Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Killing Joke - The Wiltern, Los Angeles - 18.12.2010 (Flac)

Very Good sound

Original Info file:

A bit of sacrifice on best sound positioning by being front and center but I had to witness Jaz's intense facial expressions. I eq'd recording to bring up guitar and vocals that sound clearer than I remember live.
A friend further back said sound was better mixed with more guitar but I think
finished recording still conveys plenty of power.This was last date of North American tour. Youth had to leave tour for last three west coast dates
due to family matters but will return for London show. Band's guitar tech, Al Function, did a fine job filling in and his backing vocals were strong. After Happy Birthday was sung to Geordie, his cake was handed to audience who quickly
mauled it. Great performance by band but atmosphere lacking due to uncharacteristically tame gathering.
I was expecting to be smashed against stage and have a few bruises but perhaps the rain dampened enthusiasm for the many that were forced to stand outside and get soaked before being allowed to enter.The new songs are fantastically sublime, especially Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove, so be sure to buy the new album Absolute Dissent.Enjoy!

Jaz Coleman - vocals
Geordie Walker - guitar
Paul Ferguson - drums
Al Function - bass
unknown name on keyboards

audience master recording by bcingyou
recorded at stage front center
M-Audio MicrotrackII+Sony ECM990F>WAV(44.1 sample rate/16bit)>
Adobe Audition 1.5 eq to diminish bass and bring up treble>
CD Wave Editor track split>FLAC level 8>Trader's Little Helper

01. Tomorrow's World
02. Love Like Blood
03. Change
04. Wardance
05. Absolute Dissent
06. Bloodsport
07. European Super State
08. This World Hell
09. Fall Of Because
10. Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove
11. Madness
12. Requiem
13. Primitive
14. The Great Cull
15. Asteroid
16. The Wait
17. Pssyche
18. Happy Birthday to Geordie/Eighties
19. Pandemonium

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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Dead Can Dance - Unreleased Tracks Vol. 1 - 6

All in one link for your convenience. Sound quality varies a lot.

Unreleased Tracks Volume One

01. Inner Life
02. Daylight
03. Yours
04. Labour of Love
05. The Children's Toys
06. Yan T'Chin Song
07. Instrumental In Southampton
08. Shanga
09. Ash Song
10. Adha Song
11. A Poison Tree
12. Our Kingdom
13. Deckra
14. Accord
15. Clap Along Song
16. I Don't Believe In Anymore
17. Santora
18. Ondra Reist I
19. Ondra Reist II
20. Ondra Reist III
21. Rami
22. East of the River
23. Matawa
24. Svatba
25. Heavenly Bodies and Lisa Gerrard (Demo)

Unreleased Tracks Volume Two

01. No Reason At All
02. Drag my Feet
03. For a While
04. Ichor
05. I Leave You
06. We Are Angels
07. Family's Around You
08. Thespian Arrival
09. Amondies
10. Keen Voices
11. Adoration
12. Greek Rembetika
13. Rembetika
14. Lisa's First Composition
15. Tanamakoa
16. Arf Arf The Infanta Of Castile
17. I Must Have Been Blind

Unreleased Tracks Volume Three

01. Frontier
02. The Captive Heart (1993)
03. Awakening
04. Sambatiki
05. Happy Time
06. Bylar
07. Black Stream
08. Waves Become Wings
09. Youth
10. Dream Song
11. Jungabya
12. The Protagonist
13. Lament
14. Dreams Made Flesh

Unreleased Tracks Volume Four

01. Where Are You Going?
02. Forest Of Souls
03. Emmadelia
04. Bolero
05. Chase The Blues Away
06. Redark
07. Tanamakoa
08. Can You Feel It
09. Rembetika
10. No Reason at All
11. Serpent's Army
12. Everybody's Been Burned
13. Lament (1993)

Unreleased Tracks Volume Five

01. Agniau Dous
02. Reached From Above
03. Lyndra
04. Solo Flute
05. Sailing The Seas
06. Afrika
07. Eyeless In Gaza
08. They Don't Even Cry
09. Solo Tar
10. Rabahsima
11. Noctambulist
12. Ichor
13. Orphan
14. The Roses
15. Solo Whistle
16. El Nino
17. Mosaic
18. Summerhouse

Unreleased Tracks Volume Six

01. Centrefold
02. Penumbra (Peel Session)
03. Flowers of the Sea (Peel Session)
04. Forbidden (Unreleased Insider Song)
05. Ihasna Song
06. Window
07. Mierika (live on echoes)
08. Elysium(extended Mix)
09. La Bas (edited version)
10. Immortal Memory (alternate mix)
11. Elegy (alternate mix)
12. Abwoon (alternate mix)
13. Sailing to Bizantium (alternate mix)
14. Man on Fire (hybrid remix)
15. Slide Machine
16. Lifetime (Within the Realms outtake)
17. Other Side of Life
18. The Mask
19. The Fountain
20. Ondra Reist IV
21. Ondra reist V
22. Frontier (live)
23. Sahara Blue Outtake 2 (instrumental)
24. River Sequence
25. See The Sun (version 2)
26. Black Attack (version 1)
27. Black Attack (version2)

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Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Waterboys - Electric Picnic, Main Stage, Stradbally, Ireland - 03.09. 2010 + Bonus (Flac)

I was looking for an excuse to post something from the Waterboys here in the blog, so Louie's request was just what I needed. Excellent FM sound, thanks to the original uploader.

Broadcast On RTE Radio One, Sunday 17 Oct 2010 Ireland nationwide FM

01. Intro
02. Be My Enemy
03. Glastonbury Song
04. Peace Of Iona
05. Fishermans Blues
06. Band Intros (No music)
07. The Whole Of The Moon
08. Killing My Heart
09. Savage Earth Heart
10. Outro

Broadcast on Dave Fanning show, 4 Sept 2010 RTE Radio Two

01. Jingle intro.
02. Fishermans Blues.
03. The whole Of The moon.
04. Dj outro.


Mike Scott Arena Program RTE Radio One Ireland 31 August 2010

05. Interview.
06. The Hosting Of The Sidhe (W.B Yeats )Home Demo with Kathy Kim.
07. Closing comments

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Sisters of Mercy - 9:30 Club, Washington - 05.11.2008 (Flac)

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Echo & The Bunnymen - O2 Academy, Oxford - 06.12.2010 (Flac)

Excellent sound for this concert from this month. The Bunnymen play their two first albuns completely and in the disks order wich is excellent. Thanks to the taper for sharing his wonderful recording!

Original info file:

Recorded and mastered by Pike1957:
Slightly left of centre (in front of Will), one row back from barrier
Church AUdio CA-11C Cardioids ->
Church Audio ST-9000 Preamp ->
Sony PCM-M10 (48khz, 24 bit) ->
Adobe Audion 3.0 (VOlume adjustments) ->
Audacity (track splits, resampling) ->
FLAC (level 8, 44.1khz, 16bit)

The sound at this gig was probably the best I've heard anywhere, and
I think that is pretty much captured in this recording. The band were
on fine form and played their first two albums in their entirety, plus
a few favourites for the encore. I cut out seven minutes of applause
when the band was offstage before the encore, a) because that's too long
to sit through, and b) there was recorded music played throughout.

Liverpool 3, Aston Villa 0 (N'Gog 13, Babel 16, Maxi Rodriguez 55)
You'll understand when you listen to the recording!

01 - [intro]


02 - Going Up
03 - Stars Are Stars
04 - Pride
05 - Monkey
06 - Crocodiles
07 - Rescue
08 - Villiers Terrace
09 - Pictures On My Wall
10 - All That Jazz
11 - Happy Death Men

Heaven Up Here:

12 - Show Of Strength
13 - With A Hip
14 - Over The Wall
15 - It Was A Pleasure
16 - A Promise
17 - Heaven Up Here
18 - The Disease
19 - All My Colours
20 - No Dark Things
21 - Turquoise Days
22 - All I Want

[7 minutes of applause cut]

23 - [encore break]
24 - Lips Like Sugar
25 - Bring On The Dancing Horses
26 - Nothing Lasts Forever
27 - The Cutter


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All About Eve - Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg - 27.07.1990 (Flac)

Its been a couple of months since I last posted something from them. Good sound.

Original Info file:

Here's a nice sounding outdoor show from 1990. There's a bit of chatter from time to time, but not too much to spoil things.

Lineage: Cdr trade>EAC>Flac Front End (Level 6)

01. Drowning
02. Every Angel
03. Wild Hearted Woman
04. In The Clouds
05. Candy Tree
06. Road To Your Soul
07. What Kind Of Fool
08. Different Sky
09. Gold And Silver
10. The Empty Dancehall
Cut/Tape flip
11. Shelter From The Rain
12. The Dreamer
13. In The Meadow
14. Tuesday's Child
15. Flowers In Our Hair

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Monday, 20 December 2010

The Cure - Underground, Boston, MA - 20.04.1980 (DVD)

Excellent NTSC DVD, the image is OK, as expected from a tape with so many years. One of the earliest known Pro-Shots videos of the band. This video is quite psychedelic, with lots of video effects, I like it a lot!

Thanks to sns222 for sharing this one!

01. In Your House
02. Subway Song
03. 10:15 Saturday Night
04. Accuracy
05. Boys Don't Cry
06. Jumping Someone Else's Train
07. Another Journey By Train
08. A Forest

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Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia (My Reflection) - Montreaux - 1988 (Vob)

Another video requested by Florian. Notice Rodney Orpheus from Cassandra Complex miming on guitar:) Enjoy it.

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The Young Gods - Studio 15, Radio Suisse Romande, Lausanne, Switzerland - 16.11.2010 (Flac)

The Young Gods are doing a concert in Lisbon on January 30th, so this promotional show at the Radio Studio for the new CD "Everybody Knows" broadcasted live on "Couleur 3" its the best way I found of previewing whats to come. Be there!

Thanks to droopy for sharing this one.

Original Info File;

Couleur 3 (Analog Cable Radio, Switzerland)
Tuner: Technics ST-G450L
Amplifier: Technics SU-V450
Cable: Profigold (Bandridge)
Audacity 1.2.6, Audio not modified (44'100 Hz, 16-bit, Stereo, CDDA 75 fps, Snap to: on)
WAVE - Flac Level 8 (Trader's Little Helper)

Total Lenght: 53:53

01. Interview
02. Sirius Business
03. Blooming
04. No Land's Man
05. Supersonic
06. About Time
07. Mr. Sunshine
08. Tenter Le Grillage
09. Everythere
10. Once Again
- ? (Rest of show not broadcasted)

Fotos made by Couleur 3

This is intended for free trade only !
Do not buy or sell !
Encode to MP3 or any other lossy compression format ONLY for personal use !

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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Nitzer Ebb - The Echoplex, Los Angeles - 09.11.2010 (Flac)

Excellent recording proving that Nitzer Ebb are in top form! thanks to mixter_ for sharing his recording. I couldn´t find an image of the concert poster so I used the poster from the next concert on the american tour, wich was really cool.

Original info file:

after seeing three recoil show over the previous 2 weeks, i couldn't help but wonder how they might have benefited from douglas' appearance. sadly, he was unable to make any of the u.s. shows to perform "stalker" and "faith healer". still i needed my n.e.p. fix and they did not disappoint.
a very taught set from the boys this time around. the audience seemed unusually sedate. true to form, the band was very animated. douglas continues to prowl the stage like a caged panther barking orders in time like a drill sergeant. vocals are very clear and prominent in the mix as they are for most n.e.p. shows.
still the unexpected indifference of the weeknight audience in attendance did bring the band's
energy level down a notch until the end of set "murderous". apparently the residents of silverlake can't dance.
"once you say" is now performed in a lower key perhaps because after a solid year of touring the world, he needs to preserve his voice. the lack of audience "participation" created a near perfect storm for taping. no chat, just polite applause and a murmur between songs. unfortunately, the show opener "promises" and the classic "ascend" have been nixed from the set and replaced by the new song, "on the road". douglas and bon stayed and met fans after the show at the venue entrance. a class act. see you the next time around.

gratuitous propaganda:
a must for fans of: nine inch nails, depeche mode, kmfdm, ministry, revco, daf, skinny puppy, recoil, bauhaus, numan, the sisters of mercy, etc...

please buy their phenomenal new album "industrial complex" or get to one of their shows.

18' slightly left of center / fob -> 6.5' h -> slavesound omni's -> custom bb - no bass roll-off ->
edirol r09 (44.1/16) -> sandisk 16gb ultraII 15mb/s -> reader -> audition 3.0 - slight level boost (no normalization) bass roll-off @ 100 Hz -> har-bal 2.3 moderate eq (bass attenuate, treble boost) -> cd wave editor (track split) -> tlh (flac 8, etc...) -> DIME -> you -> sense of enjoyment -> sharing is caring -> support the artist (yes) -XX convert to mp3 (no!!!).

K.I.L.L. = Keep It LossLess

01. introduction
02. getting closer (sho)
03. on your knees (ic)
04. shame (be)
05. hearts and minds (be)
06. let your body learn (tta)
07. once you say (ic)
08. lightning man (sho)
09. hit you back (ic)
10. blood money (be)
11. payroll (ic)
12. godhead (ebh)
13. i am undone (ic)
14. on the road (ic)
15. murderous (tta)
16. control i'm here (be)
17. encore break
18. join in the chant (tta)
19. i give to you (ebh)

tta = that total age
be = belief
sho = showtime
ebh = ebbhead
ic = industrial complex

douglas mccarthy = vox, teutonic chants, motivation
bon harris = programming, rhythms, synthesizers
jason payne = drums, percussion

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Sisters of Mercy - Crystal Palace, London - 31.07.1993 (DVD)

Nice audience shot DVD with lots of close up, but very shaky... There are two video versions of the concert and they're very similar, don't really know wich one is this, since I downloaded it from Piratebay a long time ago and it had no Info file. Thanks to Lachert for the cool cover art.

01. Ribbons (Cut)
02. Floorshow
03. Giving Ground
04. More
05. Detonation Boulevard
06. Alice
07. Amphetamine Logic
08. Body Electric
09. First And Last And Always
10. Temple Of Love
11. This Corrosion
12. Flood II
13. Vision Thing

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Mach FoX - The Sky Is Falling - Info

Mach FoX
The Sky Is Falling
released 12/07/2010 by afmusic
under Creative Commons License- Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivative

Like a DeLorean time machine, Mach FoX's sleek, sci-fi, horror, doom-pop exists simultaneously in the electropunk future and the retro-gothrock past. Twitchy computer beats,jittery synthesizers,and etheral, Cure-inspired guitars interweave in Mach FoX's hall of mirrors,with Mach's soaring, mournful vocals serving as a guide through the labyrinth. While plenty of current bands cop the flash and glitter of 80's electronic tinged gothrock, Mach FoX is one of the few to capture a bit of its soul.

Past attentive reviewers have compared Mach FoX to The Chameleons, The Cure, David Bowie, Gary Numan, Killing Joke, The Cruxshadows, Bauhaus, Alien Sex Fiend, The Cult, Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy, New Order, Interpol, Wall of Voodoo, Blondie, Yaz, DAF and even Prince, and while many of these bands are referenced and glimpses of them can be felt and heard, he has always tried to stay individual and original by mixing electronics with raw guitars and producing his music with a do-it-yourself approach and fierce electropunk attitude.

The Sky Is Falling EP combines recent tracks previously released as digital singles and special versions with 2 unreleased tracks...Full details in Release Notes.
The artwork and EP title were provided by Santa Monica CA. multi media artist Chris Haugen whose work "encompasses the Human Vessel and Society, Inner Struggles and the Apocalypse". Mach FoX could not have found a better match for his songs of betrayal and deception,evil doctors,dragons and grim reapers,future empires,serial killers,and tongues.

Mach FoX - The Sky Is Falling
released 2010 by independent German label afmusic and available as free mp3 download or wav version at digital retailers.
enjoy darkly.

Mach FoX

Mach FoX - USA
Time warped supercharged electro punk with pop overtones... nightmares and lucid dreams...
not defined in black and white or color... but analogue sweet analogue.
Mach FoX delivers what underground 80s satellite radio can't.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Sisters of Mercy - Under the Gun - VOX, Elf 99 - 10.12.1993 (Video)

A cool TV performance, playback as usual on those days. I think this was the last performance from the band on TV.

01. Under The Gun

Dead Link.

David Bowie - TV Appearances Promoting the Outside Album (DVD)

Excellent DVD With Chapters and menu. The Phoenix Festival performance of Scary Monsters kicks so much ass, you'll have to watch the rest of the DVD standing! It's a shame it's never been officially released. Huge thanks to adriana for sharing this.

VHS PAL>Roxio 10>Traders Little Helper

Phoenix Festival - 18.07.1996
01. Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)
02. Hearts Filthy Lesson
03. Heroes
04. Hello Spaceboy
05. White Light, White Heat

Later with Jools Holland - 04.08.1996
06. Hello Spaceboy
07. Interview (official material edited)
08. The Man Who Sold the World
09. Strangers When We Meet

The White Room -14.12.1995
10. Boys Keep Swinging
11. Voyeur of Utter Destruction
12. Hello Speceboy
13. Under Pressure

Dead Link.

The Cure - Estádio Alvalade, Lisboa, Portugal - 28.06.1989 (DVD)

An audience shot video by the Cure. This was my first The Cure concert so it's very special to me. The quality of this video is bad in the original source. It's filmed in VHS or Hi8 and from very far away. Also this comes from a Unknown generation trade tape, image is blurry, sound it's muddy and it's not the complete concert. Thanks to sisteruli for the links.

01. Plainsong
02. Pictures of you
03. Close down
04. Kyoto song
05. A night like this
06. Just like heaven
07. Last dance
08. Fascination street
09. Cold
10. Charlotte sometimes
11. The walk
12. A forest
13. In between days
14. The same deep water as you
15. Disintegration
16. Lullaby
17. Close to me
18. Let's go to bed
19. Why can't I be you
20. The love cats

Dead Link.

Banshees and Other Creatures - Documentary (DVD)

Very good documentary about the Banshees and surrounding bands. Thanks to DutchPunkOTR for taping and sharing this one. As a bonus, two videos of the band on The Reading Festival 1993, not featured in any official release.

Original info file:

Artist : Various Artists
Channel : BBC2
Program : Rock Family Trees
Episode : Banshees & Other Creatures
Rec. Date : 1996
Transmitted : 1998
Length: 0:50:24
System : PAL
Size : 4,00 Gb

Lineage : TV > VHS(0) > DVD SA SONY DVDRX970 (HQ) > DVD+R > DVDdecrypter > torrent

Videospecs : MPEG2 : 720 x 576 (4:3) @ 9299kb/s - 25f/s
Audiospecs : AC3 (48000Hz) @ 256kb/s CBR

Menu : not included
chapters : not included
Artwork : not included

This rockumentary transmitted by the BBC is commented by John Peel.
It focusses mainly on Siouxsie & The Banshees, Public Image Ltd, Adam & The Ants & The Slits
He starts his story at the Bromley Contingent in 1976 in clubs like The Roxy ,London.
It ends in 1996 when S&TB split up, and John Lydon announces the Sex Pistols tour

Bands featured;
Siouxsie & The Banshees, Public Image Ltd, Adam & The Ants, The Slits, Flowers Of Romance,The Models, Bow Wow Wow, The Cure, The Glove & The Creatures

Interviews with;
Siouxsie Sioux, Steve Severin, Marco Pironni, Viv Albertine, John Lydon, Kenny Morris,John McKay, Adam Ant, Budgie, John McGeoch

*** Bonus ****

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Reading festival,UK 1993-08-28 (TV2 > DVD)

01. Love Out Me (UK TV 'The Beat' 1993-09-13)
02. The Killing Jar (UK TV 'The Beat' 1993-09-20)

Dead Link.

Lush - Club Masquerade, Atlanta, Georgia - 23.04.1996 (DVD)

A short but excellent DVD from Lush. This should make a lot of you happy given the popularity of the last post I did from them. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original info file:

The quality is excellent for analog TV/VHS.
Some really nice camerawork but the editing is sort of obtrusive.
You know they shot the entire performance but unfortunately this is all that was chosen for broadcast.
But I guess we should be happy for this much because it seemed like PBS didn't have very good taste. I mean, their idea of a great artist is...John Tesh.

720 x 480
29.97 fps
7 Mbps Average
LPCM, Stereo, 1.5 Mbps, 48 kHz

Source: analog TV > VHS
No menu, 2 chapters

1. Sweetness And Light
2. Ladykillers

Dead Link.

The Young Gods - Glasgow Mayfair, Glasgow - 17.02.1992 (Video)

A nice video of the Live Sky Tour. Thanks to uuughh for sharing it.

Original Info File:

Audience Recording with unknown equipment
Video: MPEG1 VCD, PAL, 25fps, 1357kbps, 352*288px
Audio: AC3, 48khz, 256kbs, stereo
Unknown source and lineage.

Filmed by permission of the band from the sides of the stage, several closeups.
Video quality varies, some breaks, i would rate it B to B-. Audio quality is good so far, B+.

A big Thank you to Irvinebhoy for sharing and the unknown taper for his good work!


01 Our house [cuts in]
02 Gasoline man
03 TV sky
04 Jimmy
05 Envoyé > Chanson rouge
....[here is something missing]
06 Summer eyes [cuts in]
07 L'eau rouge
08 Night dance
09 A ciel ouvert
10 Pas mal
11 Dame chance
12 Seeräuber Jenny [a cut in between]
13 L'amourir
14 Longue route
15 September song

Time: 61:31

Dead Link.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Sisters of Mercy - Deutches Museum, Munich - 06.05.1991 (Video and Audio)

AKA Gimme The Ring

I had already posted the audio so now here's the video also. Thanks to the original uploader.

01. Intro
02. First And Last And Always
03. Lucretia My Reflection
04. Body And Soul
05. Ribbons
06. Alice
07. Dominion / Mother Russia
08. Amphetamine Logic
09. Detonation Boulevard
10. Marian
11. This Corrosion
12. Gimme Shelter
13. Flood II
14. Temple Of Love
15. Something Fast
16. Jolene
17. Valentine
18. Vision Thing

The concert audio only is here:

Front 242 - Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim - 13.05.1987 (Flac)

And to finish an concert from the early years in flac with very good sound. Thanks to mopple for all these links.

01. Intro / Angsy / Agressiva
02. Rerun Time
03. Masterhit
04. No Shuffle
05. Body to Body
06. Television Station
07. Don't Crash
08. Lovely Day
09. Funkhadafi
10. Red Team
11. Quite Unusual
12. W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G.
13. Slaughter
14. Commando Mix
15. U-Men

Dead Link

Front 242 - Kaufleutensaal, Zürich - 19.06.1987

And a concert from the first years. Good Sound. Thanks to mopple again.

01. Angst
02. Agressiva
03. Rerun Time
04. Masterhit
05. No Shuffle
06. Body to Body
07. Television Station
08. Don't Crash
09. Lovely Day
10. Funkhadafi
11. Red Team
12. Quite Unusual
13. Wyhiswyg
14. Slaugther
15. Commando

Front 242 - M'era Luna Festival - 09.08.2008

And the second for today, Much better sound but unfortunately in Mp3, Thanks to mopple for sharing this one

01. 98
02. Religion
03. Welcome To Paradise
04. Lovely Day
05. Triple X Girlfriend
06. Commando Mix
07. ONE: With the Fire
08. No Shuffle
09. Circling Overland
10. Funkahdafi
11. Moldavia
12. Together
13. Take One
14. Im Rhythmus Bleiben
15. Until Death (Us Do Part)
16. Headhunter

Front 242 - Sportmax 2, Budapest - 06.12.2008 (Flac)

We start the Front 242 megapost with a concert that is mainly for collectors, the sound is not good, but the band is on fire. Thanks to mopple for sharing this here.

01-Modern Angel
03-Take One
07-Welcome to Paradise
10-Dont Crash
11-No Shuffle
13-Triple X Girlfriend
14-Lovely Day
15-Im Rhytmus Bleiben
19-Punish Your Machine
20-final endings

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Fields of the Nephilim - One Spanish Nigthmare (Video Bootleg from the Spanish 2010 Tour)

Heres a very nice fan video project from zev, who used the audio from Druide´s recording from Madrid and Barcelona and improved them with a little help from a fellow musician friend (using CoolEdit Pro and Loud Maximizer)and all the video sources avaiable at this time (including some YouTube), when possible the videos are MultiCam. A huge Thank You to him for letting me post his work here in the Room.

01. Shroud
02. Straight to the Light
03. Trees Come Down
04. Preacher Man
05. Dawnrazor
06. The Watchman
07. From the Fire
08. Love Under Will
09. Moonchild
10. Endemoniada
11. Chord of Souls
12. Last Exit for the Lost

you can check the video for The Watchman here.

Dead Link

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Sisters of Mercy - Esch sur Alzette, Rockhal - 29.04.2006 (Flac)

Very good sound. Thanks to the original uploader.

01. Crash And Burn
02. Ribbons
03. Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
04. Will I Dream
05. Flood I
06. We Are The Same, Suzanne
07. Giving Ground
08. Summer
09. Dominion / Mother Russia
10. Slept
11. Alice
12. Anaconda
13. Romeo Down
14. Neverland
15. This Corrosion
16. Something Fast
17. Lucretia, My Reflection
18. Top Nite Out
19. Temple Of Love

Salvation - Fulham Greyhound, London - 09.08.1988 (Flac)

I was asked to post some Salvation, so here it is. Quite difficult to find booleg recordings of this band. Their first single was produced by Andrew Eldritch and the second by Wayne Hussey... The sound of the recording is good. The photos are from the actual concert. Thanks to the original uploader.

Analogue Audience Master Cassette
(Sony Tcs 430 with clip on mic)/ION Tape2pc/Sony VAIO/Audacity v1.2.6/WAV/Traders
Little Helper Encoding Level 6/FLAC

01. Puppet Master
02. Payola
03. Diamond Child
04. Hunger Days
05. She Is An Island
06. The Happening
07. Sunshine Superman
08. Pearl Necklace
09. Why Lie

Dead Link

Goldfrapp - Coliseu, Lisboa, Portugal - 22.09.2010 (Flac)

Goldfrapp's second concert in Portugal this year, after playing in the Marés Vivas Festival in July. The venue as 2/3 full, wich was nice since you had some space. The sound was excellent even if a little too loud sometimes, The band was dressed in glitter and Allison had some fans that made her air float all the time she was on the front, a really nice effect also on her wardrobe. The setlist was mainly based on the new album with some space for the older hits.

I got to admit that my favourite albun from them is still "Felt Mountain" (ten years old already...)so I was really pleasently surprised for the inclusion of "Lovely head" on the first encore, and judging by the audience response to the first notes of the song, I was not the only one.

The recording is exactly has it comes out of the MD,it sounds quite good, in my opinion, even if the MD compression kicks in sometimes. Some clapping and crowd chatting, but not much.

Recorded by circle.

Recording Gear: Sony MD MZ-R91 with Sony Stereo Mic ECM-MS907
Position: Center FOH, near the soundboard.
Lineage: MD -> Pioneer CD recorder -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac (Level 8)

Main Set:

01. Intro
02. Crystalline Green
03. You Never Know
04. Dreaming
05. I Wanna Life
06. Head First
07. Number 1
08. Alive
09. Rocket
10. Believer
11. Shiny And Warm
12. Train
13. Ride A White Horse
14. Ooh La La

Encore 1:

15. Hunt
16. Lovely Head

Encore 2:

17. Strict Machine



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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Depeche Mode - Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon, France - 23.11.2009 (Flac)

Now here's something really special and a real honor, an excellent recording of DM's Tour of the Universe, that lasyboy AKA Pascal chose to share here in the room. As usual with his recordings the sound is so good that you wonder sometimes if it's not a soundboard :-) The setlist is slightly different from the concert in Barcelona, just two days before, that is already posted on the blog, wich makes it even more interesting. The photos are from Ultimate Psycho who did a hell of a job! Also, here's the link of the youtube page of lasyboylive, where you can find some clips of the concert (and some from TSOM also, wich are unmissable).

Taper: lasyboy AKA Pascal

Position: Gauche audience,Fos
Source: IriverHP140 (44.1Khz/16Bit)
Micro: Sony ECM-719

01. In Chains
02. Wrong
03. Hole To Feed
04. Walking In My Shoes
05. A Question Of Time
06. Precious
07. World In My Eyes
08. Fly On The Windscreen
09. Insight
10. Home
11. Miles Away / The Truth Is
12. Policy Of Truth
13. It's No Good
14. In Your Room
15. I Feel You
16. Enjoy The Silence
17. Never Let Me Down Again
18. One Caress
19. Stripped
20. Behind The Wheel
21. Personal Jesus

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Cure - Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK - 25.06.1995 (Complete Concert - Flac)

Here's a huge upgrade on the version of this concert I posted last month, wich was only the FM broadcast. This is the composite of various sources, making the concert complete.
Huge thanks to Pista for sending me the links. Also if you like The Cure, you should really check out this site:

Lots of news, events, goodies and they published THE book about the band, wich you have to have!

Original info file:

SBD/FM(?) composite

Source 1: Soundboard
Lineage: SBD -> Westwood One CD -> Wavelab -> mkw toolkit -> SHN

Source 2:"Strange Days in Glastonbury" liberated bootleg
Lineage: Silver CD < dBpowerAMP < flac level 7

Source 3: "Dressing Up For A Day Out" liberated bootleg Source 4: AUD (Sony TCD-D7 + Sony ECM-101, YP version)

******************************** ********************************
******************************** ********************************
01. want
02. fascination street
03. a night like this
04. pictures of you*
05. lullaby
06. just like heaven
07. trust
08. jupiter crash
09. high
10. the walk*
11. let's go to bed
12. dressing up
13. a strange day*
14. push
15. mint car*
16. friday i'm in love
17. inbetween days
18. from the edge of the deep green sea
19. shiver and shake
20. disintegration
21. end^
21a. end (aud version)%

All tracks from Source 1 except:
*= Source 2
^= Source 3
%= Source 4

Thanks to xavierx, crowbiwan, karelgott and superblast! for the source material. Thanks to ende for the inspiration to tackle this one.

I combined both Source 1 and 2 into separate single tracks, then used crossfades to patch the other sources as needed into the Source 1 show. No EQ or hiss reduction used. CDWav used to cut tracks. End is edited in preFM/FM form because Robert's mic apparently drops from it's stand during this song. Also, some of Porl's guitar parts are edited out. As far as i know, there's no full length SBD/FM source in circulation. For that reason, the YP AUD source has been added to this seed. Tracking between Disintegration and End has been done to allow you to use either verion of End and have them work seamlessly. To do this, the track split there is a bit early, but normally the listener won't notice that because the transitions will be smooth either way. All processing by terrapinstation 2006-10-30. Another Porky Prime Cut from Terrapin Station!!

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