split is lossless on 4 GB mark.
You can see the videos here:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS4AClrsvDk
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR7ChF1Kptk

Based it's being as a point and shoot camera, the video and audio quality is really fantastic, i stood around 2 meters away from center stack in front of stage, so only sometimes the bassdrum parts a bit distorted but still amazing how much SPL the camera's internal mics can take. The atmosphere in that location was fantastic in the audience and for the band too. I also highly recommend the CONNStanze if you want to take a meal on WGT, everything tastes fantastic there and reasonably priced.


-- - Announcement
01 - Heaven
02 - One In A Million
03 - I'm Falling
04 - Another Day
05 - Standing
06 - All Is Lost (All Is Gone)
07 - Shine On
08 - The Other Side Of Me
09 - Hollow Inside
10 - Starter For Ten
11 - Talk Talk
12 - Masquerade
13 - Solitude


recording made by NorthernNephilim (DIME: TimeBandit )
Do not transcode to lossy formats or remaster!
Not for Sale !!! Sharing is Caring, do not trade the FLAC´s without info file, checksum
If you like the band, please visit their concerts and buy their records.


Thank You, Very Much

RE-UPLOAD: Diamanda Galás - Lisboa, Portugal - 10.11.2001 (MP3)

Still missing the setlist, if someone could help.  Thanks to cEnda for sending me the files.