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The Sisters Of Mercy - O2 Ritz, Manchester, UK - 17.10.2015 (Flac)

Excellent audience recording. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Set list:

Disc 1
01 Intro
02 First And Last And Always
03 Ribbons
04 Body Electric
05 Amphetamine Logic
06 Alice
07 Crash and Burn
08 No Time To Cry
09 Arms
10 Gift That Shines
11 Dominion / Mother Russia
12 Summer
13 When You Don't See me

Disc 2
01 Jihad
02 Valentine
03 Flood II
04 1959
05 This Corrosion
06 Vision Thing
07 Temple Of Love
08 Lucretia My Reflection
09 More

Band Line-up

Andrew Eldritch - vocals
Ben Christo     - guitar, vocals
Chris Catalyst  - guitar, vocals

Ravey Davey     - Doktor Avalanche operator

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 Microphones
Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-11 Mini Battery Module with Bass Roll-Off (16Hz)
Edirol R-09HR  44.1kHz / 16 bit
USB>PC>CD Wave Editor>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC level 8>Dime

I had not seen the Sisters for some time and it was good to hear some slightly different
versions of old songs and also something from The Sisterhood.

Please do not sell this recording but share freely and enjoy it!

Any comments are welcome.

Sonic Youth - Sputnik Kino, Berlin, Germany - 17.04.1985 (Flac)

Very good audience recording. Thanks to Dimenew for sharing on Dime.
Original Info File:

from DIMENEW collection # 084

Rec. Info:
unknown lineaged audience recording, but the absence of almost all hiss lead to the conclusion that this is very low generated, maybe 1st or 2nd. gen.
Also, no info about the equipment used. Judging the sound it might've been recorded via a walkman recorder with internal mic.
This cassette (TDK SA90) -> playback on Harman Kardon CD491 -> Zoom H2n (at WAV 16/44) -> SDcard -> HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME ->
YOUR EARS AND MIND... Sound is fair to good, with occasional bursts of distortions, but nothing really serious...

Alrighty, fellow Dimers, let's start a little Sonic Youth flood with recordings from the mid to end 80's, which were in the new Box of Tapes from dear DIMENEW. Hope you will
enjoy, what our team has to offer for your listening pleasure. So, let's start with a fine show recorded in (then) West-Berlin at the great Sputnik-Kino. SB.

FULL SHOW (60:35 min.)

01. Halloween (5:17)
02. Brave men run (4:40)
03. Death valley 69 -> (6:48)
04. I love her all the time -> (6:32)
05. Ghost bitch -> I'm insane (11:54)
06. Brother James (3:20)
07. Kill your idols (2:41)
08. World looks red (6:51)
09. Satan is boring (9:02)
10. Shaking hell (3:25)

*all lenghty tracks include lots of tuning/interludes/pre recorded music...
Support the artists! Go to their shows! Spend your last cent on their merchandise!
Please do not convert to fucking mp3, unless for personal use!


THURSTON MOORE - guitar, vocals
KIM GORDON - bass, vocals
LEE RANALDO - guitar
BOB BERT - drums

The Cramps - Club 57, Irving Plaza, New York, USA - 18.08.1979 (Flac)

Excellent FM broacast, Thanks to  the original uploader.


Lux - vocals
Ivy - guitars
Bryan Gregory - guitars
Nick Knox - drums

01. UFO
02. Domino
03. Twist & Shout?
04. Weekend on Mars
05. Voodoo Idol
06. Zombie Dance
07. Rockin Bones
08. Human Fly
09. Garbageman
10. Teenage Werewolf
11. Sunglasses After Dark
12. TV Set
13. --crowd wants more--
14. The Way I Walk

no mp3's, no selling, YES SHARING
please no remaster/reposts - it is what it is.
“It ain’t perfect, but it ain’t bad”

The Misfits - Michigan Union Ballroom, Detroit, MI, USA - 23.04.1983 (Flac)

You can't have an Halloween without the Misfits :) Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Source: Soundboard Audio
Equipment: unknown
Generation: FM > ANA(1) > FLAC
Length: 43m 20s

01 intro
02 I Turned Into A Martian
03 Skulls
04 All Hell Breaks Loose
05 Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
06 London Dungeon
07 Horror Hotel
08 Ghoul's Night Out
09 Wolfs Blood
10 Last Caress
11 Demonomania
12 Devil's Whorehouse
13 Horror Business
14 Astro Zombies
15 Violent World
16 Hate Breeders
17 Who Killed Marilyn?
18 Nike A Go-Go
19 Attitude
20 Night Of The Living Dead
21 Vampira
22 Devilock

Transfer: ANA(1) > unknown > WAV > CD Wave v1.93.3 > FLAC

Notes: Broadcast live on WCBN 88.3 FM Ann Arbor, MI.

The Electric Hellfire Club - Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, TX, USA - 27.10.1999 (Flac)

Very good audience recording. Thanks to  Psychgrave for sharing his recording on Dime.

[CSC>D7] 16bit/48kHz

DAT>Echo Mia 2496 (via coax)>Cool Edit>Audition (Normalization/Balance)>CD WAV>FLAC (level 8)

01 Intro
02 One Dark Horse
03 Mr. 44
04 Book Of Lies
05 D.W.S.O.B.
06 Incubus
07 Prince of Darkness
08 Unholy Roller
09 My Name is Legion
10 Circuit Breaker

Taped, transferred, and seeded by SM/Psychgrave.

Alice Cooper - Wendler Arena, Saginaw, MI, USA - 10.05.1978 (Flac)

Thanks to exene for sharing this one on TTD.

King Biscuit Flower Hour radio pFM cd > eac > wav > flac

Some vintage Alice Cooper, in excellent sound quality.  Horrible dj babbling over the intros/outros, so I added fades where needed.

Not a remaster, this is a straight transfer.

Was not sure of the date, but the cue sheet that came with the disc matches this date:

Ripped and edited by exene August 2014.  Cover art included.


1 Under My Wheels
2 Billion Dollar Babies
3 I'm Eighteen
4 Is It My Body
5 You and Me
6 Only Women Bleed
7 Unfinished Suite/Escape
8 I Love the Dead
9 Go to Hell
10 I Never Cry
11 It's Hot Tonight
12 Schools Out


Necros - O'Banion's, Chicago, USA - 03.08.1981 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

This is a blistering soundboard recording, unfortunately after Youth Camp/Better Never Than Late it degenerates into a vocals and guitar maelstrom.  Nevertheless it's a very good representation of this faboulous band.

I've had the tape since about 1982 so I think it's fairly low generation and although it appears on many trade lists I've never seen it on Dime, at least while I've been a member.  This is a  fresh remaster of that tape.


1.  (Tuning)
2.  I Hate My School
3.  (Tuning 2)
4.  Youth Camp
5.  Better Never Than Late
6.  Caste System
7.  (Tuning 3)
8.  Race Riot
9.  (Song Intro)
10. Public High School
11. (Tuning 4)
12. Sex Drive
13. Reject
14. (Tuning & False Start)
15. Wargame
16. IQ32
17. Past Comes Back To Haunt Me
18. Complete Show Unedited)

Linage: Unknown Generation Tape > Sony Soundforge > Convert to Flac (Swithchsound File Convertor) > Track Separation (Audacity) > Traders Little Helper.

Please share but keep as lossless!

Alio Die & Amelia Cuni - APSARAS (Free Download, just this weekend)

Get it while you can.


You can put in whatever amount you like when you "buy" the download here, and "zero" is always an option. Chip in a little something if you can; that would be appreciated.

Physical copies of this 2001 CD are on sale for $7 at the Projekt webstore:


Amelia Cuni – dhrupad singing
Stefano Musso – drones and samples, sounds and treatments, album images

In Hindu mythology, the Apsaras are female spirits of nature, usually water nymphs. Flowing in the waters, these celestial nymphs come out of the waves like the first seed of the mind: desire. Talented artistically, the Apsaras are very beautiful; charming musicians and dancers for the pleasure of the Gods.

Ink 19 wrote: “Like its namesakes, Apsaras is also breathtakingly beautiful, combining soothing electronic textures, drones, and organic sound samples from Alio Die (Stefano Musso) with the amazing North Indian dhrupad singing of Amelia Cuni… A truly outstanding album for fans of dark ambient textures or hypnotic, sensuous South Asian singing.

Satanique Samba Trio - Bad Trip Simulator #2 (Free Download)

Someone on Dime started posting bootlegs of this band, so I followed the link to their bandcamp to check them out, mostly because of the excellent name of the band.

It seeems that they don't play samba, and they're not a trio, but a sextet, not so sure about the satanic part also, but they do an unholy racket, so it fits perfectly as a soundtrack to this halloween season.

If you like them, maybe you can purchase some of the other releases to help the band.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Sisters of Mercy - Muziekcentrum TRIX, Antwerp, Belgium - 19.10.2015 (MP3)

Huge Thanks to Cyberbio for sending me his recording to share here and To Tom Riddler for the cover artwork. Excellent recording.

Taper: Cyberbio

Lineage/Gear:  SP-CMC 8 HC - SP-SPSB-11 - Edirol R09HR - TLH - mp3


Intro (Shut The Fuck UP - SSV)
Crash and Burn
Body Electric
Amphetamine Logic
Gift That Shines (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry cover)
Dominion/Mother Russia
First and Last and Always
Jihad (The Sisterhood cover)
Flood II
Rain From Heaven (The Sisterhood cover)
Lucretia My Reflection
Vision Thing
Temple of Love
This Corrosion

Do Not Sell!!
Support the artists by buying official merchandise.

The Cure - B-Sides & Rarities - CD11 (Flac)

Incredibly the team that brought us the 10 CD compilation, found material to do a 11th CD, so here it is. See pictures for details.

The B-52's - Berklee Performance Center, Boston, USA - 24.08.1979 (Flac)

Excellent sounding FM broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader.


 1. 52 Girls
 2. 606-0842
 3. Lava
 4. Private Idaho
 5. The Devil?s in My Car
 6. Dance This Mess Around
 7. Running Around
 8. Rock Lobster
 9. Strobe Light

Runtime: 40:16
Performance quality: A
WBCN recorded broadcast

 Fred Schneider: lead vocals
 Cindy Wilson: lead vocals
 Kate Pierson: lead vocals, bass
 Ricky Wilson: guitar
 Keith Strickland: drums

Various Artists - Psychedelic Britannia - Documentary (720p MKV)

A BBCFour Broadcast, Friday October 23, 2015

Run time:-  59:22

Documentary exploring the rise and fall of the most visionary period in British music history: five kaleidoscopic years between 1965 and 1970 when a handful of dreamers reimagined pop music. When a generation of British R&B bands discovered LSD, conventions were questioned.
From out of the bohemian underground and into the pop mainstream, the psychedelic era produced some of the most ground-breaking music ever made, pioneered by young improvising bands like Soft Machine and Pink Floyd, then quickly taken to the charts by the likes of the Beatles, Procol Harum,
the Small Faces and the Moody Blues, even while being reimagined in the country by bucolic, folk-based artists like the Incredible String Band and Vashti Bunyan. The film is narrated by Nigel Planer with contributions and freshly-shot performances from artists who lived and breathed the
psych revolution - Paul McCartney, Ginger Baker, Robert Wyatt, Roy Wood, the Zombies, Mike Heron, Vashti Bunyan, Joe Boyd, Gary Brooker, Arthur Brown, Kenney Jones, Barry Miles, the Pretty Things and the Moody Blues.

Friday, 23 October 2015

The Sisters of Mercy - Roundhouse, London, UK - 18.10.2015 (MP3)

Very good audience recording. Huge Thanks to Cyberbio for sending me his recording to share here.

Taper: Cyberbio

Gear/Lineage: SP-CMC-8 HC - Edirol R09HR - TLH - mp3


Intro (Shut the Fuck Up (SSV))
Crash and Burn
Doctor Jeep  Detonation Boulevard
Body Electric
Amphetamine Logic
No Time to Cry
Gift That Shines (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry cover)
Dominion/Mother Russia
Jihad (The Sisterhood cover)
Flood II
Lucretia My Reflection
Vision Thing
First and Last and Always
Temple of Love
This Corrosion

Do Not Sell!
Support the artists by buying merchandise.

Killing Joke - Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, Canada - 09.08.1982 (Flac)

Excellent audience recording. Thanks to the original uploader. The officially released tracks on "HA" have been removed.

Original Info File:

lineage:aiwa stereo mikes clip>SONY WALKMAN PRO>MAXELL XLII-S 90>PRO STUDIO GEAR (UNKNOWN)>CD>FLAC Frontend (level 8)

This is another trip in the time machine!!!  Old tapes dusted off a few years ago!  This master was transfered on CD about 9 years with the generous help of Martin Dupras a true Killing Joke authority (next to me of course!).  The second night of what was a killer show, this recording might have surfaced before in one form, shape or another...but this is my recording, I have the entire show but released tracks from the 10" EP "HA" have been removed.  One hot August night in this small Toronto club, everybody was standing on their chairs KJ gave quite a performance and the sound was amazing thanks to the late Conny Plank at the soundboard!  Lineage is fairly accurate except I can't remember the model number on the Aiwa mikes but I had Dolby off as you can hear a light hiss from the tape.  Feel the sweat, the intensity, one true great concert for the ages enjoy!
the usual suspects:

Jaz Coleman; Vocals, Keyboards
Geordie: Guitar
Big Paul Ferguson: Drums
Raven: Bass


2-The Hum
3-Fall of Because
4-Chop Chop
5-We Have Joy
6-Empire Song
11-The Wait
12-Birds of A Feather

total time: 46:55

We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It!! / Ted Chippington / The Nightingales - Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds, UK - 08.07.1986 (Flac)

HUGE Thanks to Egg_Crisis for sending me this recordings to share here.

This was the Vindaloo Tour with The Nightingales & Ted Chippington, starting in Croydon on July 2nd and ending in Nottingham on July 16th.  At Leeds The Nightingales went on first, then Ted then Fuzzbox.  They didn't always play in that order though, taking it in turns for who headlined.

This was my 3rd gig, and the second gig I ever taped.

Cassette(aud,master,TDK D90,recorded on Saisho PS 35R with built-in mic) > wav > Soundforge > CDWave > split on sector boundaries > flac(6)

 Egg_Crisis, Aug 2009

The Nightingales

I missed the start of the first song.  I found the lyrics online and none of the lyrics are missing from the recording so although track 1 is quite short I don't think much of it is missing (unless it had a very long intro).


01. Square Circle (start missing)
02. The Headache Collector
03. How To Age
04. No Can Do
05. Of Course You Can't
06. Down In The Dumps
07. Part-Time Moral England
08. Let's Surf
09. Comfort And Joy

Length - 36:54

Robert Lloyd - vocals
Maria Smith - guitar
Pete "Tank" Byrchmore - guitar
Howard Jenner - bass
Ron Collins - drums

Ted Chippington


01. Jokes #1
02. Rockin' With Rita
03. Jokes #2
04. She Loves You
05. Jokes #3
06. I Feel Like Buddy Holly
07. Jokes #4
08. Atmosphere
09. Jokes #5
10. Rock N Roll on 33 1/3
11. Jokes #6
12. Driving Down The Road
13. Jokes #7
14. Tie A Yellow Ribbon

Length - 38:15

We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It!!


01. Aaarrrggghhh!!! [incomplete]
02. Wait And See
03. Do I Want To?
04. Justine
05. Spirit In The Sky
06. Hollow Girl
07. Love Is The Slug
08. XX Sex
09. Preconceptions
10. Alive
11. You Got Me
12. Rules And Regulations
13. She
14. Tutti Frutti
15. Rockin' With Rita [with Ted Chippington & The Nightingales]

Length - 40:40

Lineup: Magz, Vix, Jo, Tina [no point naming the instruments as they changed over every few songs!]

As soon as the first song started everyone at the front started moshing and people surged back to avoid them and I was knocked to the ground.  Then the tape wouldn't record for more than a few seconds without jamming and I had to take the cassette out of the recorder and wind up a load of slack with my finger before I could continue recording, so the first song is incomplete but the rest of the gig recorded without a hitch.

Marilyn Manson - From the Vaults (Flac)

"From the Vaults" AKA "Genesis of the Devil" is a rarities bootleg by Marilyn Manson.
Among the tracks on this bootleg are songs and performances from the Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids era, and an interview with Marilyn Manson from 1998.

Track listing

01. Sam Son of Man - 4:46
02. Strange Same Dogma – 3:40
03. White Knuckles – 2:16
04. Interview with the Devil - MTV September 14th, 1998 – 11:08
05. Luci in the Sky with Demons / Cake and Sodomy (live)– 10:07
06. My Monkey (live) – 3:48
07. Misery Machine (live) – 5:29
08. Choklit Factory / Strange Same Dogma (live) – 9:58
09. Misery Machine (First ever live recording of Marilyn Manson) – 4:35

Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Sisters Of Mercy - York Racecourse, York, UK - 22.09.1984 (Flac)

This is easely the best version I've heard of a recording of this concert. Thanks to Radioactive Kid for sharing this version on Heartland Forum

Unknown lineage.


01. Burn
02. Heartland
03. Marian
04. Anaconda
05. Walk Away
06. Emma
07. A Rock And A Hard Place
08. Floorshow
09. Alice
10. Body Electric
11. Gimme Shelter
12. Ghost Rider / Sister Ray

Do Not Sell!
Support the band by buying official merchandise.

Music For Misfits: The Story of Indie - Episode 3 - "Into The Mainstream" (MKV)

Thanks to dfb0308 for posting this excellent rip in TTD.

Broadcast on BBC4 HD, 16th October 2015

"It's 1989 and a new grassroots music craze is sweeping across Britain. Despite the authorities railing against 'the zombification of a nation', acid house and its bed-partner ecstasy are influencing a wave of indie bands. On the eve of a new decade, while original independent labels struggle in the wake of acid, young indie labels Heavenly and Creation are thriving, signing both Manic Street Preachers and Primal Scream respectively.

By the mid-90s, in a bid to break the stranglehold of American grunge bands, the music press construct Britpop and push two bands, Oasis and Blur, to the top of the pile.
The series is presented by BBC Radio 6 Music's Mark Radcliffe and this episode features exclusive interviews with performers including Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, Shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays, the Libertines' Carl Barat, Stuart Murdoch from Belle & Sebastian and Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne. It also includes interviews with a number of influential music industry figures such as James Endeacott, formerly of Rough Trade Records and founder of Sony BMG subsidiary record label 1965 Records, Heavenly Recordings' Jeff Barrett, Creation Records' Alan McGee and indie music author Richard King."

BBC4 HD satellite broadcast -> Ross HDR-8130USB -> external hard drive (.ts file) -> VideoReDo TVSuite v4 (editing) -> MKVmerge -> .mkv
(direct stream capture, no re-encoding)

Technical info:
Video: 1920x1080i 25fps 16:9 H.264 (average bitrate = 5.6 Mbps)
Audio: 48000Hz 192kbps stereo AC3
Duration: 00:59:05
Size: 2.48Gb

Includes subtitles track.

Lineage for subtitles:
BBC4 satellite broadcast -> Fortec Star Zeta PVR -> firewire out (.tp0 file) -> ProjectX -> .srt

Public Image Limited (PIL) - Barrowland, Glasgow, Scotland - 14.05.1986 (Flac)

Very good FM broadcast, thanks to asgard95 for sharing it on Dime.
Lineage : (FM broadcast)

01 - Intro - Kashmir
02 - FFF
03 - Annalisa
04 - Fishing
05 - Poptones
06 - Pretty Vacant
07 - Banging the Door
08 - Flowers Of Romance
09 - Bags
10 - Tie Me To The Length Of That
11 - Round
12 - Home

New Order - 6Music Session, Maida Vale 3 Studio, UK - 09.10.2015 (MP4)

A 1 hour video performance of the latest incarnation of New Order. Thanks to slangking/Paul for sharing on Dime.

 Original Info File:

Webstream Video x264/AVC 704x396 44kHZ AAC

Recorded in Studio 3, Maida Vale, London 2015-10-09

6music live Webstream>get_iplayer live capture mode


Bizarre Love Triangle
Tutti Frutti
People On The High Line
True Faith
Blue Monday

ID                                       : 256 (0x100)
Menu ID                                  : 1 (0x1)
Format                                   : AVC
Format/Info                              : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile                           : High@L3
Format settings, CABAC                   : Yes
Format settings, ReFrames                : 4 frames
Codec ID                                 : 27
Duration                                 : 1h 0mn
Nominal bit rate                         : 1 277 Kbps
Width                                    : 704 pixels
Height                                   : 396 pixels
Display aspect ratio                     : 16:9
Frame rate mode                          : Variable
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:0
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
Scan type                                : Progressive
Writing library                          : x264 core 142 r2431 ac76440

ID                                       : 257 (0x101)
Menu ID                                  : 1 (0x1)
Format                                   : AAC
Format/Info                              : Advanced Audio Codec
Format version                           : Version 4
Format profile                           : LC
Muxing mode                              : ADTS
Codec ID                                 : 15
Duration                                 : 1h 0mn
Bit rate mode                            : Variable
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Channel positions                        : Front: L R
Sampling rate                            : 44.1 KHz
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Delay relative to video                  : -11ms

There may be a higher bitrate video or audio variant which may materialise (maybe from the bbc red button or alternate web capture) this is the best I could get out of said utility.

Enjoy !

Abwärts - " Rocktage ", München, Germany - 22.05.1982 (Flac)

Abwärts ("Downwards") is a West German post-punk group from Hamburg. Members Mark Chung and FM Einheit would leave the group in the early 1980s to join the Berlin-based band Einstürzende Neubauten.

Excellent FM broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader.

 Original Info File:


30 min./ Quality : 10

03.Shanghai Stinker
05.Sei Froh
07.Beim Erstenmal Tut's Immer Weh
09.Aus Einem Gartenhaus

I taped this one off german broadcast " NDR 2 "  in the middle 80´s.

SHARE & ENJOYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Nightingales - Peel Session, Maida Vale Studios, London, UK - 03.03.1985 (Flac)

I loved this band in the 80's :) Thanks to chrispoor for sharing this recording on Dime.

John Peel session #6
Master recorded from an FM broadcast of the
BBC Radio 1 John Peel show on 18th December 1985

Lineage :-  BBC Radio 1 FM -> Roof Aerial -> Marantz ST151L Tuner -> Aiwa ADF770 3-Head Cassette Deck -> Maxell UDII (Type 2, aka 'pseudo-chrome') cassette tape

Conversion to FLAC :-

Master Maxell UDII source tape -> Aiwa ADF770 3-Head Cassette Deck -> PC's built-in Soundmax sound chip (line in) -> CoolEdit Pro 2.1 (digital recording + manual track splitting*) -> WAV -> TLH -> FLAC 8 & .ffp
(*SBE's also checked and fixed after track splitting, using TLH, to ensure all tracks are sector bounhdary aligned)

Tracklist :-

1 - Part Time Moral England
2 - How To Age
3 - Heroin
4 - First My Job

Length = 19 mins 32 secs

Danielle Dax - Heaven, London, UK - 04.03.1985 (Flac)

Thanks to Egg_Crisis for sending me this recording to share here.

Cassette(aud,unknown gen) > wav > Adobe Audition(noise reduction) > Soundforge(EQ) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

Cassette bought from one of the Camden Market sellers, early 90's

Compression averages at around .27 which is pretty small but that's because they're mono - I took the left channel and doubled it up because the right channel was muffled.


1. Ostrich
2. Hammerheads
3. Pariah
4. Fortune Cheats
5. Evil Honky Stomp
6. Here Come The Harvest Buns
7. Bed Caves
8. Tower Of Lies

Length: 29:31

Lineup: (an old torrent of a gig 5 weeks after this one gave this lineup so I assume it's the same for this gig)
Danielle Dax: Vocals, Synthesizers
David Knight: Synthesizers
Ian Sturgess: Bass, Percussion
Steve Reeves: Guitar
Martyn Watts: Drums

Danielle Dax - Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK - 09.10.1983 (Flac)

Thanks to Egg_Crisis for sending me this recording to share here.

Cassette(aud,unknown gen) > wav > Adobe Audition(noise reduction) > Soundforge(EQ last 4 songs) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

Cassette bought from one of the Camden Market sellers, early 90's

Compression averages at around .27 which is pretty small but that's because they're mono - I took the left channel and doubled it up because the right channel was muffled.


1. Ostrich
2. Here Come The Harvest Buns
3. Numb Companions
4. Bed Caves
5. The Shamemen
6. Tower Of Lies
7. Pariah

Length: 24:01

RE-UPLOAD: Swelter (Lydia Lunch & Clint Ruin) - On Broadway, San Fransisco, CA, USA - 03.12.1983 (Flac)

Another true gem shared here by Egg_Crisis. Huge Thanks to Him!

One of the "Swelter" live performances which were meant as a starting point for an album titled "Hard Diamond Drill" (which never happened) but some of which evolved into Stinkfist.

Lydia Lunch - vocals, metal
Clint Ruin (aka JG Thirlwell) - vocals, metal
Cliff Martinez - drums, metal


01 ?
02 ?
03 ?
04 ?
05 ?
Length - 39:17

The cassette originally listed it as "Swelters On Broadway" which everyone assumed was the name of the venue, but the following links hold the necessary info...

Cassette(unknown gen,TDK D90,from  one of the Camden Market guys in early 90's) > wav > Adobe Audition(Hiss removal) > Soundforge(normalise uneven L&R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

Uploaded by Egg_Crisis for Dark Circle Room

Convert to mp3 for personal use only. Do not circulate in FLAC or WAV format without this info file.

The Young Gods - "the remix project" (Free Download)

Hello music lovers,
The Young Gods are in composition mode. That is why there has not been much news of late and why there is no live action at the moment.
Nevertheless here is a bit of action, we have prepared for you what we call « the remix project »: every week from Oct.1st until the end of the year, you will find on this page a link to a free download remix. Each remix is unreleased and is graciously given to us by prestigious people and newcomers. You will find dancefloor, ambient and experimental interpretations of our songs.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Sisters of Mercy - Merciful Reloaded (Deluxe Edition) (MP3)

Another fan made compilation of fan made remixes, some are better than others, but it's a good efford. Thanks to Goth80s for sharing in Cannapower and to conraculix for mention it on Heartland.

Tracklist CD 1:

01 Dominion (feat. MonsterGod)
02 Alice (Dark Club Remix)
03 Vision Thing (Reloaded)
04 A Rock And A Hard Place (Live at Tienen August 2015)
05 I Was Wrong (Reloaded)
06 Temple Of Love (Dark Club Remix)
07 Black Planet (Sisterhood Remix)
08 Emma (Chillout Remix)
09 Driven Like The Snow (Reloaded)
10 When You Don´t See Me (Reloaded)
11 Nine While Nine (Dark Electropop Remix)
12 Body Electric (Pumping Bass Remix)
13 Body And Soul (Dark Piano Remix)
14 First And Last And Always (Dark Piano Remix)
15 Poison Door (Dark Electropop Remix)

Tracklist CD 2 (Bonus Deluxe Edition)

21 Bury Me In The Afterhours (Bury Me Deep Vs. Afterhours)
22 Susanne (Project Kiss Kass Remix)
23 Heartland (Reloaded)
24 The Sisterhood - Giving Ground (Project Kiss Kass Remix)
25 I Want Marian (More Vs. Marian)
26 The Sisterhood - Rain From Heaven (Project Kiss Kass Remix)

Music For Misfits: The Story of Indie - Episode 2 - "The Alternative 80s" (MKV)

Thanks to dfb0308 for posting this excellent rip in TTD.

Broadcast on BBC4 HD, 9th October 2015

"The story of British indie over three musically diverse episodes. Much more than a genre of music, it is a spirit, an attitude and an ethos.

Episode 2 explores a time when the independent labels transformed from cottage industries into real businesses that could compete with the majors. It examines the evolution of 'indie' - a guitar-based genre of music with its own sound, fashion and culture. Independent record labels provided a platform for some of Britain's most groundbreaking artists at this time, including the Jesus and Mary Chain and the Smiths, who would burst onto the scene in 1983 staging a mainstream intervention and starting a small revolution.
The programme concludes in the late 80s with the Madchester scene, as alternative music crossed over into the mainstream chart. This breakthrough was inspired by a merging of indie rock and the burgeoning acid house culture, and it was led by a new crop of bands such as the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays."

BBC4 HD satellite broadcast -> Ross HDR-8130USB -> external hard drive (.ts file) -> VideoReDo TVSuite v4 (editing) -> MKVmerge -> .mkv
(direct stream capture, no re-encoding)

Technical info:
Video: 1920x1080i 25fps 16:9 H.264 (average bitrate = 5.5 Mbps)
Audio: 48000Hz 192kbps stereo AC3
Duration: 00:58:26
Size: 2.42Gb

Includes subtitles track.

Lineage for subtitles:
BBC4 satellite broadcast -> Fortec Star Zeta PVR -> firewire out (.tp0 file) -> ProjectX -> .srt