Tuesday 20 November 2012

Nine Inch Nails - The Live Essentials Vol 1 (ProShot DVD)

Fan Compilation.

Created in 2005, originally posted to demonoid by kleptonin.

This non professional, fan made DVD was compiled by eatyourblud (of echoingthesound.org) for fans to enjoy without paying for the priviledge.
Please do not allow these to be sold.
If you see them for sale, report the person selling them or forward their details to eatyourblud@gmail.com
Share with everyone freely and enjoy!
Any questions about this DVD can be directed to: http://www.echoingthesound.org/phpbbx/viewtopic.php?t=19985

At time of writing, this is Volume 1 of 2 of the Live Essentials
Also available are The Interview Essentials Volumes 1, 2 and 3

EYB says: "
    A not-for-profit collection of all the essential TV broadcast live shows, best quality I could find.
        * Monza Italy 2000
        * The Fragile MTV performance
        * Southside/Roskilde/France festival performances

    Also includes a small bonus, a short alternate Melbourne 2005 DV source, 45 mins.
    Sound is good.
    Apparently a first time shooter, so the video is only so so.

    2 hours all up.

    Many thanks to kleptonin, Frankie, Leviathant, Itsjustdave, Greg, Orestes, Athenia Animus, Maggiebear and Rustybones for all helping me out with these in one way or another.

Note from nympholept:
Do not transcode.
Do not youtube without citing, and linking to your source - everyone deserves this in full quality

Monza Italy 2000

01. March of the Pigs
02. Interview
03. Head Like A Hole
04. Înterview
05. Terrible Lie
06. The Wretched
07. Gave Up

MTV Performance 2001

01. The Fragile

Southside Festival 2000

01. Terrible Lie
02. Sin
03. March Of The Pigs
04. The Wretched

Roskilde Festival 2000

01. Sin
02. March of The Pigs

Eurockennes Festival 2000

01. Head Like A Hole
02.Terrible Lie

Melbourne 2005

45 minutes amateur video

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