Tuesday 20 November 2012

The Sisters Of Mercy (as Near Meth Experience) - Joseph's Well, Leeds, England, UK - 02.08.2005 (Flac)

"We are New Meth Experience and we're gonna trash all your favorite songs"

Two days ago I announced that this concert from 2005 would be the only one that had to stay in MP3 because I didn't had a FLAC version to upgrade it. Look what suddenly appeared on the comments :)

Very good sound.

Huge Thanks to  the anonimous reader who decided to sent a FLAC version to post!!!

Lineage: DAT recording -> FLAC

Free pre-tour for-fans-only test-out gig, under name of Near Meth Experience. Announced three days before the gig via the official site. "02 August 2005 : NIGHT OFF. We'll be watching Near Meth Experience at a pub in Leeds.", it said. "Near Meth Experience play for free, because they're a shambles. "The band played as New Meth Experience in Leeds in 1996 and 1997. This last concert ended up being reviewed (negatively) on UK's heavyweight music news weekly NME; the reviewer completely missed a point that the gig was free try-out. Everybody thought this was the last of pre-tour freebies. Until now. This might (or might not) have something to do with the fact that the new guitarist Chris May makes ends meet by working at Joseph's Well.


01. Giving Ground
02. Ribbons
03. Crash And Burn
04. Summer
05. Alice
06. On The Wire
07. Dominion
08. War On Drugs
09. Flood I
10. We Are The Same, Susanne
11. First And Last And Always
12. Will I Dream?
13. Anaconda
14. Lucretia, My Reflection
15. Temple Of Love
16. Romeo Down
17. Flood II
18. Top Nite Out
19. Vision Thing

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