Wednesday, 30 December 2015

And that's it for 2015! Happy New Year.

And that's it for 2015! Hopefully it will start with better news than we had these last days. We leave a special mention to Mr Rock'n'Roll itself, Lemmy, RIP, you will be missed and always remembered.

Have a Happy New Year and we'll see you back here in 2016.

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters of Mercy - Floodland WEA In-House Tape - 1987 (MP3)

Well. I don't really know the source of this one, but it was shared by manasha a long time ago, so my THANK YOU to him. These mixes are closer to the finished album than the previously shared Floodland Demos.

This was on the original TXT;

"I've had this tape sitting in a drawer since around 1990. It was just labelled as "Floodland demos", and the recording was accompanied by a loud whistle (this is caused by being copied using high-speed dubbing when there's a TV set close to the machine). I removed as much of the whistle as I could without affecting the quality of the recording, so now it's not noticeable except during the quiet bits like at the start and ends of some songs. This is obviously another in-house mixes tape, or something of that sort. The tracks are definitely different, for example the intro of Driven Like The Snow #1 is longer, and the mix of Lucretia sounds less busy than the finished version. Also, you can hear that some tracks seem to be off vinyl, so some of them are probably from acetates. "

01. Driven Like The Snow (#1)
02. Flood I (#1)
03. Flood II (#1)
04. Dominion--Mother Russia
05. 1959
06. Lucretia My Reflection
07. Flood I (#2)
08. Driven Like The Snow (#2)
09. This Corrosion
10. Flood II (#2)
11. Neverland (a fragment)

The Cramps - The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA - 31.12.1987 (DVD)

Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

This show professes to be an "official" release, but clearly is a bootleg. The reason I believe this is because I can find no other outlets or sources for this DVD other than the one responsible for putting it out. It is produced on a DVD-R. It is a single camera audience recording. The audio is off the camera, not off the board. There is no bar code on the cover art. There are chapter stops every five minutes rather than on the actual break between songs - rather amateurish. The web site that is selling this appears to be hokey and dubious. Some place called Vampiros Video Vault presents the release. seems to be the sole distributor. This is the only link I can find related to the release. The DVD is advertised as The Fillmore Theater in San Francisco 1988 New Years Eve show. Actually, it was New Years Eve 1987, although technically the Cramps didn't come on stage until after midnight, which would make it New Years Day 1988, not New Years Eve. It appears this is someone's attempt to keep this from being shared so they can profit from it by claiming that it is official or whatever.

Ripped from DVD-R using DVDShrink. No compression or editing has been done to the files. I have obtained the okay from DIME mods to post this. Details follow:

Format:  NTSC
Video Codec:  MPEG2
Video Bitrate:  5961 kb/s 
Framerate:  29.970 f/s 
Resolution:  720 x 480 
Scan:  progressive 
Display Aspect Ratio:  4:3 
Audio Codec/Channels:  AC3 stereo 
Audio Sample/Bitrate:  48000Hz/384 kb/s
Source:  unknown lineage prior to DVD-R   
Duration:  1:18:24
Size: 2.70 GB

Set List

01 Psychotic Reaction
02 Garbageman
03 Chicken
04 Shortnin' Bread
05 Booze Party
06 What's Inside A Girl?
07 Woodpecker Rock
08 Primitive
09 Goo Goo Muck
10 The Way I Walk
11 God Damn Rock 'N Roll
12 The Hot Pearl Snatch
13 People Ain't No Good
14 All Women Are Bad
15 Aloha From Hell
16 Sunglasses After Dark
17 Rock On The Moon
18 (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed
19 You Got Good Taste
20 I'm Cramped
21 Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
22 Tear It Up
23 The Crusher


Lux Interior - vox
Poison Ivy - guitar
Candy Del Mar - bass
Nick Knox - drums

R.I.P. Lux Interior - the greatest front man ever! Stay Sick!

The B-52's - Berklee Performance Center, Boston, Mass., USA - 24.08.1979 & Agora, New Haven, Ct. USA.- 22.07.1983 (Flac)

The Boston concert is a repeat, but I didn't want to divide the original shared folder. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

 the early years:
Berklee Performance Center, Boston, Mass. U.S.A., August 24, 1979
(opener for Talking Heads!)
their set has been posted a few times from pre-FM source
runtime: 40:16


Agora, New Haven, Ct. U.S.A., July 22, 1983 (1st 7 songs only)
runtime: 35:43

performance quality: A (Both Very strong shows)


Boston (complete WBCN recorded broadcast)
  1: 52 girls  4:00
  2: 6060842  2:44
  3: lava  5:16
  4: private idaho  4:02
  5: the devil's in my car  5:44
  6: dance this mess around  5:04
  7: running around  3:26
  8: rock lobster  5:20
  9: encore: strobe light  4:36

 Agora, New Haven Ct. July 22, 1983  (incomplete audience recording)
  10: song for a future generation  4:35
  11: strobe light  4:39
  12: give me back my man  6:26
  13: planet Claire  4:13
  14: butterbean  5:18
  15: queen of Las Vegas  5:40
  16: whammy kiss  4:50

 total runtime: 75:59

recording quality/source: Boston A (master FM tape Maxell XLII-S)
                                         New Haven B (1st gen. aud tape Maxell XLII)

each of these played on Naka. 125 into soundforge 4.5 (WAV) > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.>reseeded in 2011 with a flac > wav > flac reconversion to remove the sbe's,

The B-52's
Fred Schneider: lead vocals
Cindy Wilson: lead vocals
Kate Pierson: lead vocals, bass
Ricky Wilson: guitar
Keith Strickland: drums

  an eternal party production.
  Do not sell this recording.
  share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

 Both these sets were posted once before in 2008, with paltry setlist and probably no samples.
 These are 2 of my earliest recordings of the B-52's in concert. They're a fun live band
and never better than in the late 70's and early 80's, so I've put together these 2 short
sets into one torrent, even though one is an FM and the other is an aud. The 79 is a complete
broadcast, don't know if it was a complete set. Probably was, since it was an opener set
for Talking Heads. I was going to seed both of those together since both of mine are very
nice sound quality, but a sbd of the Talking Heads show was seeded previously on dime
with exc. quality. I haven't seen the B-52's set posted yet, until this was first posted
in 2008 and it was a very good show, from a clean FM master cassette of the second re-broadcast
which was not hacked up like the 1st one with untimely abrupt commercial interruptions. This
is from the same FLAC files as the 1st post, only the titles have been changed now that the setlist
is complete for both these sets, and the sb's have been aligned.
thus the info. file, fpts and md5 are different, and also gone is the graphicly confusing
torrent title of "b527981". (Folks, do NOT try this at home.)
plenty of enthusiasm and energy in the 1979 set, probably one of the first times they had been
broadcasted in concert (this was recorded and broadcasted later, one of 2 shows, don't know which one).
I've filled out this disc with an incomplete 1st gen. aud from 1983 (previously listed as 1981,
apparently that was an incorrect date) that's also full of enthusiasm and a fresh performance.
I'm happy to hear more from them too, 84 or before, basically, is prime time for the B's if you ask me,
probably starting right around this time, which was around the time their 1st (yellow-covered "B-52's")
album came out. This one remains one of my favorites of theirs and you get some nice versions of those
songs and more in here. I think anyone who likes the B-52's will enjoy hearing this.
 The Boston tape is my master, the N.H. 81 is with thanks to fzmoi69 who supplied me a 1st gen.
cassette copy. It only has the 1st 7 songs of the show, but seven is better than none. this
whammy kiss is complete (unlike all too often in real life, if not before that point.)

The Slits - Rat's Palace, San Francisco, USA - 25.11.1980 (2 Versions Flac & MP3)

Two versions of  this concert, obviously the soundboard sounds much better, but is lossy. Thanks to creatured for sharing the audience version on Dime and to Egg_Crisis for sending me both versions to share here.

Flac Audience Version Info:

Aud1 > cdr > EAC > TLH > Flac

1. New Town
2. Walk About
3. The Man Next Door
4. Life On Earth
5. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
6. Face Place
7. Fade Away

MP3 Soundboard Version Info:

01 New Town
02 Walk About
03 Man Next Door
04 Life On Earth
05 Heard It Through the Grapevine
06 Face Place
07 Fade Away
08 Typical Girls
09 Animal Space
10 In The Beginning There Was Rhythm

Length - 60:20

Recorded by Terry Hammer.
From his youtube: "Like all of my live recordings this was mixed direct to 2-Track Reel To Reel using headphones. Sitting in the club with the loud P.A. sound trying to drive the amp in my mixing board loud enough to hear what I was mixing. If you've ever been to a live concert, then, you know how loud it can be. Mixed on a cheap Peavey MkII 12 channel mixing board to Technics RS-1500 2-Track Reel To Reel. Mixed & Produced by: Terry Hammer ; (p)1980 : Terry Hammer.

Sourced from the 128kbps .m4a from youtube.

The Breeders - Pinkpop, Landgraaf, The Netherlands - 23.05.1994 (Flac)

Very good FM broadcast. Thanks to frankvink for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

Classic line-up performance at the massive Pinkpop festival. Features Carrie Bradley on violin on track 06. Very much looking forward to seeing the ladies again in Amsterdam next month!

Not my own recording, but a first generation copy of a mate's master tape. This is the (stereo) audio portion of a television broadcast.

Acts on the bill that day: Galliano, Charlatans, Cracker, Dulfer, Prodigal Sons, The Orb, Rage Against the Machine, Björk, Smashing Pumpkins, Crowded House, Urban Dance Squad, Breeders, Soul Asylum, Therapy?, Afghan Whigs, Levellers, Morphine, Daryll Ann.

Lineage: TV (stereo, first generation copy) > Audacity (wav, normalize, track splitting) > xACT (flac) > you


01 Flipside
02 Head to toe
03 Lord of the thighs
04 Cannonball
05 Inivisble man
06 Driving on 9
07 Divine hammer



Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Sisters Of Mercy - Barrowland, Glasgow, Scotland - 24.04.2003 (Flac)

Thanks to jamroom for sharing this one on Dime.

Original Info File:

Recording info: SP-CMC-2 > SP-SPSB-1 > Sony MZN 707 (LP Mode)

Transfer info: MD Master->MDS-JE770->optical output->iRiver H120 [rockboxed]->USB->Adobe Audition 3 [fades->+8db]->TLH FLAC Level 8

Taped by Gary Barrett (alfienoakes)
Transferred by jamroom

01 [04:08] Temple of Love
02 [04:17] Crash and Burn
03 [03:28] Ribbons
04 [04:30] When You Don't See Me
05 [03:28] Summer
06 [03:32] Alice
07 [04:43] Flood I
08 [04:00] Will I Dream
09 [05:50] Dominion/Mother Russia
10 [04:23] We Are the Same, Susanne
11 [02:55] Anaconda
12 [03:30] I Have Slept With All the Girls in Berlin
13 [04:17] Giving Ground [The Sisterhood cover]
14 [03:44] First and Last and Always
15 [04:52] Romeo Down
16 [06:45] Flood II
17 [02:02] encore applause
18 [03:28] I Was Wrong
19 [03:07] Never Land (A Fragment)
20 [03:18] Lucretia My Reflection
21 [01:53] encore applause
22 [02:49] Top Nite Out [cuts out]
Track not recorded: Vision Thing

Total [85:06]

Gary Barrett (alfienoakes on Dime) RIP

Gary was a well-known figure in the Glasgow music scene, after working in A1 Sounds / Fopp and Avalanche Records for over 20 years. He also promoted a few shows in the mid 80s.
When minidisc technology emerged, he immediately set himself up for recording and began chronicling all the gigs he attended. This is a record of all the existing MD’s I found in his massive music collection, which his brother asked me to transfer on to hard drive.
Gary passed away suddenly from natural causes in Sept 2006, ironically just after he purchased his first HD recorder and only got to record 2 shows with (Green On Red at King Tut’s being the last one).
Big thanks to jamroom for taking over this project and the many dimebots who have helped him in this massive endeavour. This MD Project is a tribute to Gary's passion for live music and supporting local and small touring bands.


Band members:

Andrew Eldritch - Vocals, Guitar
Doktor Avalanche - Drums
Adam Pearson - Guitar
Chris Sheehan - Guitar
Si Denbigh - Programming

Gig Notes:

Gary never taped any support bands.

Recording notes and sound quality:

Added fades and boosted the volume by +8db. Please note that the was only one MD for this show and it cuts out midway through Top Nite Out and going by the setlist on, misses Vision Thing as well. I guess Gary ran out of disc or a lead came out.

Being the Barrowland, there's plenty of background chat and other noise. I'm guessing Gary was further back, probably at the soundboard, at the PA wasn't too loud and sounds just a little distant. Sounds decent enough though.

band links

venue link

Please support the band by buying their albums, merch, and by going to see them live. They deserve your cash.

Do NOT sell this recording, trade FREELY!
No art, make you own.

The Slits - "Typical Girls" (PAL DVD)

Excellent compilation made by Egg_Crisis. HUGE Thank You to him for doing this and letting me share it here.

01. Punk Rock Movie (10:08)
--- Rehearsing: No. 1 Enemy, Slime, New Town (April/May 77) / On Clash tour bus (May 77)
--- Vaseline (Live, 1977) / On Clash tour bus (May 77)
--- New Town (Holland Park Comprehensive School, London, December 77)

02. Slime, So Tough, Vaseline (Vortex Club, London, 1977.07.15 or 1977.08.15) (Raw Energy, Dutch TV, 1978) (4:28)

03. Slits Pictures (Don Letts, 1979) (24:20)
--- Instant Hit, Spend Spend Spend, Getting changed in a shop window,
--- New Town, Typical Girls, Reggae club, Spend Spend Spend (live)

04. Instant Hit (Slits Pictures, better quality) (3:06)

05. Typical Girls (Slits Pictures, better quality) (2:28)

06. Spend Spend Spend (Szene, German TV, 1979) (3:15)

07. Typical Girls (live, unknown tv show, 1979) (2:34)

08. Interviews, Animal Space, I Heard it Through The Grapevine, Man Next Door (unknown venue, 1980) (Women In Rock documentary, 1981) (8:10)

09. Man Next Door (Berlin Tempodrom 19.6.81) (8:50)

10. Ari Up interview (Dancing In The Street: No Fun, BBC2, 3rd Aug 1996) (1:33)

Total: 68:52

Various VHS tapes > LG DVD/VCR combo > DVD-RW disc > TMPGenc DVD author(add chapters & menu,no re-encode) > VIDEO_TS folder

Video: MPEG2 Video 0x0 25fps 6556kbps [Video]
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 256kbps [AC-3]

Video: MPEG2 Video 0x0 25fps 9641kbps [Video]
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 192kbps [AC-3]

The Tempodrom clip was downloaded from Dime. I've authored it into this DVD without re-encoding the original vob file, although I had to chop 2 frames off the end to prevent it from crashing when the track reached the end. I've included the original info file that came with it.

Tracks 1,4,5,8,9,10 are good/excellent.
Track 2: Colour is weird
Track 3: Some serious distortion in the picture in parts.
Track 6: Image isn't very sharp
Track 7: Nth generation, colour degraded to b&w

Track 2: They played the Vortex on 1977.07.15 and again on 1977.08.15 so it could be either of those two dates.

Track 3: The picture suffers from distortion in parts. It's watchable, and watching this is better than not seeing it at all! After authoring the DVD I discovered that most of the Don Letts movie is on youtube. If someone has a decent DVD copy get in touch!

Track 6: They dance around instead of lip-syncing to the song, perhaps in protest at not being allowed to play live!

Track 8: I originally thought this was from the Berlin Tempodrom gig until I saw the other clip, but when I compared them it isn't.  In the footage, Ari is wearing the dress that Neneh Cherry wears at the Tempodrom gig, and Neneh Cherry isn't present.  There are decent shots of the interior of the venue, maybe someone recognises it?  I'm thinking it's a European venue rather than a UK one.

Egg_Crisis, December 2015.

The Boys Next Door - Next Door - Bootleg (Flac)

Excellent bootleg CD with 2 SBD reecordings of Nick Cave's first band. Thanks to the original uploader.

Lineage CD > EAC > FLAC

(Bootleg CD "Next Door" 1994 An Ideal For Living)
1979-11-04 Crystal Ballroom, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

01    Lets Talk About Art    2:25
02    After A Fashion        4:10
03    Running Goat        2:57
04    Death By Drowning    3:38
05    The Cracked Portrait    2:48
06    A Catholic Skin        2:38
07    A.K.A.            3:17
08    Shivers            4:36
09    The Friend Catcher    3:18
10    Safehouse            2:38
11    Scatterbrain        3:36
12    Guilt Parade        2:50
13    The Hair Shirt        3:44

1979-10-03 Storey Hall, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

14    Guilt Parade        2:36
15    Shivers            5:12
16    Cracked Portrait        2:48
17    A Catholic Skin        5:24
18    Death By Drowning    3:40
19    Running Goat        2:36
20    The Friend Catcher    2:56
21    After A Fashion        3:46

The Band: Nick Cave, Rowland S. Howard, Mick Harvey, Tracey Pew, Phil Calvert

Echo & The Bunnymen - Le Palace, Paris, France - 19.06.1981 (Flac)

Very good FM broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

Unknown source (low gen), FM recording, fresh transfer

Transfer: Nakamichi BX-300 > Sound Forge 10 @ 24/96 >
CDWave > TLH > FLAC 16/44

1. Turqouise Day > All I Want
2. Over The Wall
3. No Dark Things
4. Heaven Up Here
5. Rescue
6. Crocodiles
7. Villiers Terrace


Not a new source, just a fresh transfer of a tape I received in trade in the mid 1980's. 
Lots of DJ chatter (in French of course), before and after songs, some amp buzz at times as well.
Appears to be the end of the concert only, tracks 6 & 7 sound like encores.

Hope it's accurate, just wanted to get my cassette copy to FLAC  preservation purposes and share it.  Enjoy!

Tom Verlaine - Big Club, Torino, Italy - 08.04.1987 (Flac)

FM SBD, from master. First ever show in Italy. Many thanks to the original taper/uploader

This is a great quality recording, an FM broadcast soundboard....unfortunally the only problem is
the usual idiot, the italian dj, that speaks between every song and on the songs intro, saying song's
titles, line-up, and a lot of unnecesarry words....he never shut-up ! but beside that, the show
is awesome.

Master reel to reel > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 audio equalizer > tascam audio cdrw750 > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac. > me > Tlh> Wav> TLH>Flac level 8


1. Italian Dj Intro >
2. Intro > Rotation
3. Souvenir From Dream
4. Bomb
5. Dissolve, Reveal
6. Cry Mercy, Judge
7. Scientist Writes A Letter
8. Penetration >
9. Swim >
10. Clear It Away pt. 1 > (1 drop between the 2 parts)
11. Clear It Away pt. 2 >
12. Kingdom Come
13. Marquee Moon > Glory

Radiohead - Spectre (Free Download)

Free download/stream from the band's soundcloud. Get it while you can.

Radiohead Message:

Last year we were asked to write a theme tune for the Bond movie Spectre.
Yes we were. It didn’t work out, but became something of our own, which we love very much.
As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it.
Merry Christmas. May the force be with you.

RE-UPLOAD: The Nefilim - Genesis (MP3)

Bootleg with demos and rare tracks.

1. Red 777
2. Chaocracy (demo)
3. Sensorium
4. Zoon (demo)
5. Sensorium (alternate version)
6. Red 777 (alternate version)
7. Chaocracy
8. Red 777 (Demo)
9. Xodus (Xcitorium)

RE-UPLOAD: Tiefenstadt, The Last Cry, Whispers In The Shadow - Goth Rock Over Frankfurt II, Das Bett, Frankfurt, Germany - 30.04.2012 (Flac)

Huge Thanks to Chris for taping the whole event and sending me the recordings to share here.

Taper: C.F. (Chris)
Gear: Sony ICD-SX850

Lineage: Wav -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac (Level 8)



01. (?)
02. Do We Cheat God Now
03. Love Is Like Water
04. Menschlichkeit
05. (?)

The Last Cry


01. Intro
02. Devastate
03. Broken Hearts
04. Haunting Me
05. Out Of The Sky
06. To Dream Next To You
07. Falling Away
08. No Resistance
09. Punishment
10. (?)
11. Walking To The Edge

Whispers In The Shadow


01. Intro
02. The Rites of Passage
03. Words Made Flesh
04. The Arrival
05. If Uriel Falls
06. The Lost Souls
07. Back To The Wound
08. Lightbringer
09. The Tempest
10. Damned Nation
11. Wormwood Star
12. Babylon Rising
13. Until The End Of The World (U2 cover)
14. Nothing Stays Forever
15. Revealed As Light

Support the bands by buying official products.
Do not convert to MP3, please.

RE-UPLOAD: Zerose– Liebe, Sex & Zärtlichkeit - 1991 (MP3)

And the happiest ending possible for our quest of identifying the song sent by Ledl33. It was extremely obscure and we knew nothing about it, but with some help from the readers we managed to find it, and now thanks to mopple here it is uncovered. Thanks to the owner of this rarity for being kind enough to make a rip of his tape avaiable to the blog readers!

Für Hans
Dicke Würmer
Der Scheidenfall
Due Personi

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler Present Zombie Christmas - The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK - 19.12.2012 (Flac)

Merry X-mas!

Thanks to stepeanut for taping and sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

Equipment: AT853a/SCC mics > CA Ugly II preamp > Sony PCM-M10 > 16GB SanDisk MicroSDHC

Lineage: WAV (24-bit, 48 kHz) > Audacity v2.0.0 (edit; normalise; transient peak reduction; fade in/out; tracking; resample to 16-bit, 44.1 kHz) > xACT v2.20 (fix SBEs) > FLAC level 8 (add tags, create checksums)

Taper: stepeanut


01 Walking in the Air [Instrumental]
02 This is Christmas Intro
03 Marshmallow World
04 Snowflakes
05 Christmas Moon
06 Christmas Day (I Wish I Was Surfing)
07 (Don't Call Me) Mrs Christmas
08 Sleigh Ride
09 Last Christmas
10 Home for the Holidays
11 Sleigh Me
12 Zombie Christmas
13 I Wish It Was Christmas Today
14 Band intro
15 Blue Christmas
16 See You Next Year
17 Stay Another Day
18 [encore break]
19 Jesus the Reindeer
20 Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)
21 Step into Christmas
22 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
23 Fairytale of New York

Running time: 72:45

Band (Sleigher):

Emmy the Great (Emma-Lee Moss) - vocals, sleigh bells, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards
Tim Wheeler - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Rick McMurray - drums, sleigh bells, backing vocals
Tom Rogerson - keyboards
Brian Lipsey - bass, backing vocals
Brett Lomas - occasional guitar, backing vocals
Johnny Marr - guitar, backing vocals (tracks 21-23)

Please do not convert to MP3, except for personal use.  Trade the original, lossless fileset only, including this info file and the checksums.  Do not sell this recording.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Killing Joke - Lyceum, London, UK - 05.10.1980 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader on TTD.

Original Info File:


01. Pssyche
02. Tomorrow's World
03. Requiem
04. Change
05. S.O.36
06. Bloodsport
07. Primitive
08. Wardance
09. The Wait

The original line up;
Jaz - Vocals & Keyboard
Youth - Bass & Vocals
Big Paul - Drums & Vocals
Geordie - Guitar

No Artwork

Audience recording, about 8/10 quality.

Unknown generation cassette (TDK AD90) > Yamaha KX393 (Dolby Off) > EWS MT88 soundcard > Wavelab (recording & splitting tracks only) > WAV > FLAC (frontend).


This is on the other side of the Trafalgar Square tape - so again I can't remember for sure exactly when or where I got it, but it was within a few months of the gig, & is fairly high up the generation chain.

(I think it came from one of 2 regular tape sellers on Portobello Road - they didn't have a stall, just a bag of cassettes)

Again this is exactly as-is on my tape, with a snippet of Red Beat's single over the PA at the end.

Sorry, but I don't have any of the other bands sets that night.


The Slits - Acton White Hart, London, UK - 21.06.1978 (Flac)

Thanks to Egg_Crisis for letting post his rip here.

Original Info File:

Cassette (audience, unknown gen) > wav > Groove Mechanic (dehiss) > wav > Soundforge (slight eq to bring up the vocals a bit) > wav > CDWave (split tracks on sector boundaries) > wav > flac(6)

I received this cassette in a trade in 1991. Possibly not widely circulated?

After Typical Girls you can hear someone say "Look at that bloke behind you... he's got a microphone in his hand!"

As a bonus track I added the only song I have from their Screen On The Green gig (received in a trade probably around 1989/90). A free gig supporting the Sex Pistols. The person who recorded the Pistols recorded this one song by The Slits and then stopped the tape. Later his tape ran out before the Pistols had finished. This gig was only three weeks after their first ever gig, and is quite possibly the earliest recorded Slits material, and I just realised the 30th anniversary of the gig passed just a few days ago. Footage of the Pistols at Screen On The Green can be seen in The Punk Rock Movie. I wonder if Don Letts filmed any of The Slits that night.


01. F.M.
02. Vindictive
03. Love And Romance
04. Typical Girls
05. Vaseline
06. New Town
07. Femme Fatale
08. Instant Hit
09. So Tough
10. No.1 Enemy
11. Shoplifting
12. I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Length: 36:57

13. Vindictive (Screen On The Green, Islington, London, UK, 1977-04-03)

Length: 2:24

Lineup: Ari Up (vocals), Viv Albertine (guitar), Tessa Pollitt (bass), Palmolive (drums)

Propaganda - 1234 studio demos, Skyline Studio, Düsseldorf, Germany - 1987/1988 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Propaganda 1234 demos taken directly from Brian McGee's original tapes. The lineup on the second album missed Claudia Brücken, Ralf Dörper and Andreas Thein and this album was poppier than the previous and fantastic A Secret Wish album. Although a good one. 

2 CD, SBD, A, 89 min.

Disc 1
1 Morriccone
2 Doppelganger
3 Tension In The Air
4 Vicious Circle
5 Ballad 1 (Only One Word)
6 Untitled
7 Tension In The Air
8 Beauty & The Beast (La Carne, La Morte e ll Diavolo)
9 American Metal (Only One Word)
10 Blooms
11 Doppelganger
12 Vicious Circle
*Tracks 07-12 live rehearsal 1987

Disc 2
1 Honey - ver 1 (Heaven Give Me Words)
2 Ministry Of Fear - ver 1
3 Blooms
4 Doppelganger - ver 2
5 Honey - ver 2 (Heaven Give Me Words)
6 Ballad 1 - ver 2 (Only One Word)
7 Tension In The Air - ver 2
8 Vicious Circle (excerpt)
9 Ministry Of Fear - ver 2 (excerpt)
10 Ballad 2 (Wound In My Heart)
11 Honey - ver 2 (extract of Heaven Give Me Words)
12 Doppelganger - ver 3

Michael Mertens - Keyboards, Synths & Electronica
Derek Forbes - Bass
Brian McGee - Drums
Betsi Miller - vocals
Suzanne Freytag - vocals

Various Artists - Wiebo - Hommage à David Bowie (MKV)

Very nice, now that David Bowie doesn't tour anymore, we'll probably see more of these type of performances.
Country: France
Genre: Glam Rock, Cabaret, Concert-performance
Duration: 1:28:25
Year: 2015

Director: Colin Laurent
Description: March 3-8, 2015 in Paris Philharmonic 2 passed the musical dance-acrobatic show, choreographed by Philippe Dekufle and dedicated to David Bowie.

Track list:
01. Looking for Sattelites (perf. Jean-Biche)
02. The Man Who Sold the World (perf. Jehnny Beth)
03. Space Oddity (perf. Jehnny Beth, Sophie Hunger)
04. Let's Danse (perf. Jeanne Added)
05. Sufragette City (perf. Jehnny Beth)
06. Queen Bitch (perf. Sophie Hunger)
07. Oh You Pretty Things (perf. Jeanne Added)
08. Starman (perf. Sophie Hunger, Jeanne Added)
09. Ashes to Ashes (perf. Jeanne Added)
10. Andy Warhol (perf. Etienne Gaillochet)
11. Life on Mars (perf. Jehnny Beth)
12. Five Ears (perf. Jeanne Added)
13. Heroes (perf. Sophie Hunger)
14. Ziggy Stardust (perf. Jehnny Beth)
15. Changes (perf. Sophie Hunger, Jehnny Beth, Jeanne Added)

Source: Mediathek Arte HD

Quality: HDTVRip-AVC
Container: MKV
Video codec: H.264
Audio codec: AAC
Video: AVC (H.264), 1152x640 (16: 9), 25 fps, ~ 2231 kbps avg, 0.121 bit / pixel
Audio: AAC-LC, 2 ch, 48 kHz, VBR ~ 125 kbps avg

(Untouched translation Google translete.)

Philippe Decouflé brings together musicians, singers, dancers and performers in a great celebration glam rock. Halfway between concert and performance, this creation event features the various facets of Bowie myth. Let's dance!

Seeming to come from a foreign language, even alien, the title of this creation - Wiebo - ad maliciously color: it is indeed cast a sidelong glance at Bowie, return it in all directions to better bring out the if its light shimmering universe and diffract to the public. The many facets of "The Man Who Fell to Earth" thus reflect brightly throughout an absolutely stunning transgender and resolutely show. Reporting to the concert as much as performance, an official ceremony as much as a clandestine cabaret, glam rock this big celebration runs through the work of Bowie songs in fifteen. Philippe Decouflé has surrounded for the occasion singers Sophie Hunger, Jehnny Beth (Savages) and Jeanne Added, of circus artists with whom he had worked at the Circus of the Sun, company dancers and performers atypical.

Associate production Compagnie DCA - Philippe Decouflé / Command of the Philharmonie de Paris

2 minutes clip from french TV AFP:

10 clips from french TV about David Bowie IS

The Undertones - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 15.03.1980 (Flac)

Very good FM capture. Thanks to the original uploader.



Lene Lovich / Wreckless Eric / Rachel Sweet - BBC Radio 1 In Concert, London, UK - 12.01.1979 (Flac)

Very good FM capture. Thanks to kingrue for sharing it on TTD.

Original Info File:

January 13, 1979 (broadcast date)

The BR series vol 48

Source: FM Broadcast > unknown generation (minimum 2nd gen) (Maxell UD XL-II)

Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 > gold tipped cables > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1 Hz)

Editing: Soundforge (editing & tracking) > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac Level 8

Traders Den 10/5/15

Transferred, channels balanced and tracked by kingrue Upload 618


Today I have a BBC tape that might be new to a lot of you.

Here we have 3 bands for this BBC event.

Lene Lovich whose birth name is Lili-Marlene Premilovich was born in Detroit, moved to England at the age of 13. She first gained attention in 1979 with the release of her hit single "Lucky Number", which peaked at number 3 on the UK Singles Chart and made her a leading figure of the new wave music scene. She released two more albums, Flex (1979) and No Man's Land (1982), on Stiff Records. In 1989, she independently released the album 'March', before her 15-year hiatus. She focused more on her family but came back in 2005 with the release of her album.  Lene now at the age of 66 is touring again having recently toured Germany this year.

Wreckless Eric is best known for his 1977 single "(I'd Go The) Whole Wide World" on Stiff Records. He decided to leave Stiff and record music at his home studio. While Eric may have left the mainstream music business and the public eye, he has continued writing songs and performing consistently at underground clubs and bars. Throughout the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s Eric has released albums on numerous independent record labels

Rachel Sweet began recording commercials at the age of six, toured with Mickey Rooney, and performed in Las Vegas as the opening act for Bill Cosby at the age of twelve. (No funny pills for her, thank goodness). She began recording country music in 1974, but with little success beyond one minor Country Chart hit. Switching to rock and roll, she signed to Stiff Records label and released her first album, 'Fool Around', in 1978. Her last album was in 1982.  She went on the do a variety of musical endeavors. In 1992 Sweet appeared in a minor role on a episode of Seinfeld, as George Costanza's cousin an "The Contest.", . Now at the age of 53 Rachel resides in Akron, Ohio.

Tape flip between tracks 9 and 10.  No music missing.

Since this is a few gens down the line, it's not perfect fidelity,  but it's complete and it might be something you'll enjoy.

Thanks to BR for the tape.

Samples Provided

Lene Lovich & The Lovers = 18:28 min
01 BBC Introduction
02 Monkey See, Monkey Do
03 Sleeping Beauty
04 Say When
05 Home
06 Lucky Number

Wreckless Eric and the Four Rough Men = 19:27 min
07 Walking on The Surface of the Moon
08 Veronica
09 Let's Go To The Pictures
10 Take The Cash
11 Whole Wide World

Rachel Sweet = 21:44 min
12 Truck Stop Queen
13 Pin a Medal on Mary
14 Wildwood Saloon
15 B.A.B.Y. (Carla Thomas)
16 Alison (Elvis Costello)
17 Who Does Lisa Like

Total Time = 59:40 min



Alien Sex Fiend - Crocs, Rayleigh, UK - 18.11.1983 (Flac)

Very good Soundboard recording.


1 - RIP
2 - Wild Women
3 - Wish I Woz A Dog
4 - Ignore The Machine
5 - I Am A Product
6 - Lips Cant Go
7 - Im Not Mad

RE-UPLOAD: Alien Sex Fiend - Civic Hall, Aylesbury, UK - 23.11.1983 (Flac)

Very good soundboard. Huge Thanks to sam1 for sending me this recording to share here! Thanks to Northern Nephilim for the missing track names!

01. Wish I Woz A Dog (Last Part)
02. R.I.P
03. Wild Women
04. I Am A Product
05. Lips Can't Go
06. The Gurl At The End Of My Gun
07. New Christian Music
08. Ignore the Machine
09. 30 Second Coma

RE-UPLOAD: Alien Sex Fiend - Plymouth, UK - 30.03.1987 (Flac)

And another ASF concert from the vaults of Sam1, huge THANKS for his generosity.

01. April Showers
02. I Walk The Line
03. Wild Women
04. Manic Depression
05. In And Out Of My Mind
06. Ignore The Machine
07. Smells Like Shit
08. Dead And Buried
09. Hurricane Fighter Plane
10. R.I.P

11. It Lives Again
12. Bone Shaker

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