Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Sisters Of Mercy - Body And Soul 12 " (96-24 FLAC Vinyl Rip)

There was recently a topic about this EP on Heartland and that made want to hear it again. Since my Vinyl is quite beaten, I searched the web for some lossless version and this was the best I could find. Thanks to  Sgt Weatherman for ripping and sharing it.

The B-sides of this EP are the only tracks still not released in CD, can't understand why since they're some of the best material the band released...

Transfered by Sgt Weatherman
Sony PS-T22 turntable
Grado Black Cartridge
Aiwa A60 Amp
ASUS Xonar DS Audio Card
Recorded with Sony Sound Forge 10, de-clicked using iZotope De-clicker & hand editing with Wavlab 6,
converted to FLAC (level 8) with traders Little helper. Files tagged with Tag & rename 

01. Body & Soul
02. Body Electric (1984 version)
03. Train (Short Version)
04. After Hours

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