Sunday, 20 December 2015

Various Artists - Wiebo - Hommage à David Bowie (MKV)

Very nice, now that David Bowie doesn't tour anymore, we'll probably see more of these type of performances.
Country: France
Genre: Glam Rock, Cabaret, Concert-performance
Duration: 1:28:25
Year: 2015

Director: Colin Laurent
Description: March 3-8, 2015 in Paris Philharmonic 2 passed the musical dance-acrobatic show, choreographed by Philippe Dekufle and dedicated to David Bowie.

Track list:
01. Looking for Sattelites (perf. Jean-Biche)
02. The Man Who Sold the World (perf. Jehnny Beth)
03. Space Oddity (perf. Jehnny Beth, Sophie Hunger)
04. Let's Danse (perf. Jeanne Added)
05. Sufragette City (perf. Jehnny Beth)
06. Queen Bitch (perf. Sophie Hunger)
07. Oh You Pretty Things (perf. Jeanne Added)
08. Starman (perf. Sophie Hunger, Jeanne Added)
09. Ashes to Ashes (perf. Jeanne Added)
10. Andy Warhol (perf. Etienne Gaillochet)
11. Life on Mars (perf. Jehnny Beth)
12. Five Ears (perf. Jeanne Added)
13. Heroes (perf. Sophie Hunger)
14. Ziggy Stardust (perf. Jehnny Beth)
15. Changes (perf. Sophie Hunger, Jehnny Beth, Jeanne Added)

Source: Mediathek Arte HD

Quality: HDTVRip-AVC
Container: MKV
Video codec: H.264
Audio codec: AAC
Video: AVC (H.264), 1152x640 (16: 9), 25 fps, ~ 2231 kbps avg, 0.121 bit / pixel
Audio: AAC-LC, 2 ch, 48 kHz, VBR ~ 125 kbps avg

(Untouched translation Google translete.)

Philippe Decouflé brings together musicians, singers, dancers and performers in a great celebration glam rock. Halfway between concert and performance, this creation event features the various facets of Bowie myth. Let's dance!

Seeming to come from a foreign language, even alien, the title of this creation - Wiebo - ad maliciously color: it is indeed cast a sidelong glance at Bowie, return it in all directions to better bring out the if its light shimmering universe and diffract to the public. The many facets of "The Man Who Fell to Earth" thus reflect brightly throughout an absolutely stunning transgender and resolutely show. Reporting to the concert as much as performance, an official ceremony as much as a clandestine cabaret, glam rock this big celebration runs through the work of Bowie songs in fifteen. Philippe Decouflé has surrounded for the occasion singers Sophie Hunger, Jehnny Beth (Savages) and Jeanne Added, of circus artists with whom he had worked at the Circus of the Sun, company dancers and performers atypical.

Associate production Compagnie DCA - Philippe Decouflé / Command of the Philharmonie de Paris

2 minutes clip from french TV AFP:

10 clips from french TV about David Bowie IS


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