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The Sisters Of Mercy - O2 ABC, Glasgow, Scotland - 07.07.2014 - Version 2 (Flac)

Again Thanks to RSDundee for sharing his recordings on Dime.

Source: MCSM4-Mics>TASCAM DR07-mkII

Lineage: TASCAM>PC(USB)>CDWave Editor>FLAC8 (TLH)

01. More
02. Ribbons
03. When You Don't See Me
04. Blood Money
05. Alice
06. Crash and Burn
07. Gift That Shines (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry cover)
08. No Time to Cry
09. Amphetamine Logic
10. Arms
11. Dominion/Mother Russia
12. Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
13. Top nite Out
14. Valentine
15. Flood II
16. This Corrosion

Encore 1:
17. Kiss the Carpet
18. Lucretia My Reflection
19. Vision Thing

Encore 2:
20. First and Last and Always
21. Misirlou (Dick Dale cover)
22. Temple of Love

This is the 'hat' recording from the Glasgow gig - comments as previous upload.
Sound is a bit better balanced, with vocals/guitar a wee bit clearer - I've included a full track on Soundcloud so folk can see if they want to bother downloading a second recording from exactly the same spot...

Soror Dolorosa / UNI_FORM / The Last Cry / The Spiritual Bat / Winter Severity Index /Red Sun Revival / Aeon Sable / Arts Of Erebus / Sweet Emmengarde - Gotham Sounds Festival Vol.2, Area 51, Hilden, Germany - 02 & 03.05.2014 (Flac)

Again NorthernNephilim brings us recordings of another entire festival. This guy is nothing short of amazing!!!


Gotham Sounds Festival Vol.2 with following bands:

- Arts Of Erebus
- Aeon Sable
- The Spiritual Bat
- Soror Dolorosa

- Sweet Ermengarde
- Red Sun Revival
- Winter Severity Index
- The Last Cry


- Church Audio CA-11 (Omni Caps) mounted on glasses
- Tascam DR-05 @ 24 Bit / 44 kHz
- Cubase (Master, Tracksplitting, DC Offset Remove) -> WAV 16 Bit / 44 kHz
- Trader´s Little Helper 2.6.0 (FLAC Level 8, SBE Fix, Checksum)
- including artwork for CD Jewelcase

 Arts Of Erebus Setlist:

01 - Death Shall Have No Dominion
02 - Edge Of Insanity
03 - Spark Of Hope
(Banter - they changed the setlist without me)
04 - Point Of No Return
05 - The Wanderer Between Life And Death
06 - Shadows Of Life
07 - Insight In Darkness
08 - Requiescat In Pace
09 - The Die Is Cast


Raven Burroughs - Vocals
Michel Meneguzzi - Guitars, Drums and Programming
Tommy Steuer - Bass
Stephane Marchal - Keyboards


Arts Of Erebus is a band playing emotonional gothic-rock music in a modern sound. The band is located at the french border region to Germany, and the members come from both countries France and Germany.

The band started back in 2001, releasing several CDs and playing live shows in central European countries since that time. After some changes in the lineup, 2013 the band returns with the conceptual album "An Open Case Of Parousia".

"Negative White" (Album, 2003)
"Thousand Ways To Die" (free web single, 2006)
"Icon in Eyes" (Album, 2007)
"Dawn Of The Dead" (EP, 2009)
"On The Edge Of Insanity" (MCD, 2012)
"An Open Case Of Parousia" (Album, 2013)

The Mission, Fields Of The Nephilim, Garden of Delight, Merciful Nuns

Aeon Sable Setlist:

01 - Aequinoctium
02 - Algorithm Of None
03 - At The Edge Of The World
04 - Visions
05 - Secret Flower
06 - Tenfifteen
07 - Dancefloor Satellite
08 - Praying Mantis
09 - Agnosia
10 - Exodus


Din - Tah Aeon
Nino Sable


"Do you have a dark side? You will after you listen to Aeon Sable." (DeathRat Fanzine)

“The psychonauts have waited long enough for the dark star to shine…”
(Nino Sable & Din-Tah Aeon, 2010)

Aeon Sable is a gothic rock band with a psychedelic touch, highly influenced by esotericism which was formed in 2010 in Essen by Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable. The creativity and dexterity of the two musicians, involved in several projects of the German and Portuguese underground scene since 1997, has allowed them to travel to seductively-surprising territory creating an alluring, dark atmosphere that continues to command the attention of the fans in Europe and beyond. "Do you have a dark side? You will after you listen to Aeon Sable" (DeathRat Fanzine, 2012)

The duo signed to afmusic, unveiled their latest release “Aequinoctium” in September 2013. A 5 track mini album consisting of songs written during the recordings of “Saturn Return” and a surprise gift for their audience, offering them a taste of the versatile blend contained in the new full length album the group is currently working on. The band’s devotion and intense drive for constant growth on every aspect of their art lead Aeon Sable to give rare live performances through which they invite fans to enter their creative realms. Upcoming shows are taking place on Friday 22nd of November at Urban Spree (Berlin) and on Saturday 21st of December at Cage Club (Bottrop) while the psychonauts will be making a special guest appearance on 24th of December in Schwarze Weihnacht event in Moritzbastei, Leipzig. In 2014 Aeon Sable will be emerging from the dark tunnels of imagination once again to hunt the stages of Gotham Sounds Festival (Hilden) in May and Wave Gothic Treffen (Leipzig) in June.

Din-Tah Aeon (guitars/programming/production, instrumentalist-songwriter) and Nino Sable (vocals/lyrics/production, graphics & media designer) started Aeon Sable as a studio project only and delivered a very individual interpretation of gothic rock in their quickly sold out debut album “Per Aspera Ad Astra” released in February 2010. Enraptured by nature and the most obscure sides of the subconscious mind, utmost fascinated by magic and all forms of art, the band continued their atmospheric journey and their second full length album “Saturn Return” was released in the end of 2012. The group, dually inspired by the cold melodies of black metal, ambient and gothic rock, along with the spirit of the country Nino was raised, Portugal, revealed a hunting album cherished by their fans and the media, giving rise to requests for live performances. Aeon Sable felt obliged to appear live on stage and thus, had to invite guest musicians.
The live band consisting of Quoth on the bass, Joh alongside Din-Tah Aeon on the guitars and Nino Sable on vocals, performed in 2013 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Oberhausen, Essen and Emergency Exit Festival in Dornbirn (Austria). Aeon Sable have appeared in several radio talk shows in Germany while articles and reviews about the band and their albums have been published by numerous gothic and metal magazines including Reflections of Darkness, Gothic Magazine, Legacy, Intravenous Magazine, Dark Spy and Orkus. Produced in Hong Kong in 2012, the official video of the band’s hit single “Dancefloor Satellite” was exclusively streamed on Orkus!TV and appeared in DVD compilations throughout Germany. “Dancefloor Satellite” has been remixed by 17 bands from all over the world and a collection of these remixes alongside the original and “Dying Motion” version can be found in an album available for free download on NoiseTrade.

Their three albums are available on every major download store while “Saturn Return” (Vinyl and CD) and “Aequinoctium” (CD) can be acquired through the band’s Bandcamp site as well as several stores and mail orders in Europe. Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable are dedicated in sustaining their inimitable personality by creating and developing a distinctive form of musical art; from composing, recording, mixing and mastering to the artwork and website - everything is made solely by the band. Allow yourself to enter the world of Aeon Sable and journey with the psychonauts in the darkest realms…

The Spiritul Bat Setlist:

01 - Death March
02 - Silver Lakes
03 - Cruel Machine
04 - Chance
05 - Mosaic
06 - Of Breath And Veils (Battlefield)
07 - Sento
08 - Wish Power
(Banter - how much time is left?!)
09 - Sacrament
10 - If I Were A Flower (The Journey)
11 - Thunderstorm
12 - We Are Born, We Live, We Die


Dario Passamonti - Composer, Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist
Rosetta Garrì - Vocals, Programming
Alessio Santoni - Drums


The Spiritual Bat is Dario Passamonti (Music and Arrangements) and Rosetta Garrì (Lyrics and Arrangements, percussions). Initially meaning to release all instrumental music, when a recording session for acoustic drums was set up, Rosetta, who had previously been the drummer, on a spur of the moment wrote and recorded the lyrics and vocals for Through The Shadows. The Spiritual Bat is an evolution from "The Spiritual Bats" project which was conceived in 1992 by Dario Passamonti with former singer Matteo Bracaglia. The vinyl EP Spiritual Bats was released in 1993. The project always featured artwork by the Alchemisti Painters (Biennial of Venice, 1986 Art and Alchemy section), as well as their installations and projections during live performances. In November 1994 the Spiritual Bats had the pleasure and the honour of opening for Rozz Williams (Christian Death) and his Daucus Karota, at the Black Out (Rome). Confession was recorded in May 1995, immediately after a show at the Velvet. Shamanic drummer Rosetta, was present at that event, and joined the group shortly after. Sacrament was released in 1999, after the live show at CB’s Gallery (Alchemy), New York, August 1998, with the projection of the Funeral Cries Video. In addition to the Alchemisti Art, Sacrament proudly features the Graphics Art by Eric Hammer, (Requiem In White, Mors Syphilitica), today also known as Doc Hammer (Venture Brothers). In 1999 the track Crucifixion was included The Unquiet Grave Volume 1 by CLEOPATRA. In 2004 the founders of the project decided to part. Dario continues to bring his visions to life through sound with Rosetta. Thanks to the encouragement of fans and a promise to a friend who passed away in 2008, they decided to share that intimate dimension: The Bat was now ready to come out live. Several European concerts and three U.S. tours have taken place since then: the 2009 Tour which followed the release of the duo’s debut album Through The Shadows, The Lowlands Tour in 2010 (with the support of Sullen Serenade, from Texas). Highlights of 2012 include the Whitby Gothic Weekend in the UK and San La Muerte Festival in San Antonio, TX. In 2011 The Spiritual Bat had signed with the historic German label DANSE MACABRE for the release of the album CRUEL MACHINE. A limited, hand-numbered edition of the same album, packaged in a deluxe folder including a poster was also released early in 2012 by Philadelphia based label Industry8/Digital Ferret, followed in the summer by The Cruel Machine US Tour (23 dates all over the United States), which confirmed new and old friendships in the dark scenes of the States, a journey in which the duo gained strength and self-confidence on stage. Back in Italy band rehearsals are resumed with Alessio Santoni (Ufip-Facus) on drums, but the new bass player unfortunately cannot commit due to personal reasons. Alessio, great professional who had already collaborated on the Through The Shadows and Cruel Machine recordings, as well as old friend met through sound engineer Claudio Mura, continues with dedication this journey with The Spiritual Bat. Meanwhile, the important collaboration with the historic booking agency Motherdance is announced (see artists such as Alien Sex Fiend, 45 Grave, Faith and The Muse and many others), for the European territory while the collaboration for Italy with Wardance (see Killing Joke, The Stranglers, Attrition, Frozen Autumn and many others) is confirmed. In May 2013 The Spiritual Bat appear live in the 22nd edition of Wave Gotik Treffen, international festival held annually in Leipzig, Germany, performing on the prestigious stage of the Werk II.

Soror Dolorosa Setlist:

01 - Hologram
02 - A Dead Yesterday
03 - 43°
04 - Dany
05 - The Figure Of The Night
06 - Low End
07 - Silver Square
08 - Sound & Death
09 - Beau Suicide
10 - Scars Of Crusade
11 - Trembling Androgyneous
12 - Cathodicum *
(Encore 1)
13 - Autumn Wounds
14 - In A Glance
15 - Exodus
(Encore 2)
16 - The End *

* = previously unreleased


Hervé Carles - Bass Guitar
Nicolas Mons - Guitar
David-Alexandre Parquier - Guitar
Franck Ligabue - Drums
Andy Julia - Vocals


This was my ignition key for visiting this festival, the friday headline spot for Soror Dolorosa. Almost 2 hours packed with intense, dry ice, great music, atmosphere. Soror Dolorosa are currently under my top rank from the new wave of Gothic Rock besides also great bands like Aeon Sable or Sweet Ermengarde. Their show together with an audience full packed with music enthusiasts made it to me as an unforgetable festival experience - Soror Dolorosa playing next in your town GO.SEE.THEM!

Formerly from Toulouse (southern France), SOROR DOLOROSA was originally founded in 2001, with Andy (Nuit Noire, Mutiilation, Peste Noire, Celestia, Darvulia, Fornication) on drums, Franck (ex Funeraell) on guitar, Herve (ex Funeraell) on bass, and Christophe Guenot (ex Funeraell) on vocals.

Herve came up with the name of SOROR DOLOROSA because of a novel titled "Bruges-la-morte" by Georges Rodenbach, a Flemish symbolist writer from the late 19th century. A novel marked by symbolism of nostalgia and mourning. SOROR DOLOROSA means "Sister Pain" in Latin, one could almost translate it as "lovers of pain" in a more Baudelaire way...

The band recorded an unpublished demo, then the line-up changed in 2003 with the arrival of Emey (ex Contrast, Unscarred ...), who replaced Franck on guitar. Subsequently they recorded a second unpublished demo and did some gigs until they split in 2005.

In August 2007 they reformed with the present line up. A month later, based on songs written by bassist Carles Herve, the band recorded a third unpublished demo whose content sounds definitely Gothic Rock and Death Rock, influenced by groups such as Christian Death, Bauhaus, and The Sisters of Mercy.

From that time, Soror Dolorosa's style became more personal and they found an own identity as a band. The songs were now written by the four members together, though still mostly based on the bass guitar. They took on a Cold Wave colouring, more in line with bands such as The Cure or Human League, but also with hints of 70's rock like Deep Purple or Black Sabbath and retaining the Sisters of Mercy-like Gothic Rock influence.

Soror Dolorosa made their first record appearance with "American Chronicle" in March 2008, on the free compilation "Poisoned Dead Frogs" (Manic Depression):

When the third demo was out on myspace, the group was contacted to release an EP through the British label Todestrieb Records. This 6 track EP, entitled "Severance", wasn't released until August 2009 due to production delays and is being distributed through underground ways, while the band promoted it with successful live performances all over France.

Some time in 2009, through the help of Neige (Amesoeurs, Alcest), the band came in contact with Northern Silence Productions, who offered to release their upcoming albums on their newly founded sublabel Beneath Grey Skies, and subsequently produced the debut full length "Blind Scenes", recorded in August 2010 at Drudenhaus Studio.

To use the band's own words: "The album is quite cold, with misty blue moods. 'Blind Scenes' would rather be perceived as scenes unseen, that is to say, out of time and out of the real world. As a state of grace overshadowed by the inevitability of everyday life. The lyrics are heartfelt and talk about regrets, coldness, alcohol abuse, as well as forfeiture, but mostly nostalgia, hence the blue color of the music."

That's also why they chose "Drudenhaus Studio" (CNK, Alcest, Les Discrets, Varsovie, Necroblaspheme), recommended by Neige, who described it as an ideal place to record their music. On the one hand because the studio is analog, and on the other hand because it is located in Brittany's countryside, isolated from the rest of the world, with compulsory rain in August. It was produced by Benoit Roux "Mr. Xort" (ex Anorexia Nervosa), who recorded additional keyboards.

The album artwork & layout was done by Metastazis, who is one of the best illustrators/designers of the underground scene and worked for Alcest, Anathema, Antaeus, Enthroned, Forgotten Woods, Gorgoroth, Immolation, Secrets of the Moon, Taake, Listenable Records, Osmose Productions & Warner Bros.

So, that's how Soror Dolorosa appear today, which is quite a feat, knowing their respective influences. Andy, as a drummer, has been marked by Black Metal and Metal in general but also by the likes of Human League, Fields of the Nephilim or Ulver's latest albums. Herve is a big fan of The Cure, Depeche Mode and Christian Death. Emey is somewhat influenced by Metallica, Satriani, Vai, but also Blues & Movie Soundtracks. Franck listens to bands as diverse as Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi or The French Variety, as well as Reggae, although he is primarily a Beatles fan. However, since the basics for their songs often come from bass riffs, the colour of the music naturally goes into the direction of Gothic/Death Rock and Cold Wave.

 Sweet Emmengarde Setlist:

01 - Intro
02 - In The Time
03 - Kisses
04 - Raynham Hall
05 - A Promise To Fulfill
06 - For This Moment
07 - An Eye For An Eye (previously unreleased)
08 - Near Dark
09 - Necropolitan Rest


Kuba - Vocals
Lars - Bass
Mike - Guitar
Danny - Guitar/Keys
Rafael - Drums


Sweet Ermengarde is gothic rock in its original incarnation - distinctive parallels to the sound of bands like "Fields Of The Nephilim", "And Also The Trees" and the early "The Mission" are detectable. But Sweet Ermengarde are no mere retro line-up, even if in particular the British 1980s decade is echoed in their music. They rather transpose their roots into modernism and thus manage to create a sound close to the pulse of time. The result is atmospherically dense, with plaintive echo guitars, epic soundscapes and a tight rhythm section. This stunning mixture is reigned by the characteristic dark timbre in the haunting voice of singer Kuba Achtelik.

Convince yourself by listening to the band's debut long-player "Raynham Hall", which will be released at the label Équinoxe Records and will be published on 14 June 2013. In essence, “Raynham Hall” is a crafted piece of atmospheric and spineshivering gothic rock which affects your moods till the point that an occasional rapture can occur. It soon becomes clear, that Sweet Ermengarde is a band you should be keeping an eye on in the coming days. And in the ear anyway.

Red Sun Revival  Setlist:

01 - Without You
02 - Running From The Dawn
03 - Lost For Words
04 - My Surrender
05 - Miracles
(Banter - difficult to tune non chromatic instruments)
06 - Mistakes
07 - Forgive Us Now
(Band Introduction)
08 - My Child
09 - Nothing To Hide


Rob Leydon - Vocals, Programming
Matt Helm - Guitar
Christina Emery - Violin
Panos Theodoropoulous - Bass Guitar


Red Sun Revival is an alternative/gothic rock band which was formed in London, England in 2011. The line-up consists of vocalist/guitarist Rob Leydon, guitarist Matt Helm, bassist Panos Theodoropoulos, and violinist Christina Emery. The band’s sound is defined by sonorous vocals with intricate, often sparkly guitars which float over driving bass lines and weave amongst haunting violin harmonies. The sound has echoes of the orchestral and choral aspects of film soundtracks and often incorporates elements of folk music.

Red Sun Revival is currently preparing an EP for release in 2014. The EP was mixed and produced by Steve Carey of ‘The Eden House’, ‘NFD’ and ‘This Burning Effigy’, who Red Sun Revival also worked together with on their debut album.

Red Sun Revival recorded a nine-track debut album entitled ‘Running from the Dawn’, featuring songs originally composed by Rob Leydon over a three-year period between 2007 and 2010. 2011 was spent developing and perfecting the material and in preparing the band for live work. Towards the end of 2011, all instrumentation had been recorded in Rob’s home studio in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Early in 2012, all vocals were recorded at Earth Terminal Studios in Odiham, Hampshire by Louis DeWray of goth rock band ‘NOSFERATU’ .

The album was mixed and produced by Steve Carey and features guest recordings from violinist Bob Loveday of Bob Geldof‘s band, ‘The Eden House’, and numerous other collaborations. ‘Running from the Dawn’ was mastered by the twice Grammy nominated sound engineer Andy Jackson, producer of Pink Floyd’s Division Bell album. Photography for the album and website was undertaken by Taya Uddin, who has worked with numerous high profile musicians. In September 2012 Red Sun Revival was signed to music label afmusic. The album was distributed in the UK/RoW through Resurrection Records. The band has received very positive reviews, including in Orkus (Germany), Dominion Magazine (UK), and Static Magazin (Austria/Germany). Red Sun Revival is looking to book gigs both at home and abroad and eagerly anticipate interest from promoters, DJs and audiences.

Red Sun Revival has played at Whitby Gothic Weekend as well as gigs and private events in London, Manchester, Nottingham, Carpi (Italy) and Dornbirn (Austria). In 2014, Red Sun Revival has been booked to play at the O2 Academy Islington (London) as well as in Athens (Greece), Berlin and Duesseldorf (Germany).

As well as headlining our own gigs, notable bands we have supported include: Diary of Dreams, David J (Bauhaus), The Eden House, NFD and The Skeletal Family.

For bookings, please e-mail

Winter severity Index Setlist:

01 - Bianca
02 - A Sudden Cold
03 - Fishblood
04 - The Brightest Days
05 - At Least The Snow
06 - No Will
07 - Compulsion
08 - Embracing The Void
09 - Severity


Simona Ferrucci - Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming, Lyrics and Arrangements.
Alessandra Romeo - synths and Keyboards
On stage: Giovanni Stax - Bass


Winter Severity Index is a New Wave project from Rome, Italy by Simona Ferrucci, singer, guitarist, composer and songwriter.
The project was born in 2009 as a traditional band, formed by four young women. During 2010 the band published a self-released EP, "Winter Severity Index", distributed by AF Music, now sold-out. In the same year and in 2011 the band received lots of good reviews all over Europe and performed gigs in Italy, in Berlin at Death#Disco and in Lisbon, at the Graveyard Fest.
In January 2012 the project took the form of a duo, after the decision of two members to leave the band. Simona continued collaborating with Valentina Fanigliulo, a.k.a. Mushy.
Simona and Mushy published a new track "Embracing the void" on the Death # Disco Compilation Volume 2.  They recorded the new EP " Survival Rate", released on May 2013 by Blood Rock Records. The EP, almost sold out, has been widely distributed all over the world and collected many of good reviews from music magazines and web-zines.
At the moment Simona is collaborating with Alessandra Romeo ( ex Cat Fud and Bohemien).
They recorded on 2013 the track "Static Cold" for "Riding the Crest of the Frozen Wave", a tribute compilation to The Frozen Autumn, released by Calembour Records and, during this year, the first LP of the project, "Slanting Ray", that will be released on April 2014 by Manic Depression and Blood Rock Records.
In their music a cold vintage drum machine rhythm section meets the liquid melancholic atmospheres of Simona's guitar and the ethereal Alessandra's synths.


01 - Devastate
02 - Broken Hearts
03 - Falling Away
04 - All You Gave Me
05 - Punishment
06 - Virtual Fix
07 - To Dream Next To You
08 - Life Of Lies
09 - No Resistance
10 - Haunting Me
(Banter - happy birthday)
11 - Living In Grey
12 - This Future Has No Face
13 - Prison Of Dreams
14 - Walking On The Edge


Andrew Birch - Singer
Chris Carey - Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Tim Green - Guitars, Keyboards, Programming


“into the sea, we’ll bleed”

Originally formed in the late 80's, The Last Cry hail from the Brighton area of the UK’s south coast. Through several lineup changes up until the early 90's, they forged their way on the Goth scene with their Nephilim/Cult-esque sound as one of the genre’s rising stars. And then, like my Counting the Mad, came the crash.

After nearly a decade of silence, the band re-emerged in 2002 with a rejigged lineup, and a honed and more precise sound. Original drummer Andrew Birch took over the frontman’s shoes, Tim Green exchanged his synths for a Les Paul guitar, with only bassist Chris Carey staying in position. Their brand of dark and atmospheric rock is by no means a dirge, and is easily accessible to anyone with an ear for decent music. Having caught them live recently, I can only describe their sound as ‘imagine what the result would be if the Cure and Depeche Mode were to collaborate’. Birch’s vocals are strong, clear and reminiscent of Gahan and Vanian at times, but the pure emotional turmoil of his lyrics and onstage persona give him the edge over most other performers in his genre. As a spectator to his torment, you can actually feel this man’s pain.

Being a three piece band, The Last Cry are by no means backed my a mere ‘boom boom-kah’ drum track. Their carefully crafted backing machine consists of realistic rhythms, noirish keyboards, and a few vocal harmonies. Being as Birch and Green had previous experience on drums and keys respectively, this has given the band the authenticity of having ‘live’ players on the backing.

If you get a chance to see them play live, don’t miss it! Their debut album “Walking to the Edge” is available online, and is worth every penny. Tracks I recommend are, “Cross of Hope”, “Rebekka”, and the magnificently anthemic “Out of the Sky”. The Last Cry are a band that prove that Goth isn’t dead, it just might have a new nephew on the block.


01 - Alive
02 - The Wrong Man
03 - Walking On A Fire Line
04 - Valkyria (previously unreleased)
05 - Shadows
06 - Solitude
07 - Stealer
08 - Tonight
09 - Roll
10 - Fragile
11 - The Last
12 - Don't Fall
13 - Passenger
14 - 1984


Billy (Vox Machina) - Vocals, Guitar
David Francisco (When The Angels Breathe) - Bass, Vocals,Synths
Miguel Sousa Moreira (Mike) - Guitars, Synths
Nuno Francisco (The Exploding Boy) - Drums, Programing


Didn't knew the band before but they were my personal surprise for that festival. Nice alternative post - goth sounding band. They did a great performance until 2 o' clock at night because the festival start ed one hour later on this day. But for those who stayed like me they were well pleased with a great concert. The weird noise between the songs was an fx pedal issue which resulted into an infinite loop of an sound effect :)

Uni_Form started in 2006, in Lisbon, by David Francisco (bass) and his brother Nuno (drums). Later on they met Billy, which immediately became the lead singer and guitar player. The band is built on an inheritance from a group of bands, mainly from the 80’s, on the indie/post-punk/post-rock scene, like The Cure, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Depeche Mode or Pixies. Uni_Form sound is based in the contrast of dark atmospheres with light, strong and rhythmic ambients, allowing you to travel in an emotional sea, sometimes stormy and sometimes calm.

During the years, the band had some modifications on their structure, but in 2011 they found their final formation with Miguel Moreira on the guitar and synths.

After the release of the EP’s “Uni_Form” (2008) and “Winter Blue” (2011), the debut album “Mirrors” (2010) and “Mirrors Remixed”, the band records their second album “1984”, inspired by George Orwell’s book, as a reaction on the lack of freedom of speech and some control mechanisms.
“1984” its now distributed across Europe.

Uni_Form’s work has been presented several times on national and international stages, such as opening She Wants Revenge concerts in Lisbon and Oporto, the main stage of Razzmatazz (Barcelona), the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival (Germany), Elche Music Festival (Spain), Indie 2+2 Festival (Mallorca, Spain), amongst others.


recording made by NorthernNephilim (DIME: TimeBandit )
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If you like the band, please visit their concerts and buy their records.

Thank You, Very Much